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  1. morath Member

    So your test was in the same ballpark as Xellium as I posted earlier when he first betrayed and it was enough of a difference to cause him and many others to betray permanently. Yeah that's significant enough of a problem to get looked at from an archtype balance persepctive. You aren't going to make up 25% by "tweaking" your spec or getting more efficient or getting lucky with that one extra myth crit hit. I'm not calling for locks to be nerfed as some other classes are competing.. but adjustments need to be made somewhere. This isn't even factoring the 150 fervor increase to fusion rune too boot. Runes aren't how you balance classes.
  2. Xellium Active Member

    I don't think Warlocks should be nerfed.
    Wizards should be buffed, and I have a few ideas on how they can close the gap.

    1. Eci needs to be buffed considerably to be current tier damage
    2. Eci Fusion reset % needs to be increased to at least 33%
    3. Incineration needs to be buffed 5 - 10%
    4. Fireshape needs to expand the spells that can proc proc incineration
    5. You absolutely cannot lose 150 fervor on Fusion on the new tier of Orange runes
    6. RoD needs to be buffed by 50% or more.
    7. Fiery Blast needs to be a functional spell. Whether that is the good ol FB or some new incarnation.

    Doing all this will prob put wizards way ahead of everyone.
    So pick 4 or 5 and call it good.
    Honestly I would like to see all 7 implemented some how.
  3. slica Active Member

    Maybe you’re not as good of a lock as you are a wizard or vice versa...... ;)
    Have a blessed day.
  4. Xellium Active Member

    Truth be told...
    I'm BAD at BOTH!
  5. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Since Bertox is a joke, what is your numbers on that. Considering you’re prolly fed ut,recap, fireseeds.

    Cuz well t4 is all that matters. And kill times are important
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    A lot of those suggestions are unnecessary, HOWEVER, to at least maintain the status quo then yeah, the fusion buff has to be retained.

    There is a discrepancy lock v wiz but its more complex that simply nerfing or buffing.
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    T4 is all that matters??!?! Uh oh, it got real in here.
  9. slica Active Member

    Got them ww #1 players up in here.
  10. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Really am confused why fiery blast isn't turned into just a straight fervor buff at this point for 10 seconds.

    It would be an easy way to make it viable and buff wizards.
  11. Xellium Active Member

    You wouldn't like Eci to have punch?
    That would go a long way to close the AoE gap.

    You wouldn't like FB to work again?

    The two green dots should be made current tier as well.
    The 101 - 110 tier buff made no sense (for all classes), they just picked half the class abilities and gave HUGE buffs.
    The other non buffed class abilities are so far behind they don't ever make sense to cast.
  12. Alexstrasza Active Member

    CB Overcap would be better, and a significant amount, 150+

    A fervor buff isn't much when most of us in raid are almost at 200 static in raid at this point, at least higher end guilds/players
  13. Xellium Active Member

    150 CB overcap is like 3% at the moment, next year it will be 1%.
    Slapping on any flat value of any stat is just a temp bandaid.
  14. Alexstrasza Active Member

    You must have missed the +, or make it % based.
  15. Alexstrasza Active Member

    Though as i've been saying, Wizards are fine atm, people who betrayed were just bad wizards and were looking for a way/excuse out, so they went to an ezmode class that presses 2-4 buttons? I mean lets call a spade a spade here, none of the warlocks running their mouths right now about how good they are were good wizards. You all complain about manaburn/fiery blast but are they really the issue with wizards or was the "win parse button" you all get wet for? Sure Fiery Blast was fun in ToT when it was landing for 18bil and you could literally afk on its cooldown while topping the parse, but who needs abilities that don't show actual skill in playing a class, because thats why you all went warlock, none of you know how to adapt to play a class beyond its click/win buttons.
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    No one here is bragging, but you. You are in fact the only one in this thread boasting... Scroll up and check.
    I betrayed because of the unbalance, not because I'm lazy, not because I sucked.
    Your claim that anyone who betrays sucked is unfounded.
    And I don't see any Warlocks running their mouths about how incredible they are, your inferring that all on your own.

    Since you calling spades, please lay down your full house.
    You've been saying that you are the best Wizard and that your class is fine.
    Please prove it.
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    Lol, every class is ez are you talking about lmao.
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    This isn't how you post a parse, guys.
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    Oh sorry, I wasn't up to date on the new stat they somehow capped in like two years, okay add overcap or something.