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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Version, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Rondo9 Active Member

    Wizards arnt that far behind warlocks on single target. Ae however is a different story.
  2. Vogie Active Member

    Yes and no, really depends on a few things but most definitely on linked encounters warlocks really do shine.
  3. morath Member

    If wizards are so close... post parses w/your in raid stats/buffs like it used be done to compare classes - be sure to post 3-4 mobs from various zones. I'm sure Xellium would love to compare with you both and show you by how much he obliterates your parses. Without parses to properly break things down - people have no idea what they are talking about and it doesn't allow for any competent discussion of proper balance and power and people are improperly led to believe what isn't true. Put your money where your mouth is and get posting.
  4. Revanu Well-Known Member

    El oh el
  5. Alexstrasza Active Member

    I've been summoned to reply to this post right here, you should log onto MajDul mystery person and ask around about me and my numbers, Wizards are in a good spot, those who betrayed were just bad wizards.
  6. Vogie Active Member

    I don't know who you are nor do I really care but I'll bite once. Here is 1 fight.

    (03:06) Eurold, Harbinger of Povar: 93434722190 Wizard-Ethershadow Assassin-105,237,435,995 Warlock | 10970M | 2339K Necro | 9977M | 2723K Wizard | 9018M | 1829K Necro | 8969M | 7237K

    Please tell me how bad other classes are compared to warlocks and show me where Xellium blows us all away I would love to see it.
  7. Vogie Active Member

    This is one parse, I have others where there's a Ranger and a Necro above the Warlock on this exact same mob.
  8. Xellium Active Member

    My goodness. The gauntlet has been thrown!
    I never claimed to be able to blow everyone away by the way.
    As a whole the sorc classes are unbalanced and I think everyone can agree on that.
    But don't worry, I'm sure next xpac they will make some funky changes and no one will want to play either class.
    Next year's flavor will be swashies!
  9. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Can monks participate in this thread? :)
  10. Vogie Active Member

    Please do but be warned you may get nerfed!
  11. Revanu Well-Known Member

    What are parameters? T3 and up only? This should be fun
  12. Vogie Active Member

    I would say T3 where you really don't have much movement or dps breaks for scripts. NOT SOH cause that zone is . . . . Really Brackish Vaults is about the only one I can think without much movement or script breaks or where adds mysteriously pop but by all means link your epeeners if you want for T1/T2 cause we all know it doesn't matter.

    I merely wanted to point out that wizards aren't too far off Warlocks single target and also other classes are definitely closer than people believe.
  13. Vogie Active Member

    I could have also pointed out that our Warlock sucks but I can live with that also :)
  14. Xellium Active Member

    Hey Elle, just cuz I betrayed it doesn't mean that I was a bad Wizard.
    That really hurt my feelings man. Take it easy on us transplants.

    And I do wanna see some wicked Wizard parses if you care to share.
  15. Xellium Active Member

    Is this self depracating humor?
  16. Vogie Active Member

    I don't profess to be the best at this game I consider myself average. i take the gear i've been given and the spells/ascensions i have and try to produce acceptable parses in the guilds I am in. I know there are better players out there and better warlocks so if someone points it out then so be it.
  17. morath Member

    It's not about being the best but striving to improve - the sorc community used to be one of the best as they pushed each other to get better because they shared and learned from others - I just threw Xellium under the bus because it would be fun and it's punishment for betraying but he did see an immediate 25%+ gain from betraying to a class he never played before. I appreciate your willingness to post - its a nice parse. The problem is that what was referred to earlier and on another thread - when you see the breakdowns and you strip away the ascensions, factor the buff differences and group setups, the picture starts to change.

    From looking at what you posted, the wiz would have to increase his dps over 20%+ and with the Wiz having the highest hit via ascension maybe up to 25% and even more if you feel you had more room for improvement than he did. Xellium saw the same spread instantly upon betraying. Take the top 5 lock specific spells vs the top 5 wiz specific spells and that's what the imbalance is about.

    Quick glance through our recent parses --- he'd have to increase between 32%-37% to catch Xellium. And Xellium will confirm our guild doesn't stack to maximize buffing individual people though the bulk of the buffs that are cast are going to lock, ranger, conj atm. But our middle of the pack raid dps is higher than average that way. If the wiz has the helm rune and/or bolster/ev - then 37% is conservative as X doesn't have those buffs nor an illy in grp usually. Our kill time sits around 2:27 for reference on that mob but lately we just 3 group it. The game hasn't required optimized dps like it has in the past so the focus is just to go conservative on AA, gear and kill content.

    Our group lately has been lock, wiz, conj, troub, fury, templar (with this spot rotated)


    (I forget I don't have a signature anymore) My recent parse is 7.5B (no bolster/no ev/recap doubtful - cant remember etc.) on that fight but the difference in the wiz parses could be ascension tiers/combos, recapture vs non-recapture, RNG, cast order, gear, buffs like bolster etc, or casting stuff that lowers the parse but boosts raidwide like gift or for another to combo but the fact is - I just don't know the difference on the wiz parses without a detailed parse comparison but the data exists to show the difference between lock/wiz and I can see how hard my wiz profession spells hit vs lock profession - and its a world of difference atm.)

    A 5% difference would be considered close and be a good margin of error. But yes, a 20-25% (conservative) difference is not considered to be close and should be looked at.
  18. Vogie Active Member

    First you say nothing matters unless you link parses, then you don't link parse but pull numbers out of nowhere? really? this is what infuriates me about even trying. Just the fact alone that you said you kill it in 2 minutes yet claim theres 37% diff from my Mage to Xelliums parse? if you spread out Xellium's parse to the 3 minutes ours took and then did your math it would be believable. EVeryone knows that parse are front loaded and the longer the fights go the lower your numbers get hence why no one cares about 30 second fights.

    But you can't really compare parses because there's too many variables. The point out of all of this is that Wizards are not trash, yes Warlocks are ahead of them but there's no reason not to play a Wizard if you love the class.
  19. morath Member

    The near 3 min parse back on 6/6:
    (02:52) Eurold, Harbinger of Povar: 102265291545
    Xelli | 12370367470
  20. Vogie Active Member

    The last little bit of information I will try to leave here is this. I swapped from Warlock back to Wizard mid May, I had the same group same buffs etc so I felt it was a good way to compare the two classes. The top parse was as a warlock the bottom as a wizard. At the time I had expert and GM spells on both it's about as close a comparison as you can find. 20-25% difference at max.

    (04:57) Eurold, Harbinger of Povar: 59269072663 -Ethershadow Assassin-92,538,103,514
    Vogie | 7372M | 1521K[/COLOR]

    (04:43) Eurold, Harbinger of Povar: 62164844750 -Ethershadow Assassin-111,458,480,568
    Vogie | 6055M | 2351K