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    EQLive goes further with that in the DoDH expansion, where the Werewolves (Wurine) are another major aspect of the zone. (In fact one of the final Demiplane raids has you attempting to cure someone of Lycanthropy). Of course, with SoF we're discovering that Lycanthropy isn't as destroyed on Faydwer as we thought; not only are there werewolves there (with a Fangbreaker camp to fight the incursion), there are WereOrcs there too.
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    EQ Designer
    Mayong Mistmoore is his own race of vampire. He's older than any of the common player races. In fact, he's said to have seen the first of Veeshan's brood on Norrath. Perhaps something occured in those days that fueled his hatred of dragon kind . . .

    According to that Mayong is older than any of the god created races. He was alive before their were dark elves. Yet he looks like a dark elf. We also know he has the ability to look however he wants though. He's had many disguises the newest being a high elf in the throne room for SoD. In EQ1 the other gods feared his knowledge and power and he was only a demi-god. He took on demi-gods and full gods and either made them flee their own plane, killed them (We dont know for sure but Druzzil Ro's daughter disappeared after Mayong invaded her Demi-plane and he twisted it into his own.) Or even made them beg for help from mortals. He made Solusek Ro ask mortals for help to push Mayong back as he was about to be defeated by what the other gods had started calling Mayong "The Eater of Souls or The Darkness". Even defeated Mayong could not die. He himself makes it sound like his true curse is that he can never truly die. Banished for a time like a god but never killed completely. (see below) In one of his quotes below he states he was alive "LONG" before we even existed. If the other gods came down shortly after Veshan to create the races that may place him before the dragons.

    Mayong shouts, 'The trivial endeavors of the pantheon bored me, long before you ever existed.'

    Mayong has always been as someone mentioned the ultimate chess player. He sits back bides his time even if it takes 500 years or more. I think he chooses the dark elf form because dark elves methods suit his style. Weaving webs and pulling the strings hidden in the shadows. Setting up and pushing us along in ways we don't even see. Mayong knows whats comming. He knows whats out there. All his time is spent researching the 2 runes, Vul, the dragons, ancient civilizations, spells and creatures we don't even know about or have long since passed into dust. Few beings still alive other than a few dragons or the gods have as much gathered knowledge. A note in MMC states Mayong had recently traveled to the Plane of Hate to speak to Inny and aquired items of power there. He can travel the planes while we are still sucking our thumbs pushed back into a stone age from the shattering. He stepped down from godhood by his own choosing according to his own words. Why we don't know. He seems to think he knows the plans of the other gods. Which would make sense since some of the gods have shown that they have known Mayong for a very long time and either befriended him or have a rivalry with him. Yet they hold no power over him as he continues to create his own races and warp those of the other gods.

    Veshan was the first of the gods to spread her children on Norath and according to lore the other gods followed shortly after. So Mayong is either as old as the dragons or came shortly after if he came before the other god races. If he is his own race as the dev stated then who created him if he was here before the other gods? We are not done with Mayong I'd think by a longshot. He's got his hands in everything. Almost all of EoF is tainted by him in some way and I think we will see more hints of that in RoK as well.

    EQ Designer
    I will tell you that the shiliskin are not related to the kedge. And yes, Brell was the first to Norrath who created the pact amongst Tunare, Rallos Zek, and Prexus. I'll let you in on something -- the shiliskin already existed in the underfoot (underground of Norrath) when Brell Serilis first arrived. It was the shiliskin and several of the other creatures in Darkhollow that Brell encountered that caused him to create his realm and children elsewhere. Do we know who created the shiliskin? No. Do we know who created Mayong? No. This type of mystery will apply to several other intelligent creatures as well. "

    Mayong shouts, 'One of your lifetimes is but a fleeting moment compared to my endless existence.'
    Mayong shouts, 'I have watched civilizations rise and fall, seen races born or destroyed, witnessed the gods meddling pointlessly with mankind.'
    Mayong shouts, 'I was there when Rallos led his army into the Plane of Earth.'
    Mayong shouts, 'I saw Takish`Hiz buried under a sea of burning sand.'
    Mayong shouts, 'The trivial endeavors of the pantheon bored me, long before you ever existed.'
    Mayong shouts, 'I grew jaded and tired of this world eons ago.'

    "True immortality comes with a price...
    You cannot possibly comprehend the burdens I bare.
    There is an implied responsibility to watch over mankind.
    To mold it, to push it in the right direction.
    In addition to mointoring the progress of my minions across several continents.
    In a way, I am envious of your simple lives."

    -Mayong Mistmore

    1. An immeasurable or infinite space of time; eternity

    Mayong has also never lied to us. Maybe warped or twisted his words to suit his needs and push us along the path he wants us but never lied. Anything he's ever stated would or will happen has either come to pass or is happening now. Its like he's seen it already been there done that and seems to be trying to find a way to escape it.
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    One slight correction there. We do know what happened to Ayonae Ro, the Demigoddess of Music.

    Basically Mayong's pressence and corruption of her Plane of Music has driven her mad, and in doing so, she has disrupted one aspect of magic, catching Druzzil's attention. Druzzil recruits mortals to create the wards that would isolate and contain Ayonae in her plane and give Druzzil the freedom to start realigning those magics.

    See the quest dialogs for access to Deathknell for more details:

    You say, 'Hail, Shrine of Druzzil Ro'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Welcome to my home ____. I have been watching your travels for some time now. Since you have made it this far you have proven yourself strong enough to undertake a [task] for me.'

    You say, 'What task?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Recently there has been a disruption in an aspect of divine magic. It has been corrupted and is no longer responding to my work. In time I have no doubt that I will be able to return this magic to its true state, but in order to minimize the damage caused I would seek to contain it. There is an [enchantment] that would be ideal for my needs, though I would need to examine it more closely in order to craft it to my requirements.'

    You say, 'What enchantment'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Some time ago, when the effects of Discord were first being felt on Norrath, Sullon Zek began to lose control over her rage. Since then the effects of Discord have only served to weaken her hold on sanity and her powers. Fortunately, Rallos Zek detected the changes in his daughter and took [steps] to protect her.'

    You say, 'What steps'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'It has long been rumored that the bloodline of gods can serve as the basis for very powerful magic. Rallos gathered his sons, Tallon, Vallon and Rolfron in Drundar and took from each a drop of blood. Adding his own blood, Rallos created a ward to contain the fury of Sullon. Since the construction of this ward, Sullon has not been able to leave her tower, regardless of how she rages against its walls. It is that ward I seek to recreate to fit my needs. If you are [willing] I would ask that you search out this ward for me.'

    You say, 'I willing'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'The shard that you carry is more than the token you may think it is. If you stand within the ward the shard will create a copy of the enchantment within itself. Return the shard to me once you have done so and I will see if such a ward will serve.'


    Put the Glowing Shard of Mana on the shrine. You receive a Red Shard of Mana.

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'So you were successful. I'm glad my faith in you was not misplaced. Give me a moment to examine the ward.'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'This ward appears to be ideal for my needs. I have made the necessary changes to the enchantment contained in the shard. Also contained in the shard is a drop of my own blood. As you may have gathered by now, there is more to these [troubles] than I have revealed.'

    You say, 'What troubles?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'As I said when we spoke earlier, there has been a disruption in an aspect of divine magic. Unfortunately things are worse than that statement imply. The disruption of magic is in truth the corruption of my daughter, Ayonae Ro, by that vile fiend Mayong [Mistmoore].'

    You say, 'What of Mistmoore?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'It was only recently that Mayong achieved his goals of ascension. Since then his shadow has been weaving through the fabric of the planes and pantheon, causing dissension and corruption where there was none before. Because Mayong was never meant to be a god, he has no plane of his own. In his arrogance he claimed the domain of my daughter, Ayonae. After he forced his way into her plane things only got [worse].'

    You say, 'How are things worse?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Just by his presence there, he began to corrupt the very essence of the plane. Ayonae fought with him for a time, but was soon driven mad by the corruption. Since then Mayong has bent the plane to his will and closed it off to all. I can only guess at the state of things there now. It is for these reasons that I have sought, and continue to ask for, your [help]. For if Mayong can corrupt my daughter and take her home, we can assume he won't simply stop there. I have seen a dark future and we need your help to prevent it.'

    You say, 'I will continue to help.'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'My greatest concern is for the safety of my daughter. To that end I have put you on the path of this ward. Close though the ward is to completion there is still one part missing. The blood of Solusek Ro. There is one place on Norrath that you may be able to obtain a sample of his blood. You see it is the presence of his blood that created and maintains the dryness and sands of the Desert of Ro. That desert was not always as it is now. There was once a great [forest] there where the first elves lived.'

    You say, 'What forest?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'You would know it as the Elddar Forest. The elves living there were the first creations of Tunare in Norrath who created fantastic thriving cities and villages in perfect harmony with the forest. Solusek Ro bacame jealous of these creations and sought to destroy them. In the heart of the great tree in the middle of the Takish-Hiz empire was a wondrous shrine to Tunare. It was there that he placed an insidious [poison].'

    You say, 'How did he poison the tree?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'Solusek used his own blood to create the downfall of Takish-Hiz. His blood scorched the land and gradually drew all water and life from it. The rivers ran dry, it rained less each year, and while the great elven druids fought long and hard, using their powerful magic to combat the blight, they could only delay the inevitable. Slowly the forest gave way to desert, and eventually even great Takish-Hiz crumbled and the elves were forced to flee or be consumed by the sand themselves. Even today you can still find the [ruins] of their civilization.'

    You say 'I will seek the ruins.'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'The great city of Takish-Hiz has left behind many of its structures, though they have been diminished by time. The greate tree touched by Solusek can still be found by those who know where to look. I would ask that you find this tree and obtain a sample of the blood within in order to complete the ward. Be wary though, there is a [guardian] protecting the chamber from all who would enter.'

    You say 'Who is this guardian?'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'This creature was created from fire and Solusek's blood. It has guarded the chamber through the ages and is likely to be of unusual power. Caution should guide your hand in this, but should you find a way to defeat the guardian, and obtain a sample of the blood there, return to me and I shall finish the enchantment.'

    You now need to retrieve a drop of Solusek Ro's blood. This will be no easy task.

    Head to the Northern Desert of Ro and speak with Tak`Valnakor. He is found at location +6885, -1350. He will assign you the task Suchun the Blood Warden.

    Once Suchun is dead, your Red Shard of Mana will become a Black Shard of Mana. If you happen to tackle Suchun before you attempt Sullon Zek then you will instead receive a Vial of Smoldering Blood.

    Return to the Shrine of Druzzil.

    If you have the Vial of Smoldering Blood then (after completing the Sullon Zek raid) give the Vial and your Red Shard of Mana to the Shrine to receive the Black Shard of Mana.

    Give your Black Shard of Mana to the Shrine..

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'The ward is almost complete. With the addition of the blood you have obtained I can finish the ward itself. All that is left is to put the ward to use. You must find a way to my daughter and use this artifact in her presence. I can only hope once she is safe we will be able to stop Mayong.'

    Shrine of Druzzil Ro says 'I'm afraid you are on your own in gaining access to Ayonae's home. As I mentioned earlier, Mayong has closed the plane off to all. There must still be a way to enter though. Should you find such a way you will want to speak with those that live there, they may be able to assist you more than I could.'

    You receive Divine Fetters of Ro.

    Travel to the Theater of Blood. Find Eodue the Pure wandering the zone-in.
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    Very cool! Thanks for posting that. Was wondering what happened to her.
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    Granted the Dev's did drop the ball a bit with the end game PoR lore. But in reading the final encounters in DK this is what seems to happen. When you enter Deathknell (Ayonae's tower in the Plane of Music), you find her teetering on the edge of madness. She knows what Mayong is doing and is trying to fight it off, but not doing well. So you end up fighting Mayong's forces in the tower, trying to clear it out and give Ayonae a bit of room to recover. When you do that, she tries to reclaim her Plane, but her music is off key (to say the least); the Madness has corrupted her too much for her to properly restore the music. So you must use the Fetters that Druzzil made for you to contain her. If you succeed, she is sealed/contained, theoretically waiting for Druzzil to come by and help nurse her back to sanity (and restore balance to the Plane of Music). No word on what happens to Mayong's forces then, but from TBS it seems after silencing/corrupting the Plane of Music, he withdraws with Ayonae contained, and refocuses on the Plane of Sun (AKA Solteris) My personal theory about that is that the invasion of Plane of Music was two fold. First, Mayong wanted to test his forces, and his ability to invade planes. He proved he was able to do that (and take out some vengeance on Bards and music in general). The second part of his plan, IMO, was to learn how to make the Fetters to contain a god. We mortals were basically given a walkthrough on how to create those fetters, and it would have been trivial for Mayong to have watches and spies learning along with us. With his own fetters, he could try to use them in his fight against Solusek Ro later on. (Very little about that fight appears to be available yet so I may be wrong). The main problem with the Fetters, is that they appear to require the blood of the parent gods. Ayonae's fetters needed the blood of Solusek and Druzzil Ro. Sullon's fetters needed Rallos's (and Vallon and Talon's IIRC) blood. If that was the case, to make Fetters that would work on Solusek, Mayong would have needed Fenrin's blood, which would be significantly harder to get. Hmmm... Oh and just for completeness, here is Mayong's final words on EQLive: In this event, you encounter Mayong Mistmoore the Darkness and Solusek Ro the Burning Prince. Upon successful completion: The vampire god has been slain! In an instant you are almost blinded by a sudden increase in the light all around you. A clap of thunder rocks the island under your feet and you somehow know in your bones that the darkness that cloaked Norrath has at last been lifted due to your actions this day! As the vampire Mayong Mistmoore lies dead on the ground his features begin to shrivel slowly and then more and more rapidly as if time were doing the cruel work of centuries upon the self-styled god. Mayong's body seems to fall in on itself, reduced to little more than a husk. You hear, as if from a great distance, a tiny wail of frustration and pain that seems to fade away into nothingness. All around you the light seems just a bit brighter and you sense that somehow the darkness that surrounded this creature of the night has been fully removed from the world. The disembodied voice of Mayong Mistmoore speaks softly. 'As I said before, you are exceptional beings, far more exceptional than I ever imagined. You have undone me when I thought no force ever could.' The disembodied voice of Mayong Mistmoore continues. 'It is a relief, in a way, to be free from the burdens of immortality. But I am sure mortality will begin to chaffe again soon enough...'
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    To me this all looks like Mayong leading us along again for some unknown reason like hes always done. He's let us defeat him before just for this reason. I went and read the lore on whats been happening in eq1 and people that did the Sol Ro VS Mayong encounter said Mayong seemed to know that mortal help would arrive and had planed on it. Sol Ro Flees after begging for our help to fight off Mayong. We are talking a full God vs a Demi-God and not only that but Night and Day. Mayong was winning and it seemed very easily since he had taken over almost all of Ro's plane except Solusek's palace. Sol Ro is defeated as well at the end of the encounter. Mayong's form dies but his spirt goes elsewhere. Thus we have eq2's Mayong who knows he was a god. If eq1 and eq2 is a split timeline/reality how come Mayong and Zeb both know and state things that only the God's seem to know about from another reality that was shifted out of time and space and started anew like hitting a pause and play button. The Mistmore Sages notes in CMM seem to go along with all of this too. Saying outright that Mayong knows alot more than what hes willing to tell us. But in the meantime he's leading us in his own way towards our "Destiny" and possibly his own.

    In the throne room instance with MM he outright tells you he knows whats going to happen but wont tell you what. He gives you veiled clues to start you on your path to find the 2nd stone. He wants us to do what we are doing. He knows we will and is using us to do it for him again just like he used us to ascend him to godhood. He knows what the prophecy means and where it will lead us. But to what end? What does he want this time?
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    Is it the case then that the "lore" which said Mayong was the wizard who put Kerafyrm to sleep was incorrect?
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    Methrill.Rundran wrote:
    Wow, who the heck started up that silly rumor?
    The dragons put Kerafyrm to sleep themselves. Nobody else was involved with that matter.
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    I saw it posted on allakhazam (by Nexcat, amongst a lot of other stuff. Apologies to Nexcat for copy-pasting before consulting him/her. Point 6 cuts to the chase):

    Your missing so many things, tsk tsk. Read lore first, now I talk.

    1. Zlandicar is, yes, Cannibalistic, but he did not kill Jaled Dar.

    2. Jaled Dar was a member of the Ring of Scale during the Sebistillian Empire, but after the death of Venril Sathir.

    3. Rile Sathir killed Jaled Dar above the Field of Bone. Sathir was mounted on a crossbreed of a Froglok & Dragon called a Sokokar (Name unsure) that was part of the Iksar Air Force. This, btw, was the last Sokokar, so that's why you don't see any. Their fight also caused the Ring of Scale to retreat back to Veeshan's peak, ending the war. Jaled's Corpse was sent to Dragon Necropolis.

    4. Trakanon was a member of the Ring of Scale also during Jaled Dar's life. He caused the war against the Ring of Scale & The Sebistillian Empire. He foresaw that if Rile Sathir lived, the world would be under his control. He himself, with a few dragons & Wurms attacked the captial of Sebilis and drove out the Iksar. He then found himself trapped in Sebilis, and died there, but oddly enough, he has risen from the dead. (Not sure if it's Rile or Venril, positive it's Rile)

    5. Jaled Dar hates all dragons because he was betrayed by Trak and the RoS. That's why he likes the Sleeper being awakened.

    6. The Dragons of the CoV made a pact with Dracula (A.K.A: Mayong Mistmoore) to seal the Sleeper in his stronghold. He approved of the Idea, and the CoV gave him the 4 warders as protection of the sleeper. The dragos, though, thought the sleeper would be locked in, unable to escape, but Mayong told the warders about his plan to put the Sleeper to Sleep. They agreed, since the coV told them to follow his orders. He knew Dragon Magic was very powerful and plentiful and to put a beast like Kerafyrm to sleep, it would use alot of Dragon Magic. Mayong's plan worked, but not perfectly.

    But you are right with most things, just one more thing...

    7. Naggy & Vox were trying to breed to make a new Kerafyrm and to see if they could control it. The CoV banished them both to climates suitable for them. They tried to dig a tunnel, but It failed because Veeshan caught them. Vox was too big for her chamber after a dayat first. Naggy was small enough to escape at ¯rst but instead, he collected women from Qeynos to his lair, put them before him, and ate them until a lady that followed Eroslli Marr was about to be eaten when Eroslli tied Naggy's stomache to his heart. He grew even larger as he got hungrier and he loved the maiden until he was so big, he couldn't leave his chamber. That's when the lady left him, and he also created from a single tear, Soluek's Eye, the crystal. Now he lies in his casle, hoping that someone will come and love him.... Awwww...

    I talked too long, huh?
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    Yeah... no. That's all completely false. Mayong had nothing to do with Kerafyrm's imprisonment.
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    Well, good to have it straightened out :)
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    Methrill.Rundran wrote:
    I just have to say, that was one of the funniest tidbits of fan fic I have ever read...
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    Good read, thanks for sharing it Kailena.

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