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  1. Jhin Member

    thank you for adding wary to the avatars but i would like to go a little more in depth. This is from a monks perspective , however , plate tanks are in the same boat.
    crook rank 3 =0 masks
    staff of divine rank 2 = 20 masks
    granted fighters can use the crook at the cost of wary
    i have spent 30 masks to gain ten less resolve every caster got for just mints masks are RNG while mints are a guarantee
    casters will only have to beat the contested to max out the weapon , while tanks will have to spend 450 masks to get the same R , in a world where R is king this needs to be addressed
    scouts are in a great spot too
    dual wield
    granted scouts will have to wait for the bow to be open but you have enabled every class to gain 30 R over tanks at the cost of 0 masks , where it will take take tanks 450 masks to squeeze out the same R , imho that bow should not have come out b4 any tank wary item , you put tanks in a huge deficit , not one they cant overcome but with the next R check going from 10040 to 10090 you have once again set tanks way behind....
    i know some of my math may not be 100% but you get the idea
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  2. Nyghtengayle New Member

    Please look at the above post we are already hungry for tanks to be able to run the groups required to get what we need and I have already heard 3 tanks say they will never play their tank again if this does not get fixed and they run multiple grps not just for their guild but also do pick ups in general chat.. this is a HUGE issue please please please I beg of you revisit this.
  3. Marieta New Member

    @Jhin and all tanks my heart is with you all and i giving you all you guys and cannot imagine this game with out you, pls everybody who have something to say so read and do something about it,
    with all my respect Marieta
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  4. Arujin New Member

    I agree with this, the fact that it costs masks to get Wary Protection where others can just buy a 2nd weapon (if they duel wield) or the staff at the costs of 0 masks till end step is just wrong, why make it harder for classes that are already few and far between to get the same resolve as the classes that there are tons of.
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  5. Taled Well-Known Member

    It costs masks and more coins because they caved and put global wary protection items up instead of making us wait for the specific camp versions which are cheaper.

    If you dont want to farm for and spend the masks right away, wait for the camp that has the items you want at the reduced prices.

    Honestly, they *probably* shouldn't have done global items at all, but then we'd have different complaints.
  6. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    The problem is the weapons were specifically used in calculation for getting t3 resolve - so it's a problem when they let everyone but one archtype(fighters) get them right away for way less effort. If they didn't use the weapons for t3 resolve it would be a different thing, but since they decided we should have these weapons for t3 then everyone, literally everyone, should of been able to get the two slots without masks.

    Realistically they should of either included wary on the first round of cheap items, or not used the weapons in calculations for t3 resolve.
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