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  1. Maugia New Member

    So to sum it up, as a Wizard, I am seeing that Version guide is filled with numerous errors and frankly should be removed. Can we have that happen, we don't want people using wrong information. I must say I like this priority spreadsheet. It seems to be quite easy to follow and is manageable and has seems to have a formula one can understand. Not this pages of information from version that even as a newer wizard, many of this ideas seem wrong when speaking to wizards who play the game.
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  2. Wimble Active Member

    Mate, you can't make sweeping statements like that and not back it up with specifics. If you consider there are numerous errors then identify what they are and what you feel the correct information is? Version has written that guide with a view to starting a discussion that will benefit all wizards, perhaps you should enter into that spirit rather than flippantly trashing it?
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  3. Maugia New Member

    Well, why would I need to point out specifics as a whole bunch of people in this thread already pointed out how deficient and wrong his guide is with specifics. You want to re-state everything that is already posted in this thread over again? The whole purpose of a thread is so that you don't have to rehash what was already posted. I can repost every comment that corrects his incorrect guide, but it would probably be a huge post and no need to duplicate the same information 2 and 3 times. Yes I can make my statement because if you read the whole thread, you see where many people are correcting the numerous errors in this guide and his assumptions.
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  4. MagePlay88 New Member

    I agree. This post about a wizard's guide is not really helping wizards due to how poorly it was done. I also think that if a person is going to be doing a write up, they should be proficient in that class; which is not the case here. The goal of a guide is to help people, not put then down a path of doing poorly. I think the guild should be removed frankly because I only see it causing people to be dps downers instead of increasing their dps. When a person makes such assumptions on so many different levels; it seems as if he/she doesn't understand the basics of the class or what the descriptions mean.
  5. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    It's a guide, not the law. Asking for it to be removed because "we don't want people using wrong information" is the dumbest thing I've ever read in the EQ2 forum... Ever... Well done. First of all, who is "we", second it seems you don't even play that class, and's just a guide. People are free to follow it if they wish. Take ideas, and bits and pieces from it if they wish. Or write their own for the community... if they wish.
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  6. Ellimist Active Member

    I suggest the people asking for it be removed show us their AA layout and specs. Or are you part of the group that hide your toons on EQ2u? screenshot it and show us how much better it is.

    Honestly I'm running Etherealist and I'm playing with a couple things people actually pointed out in this thread and PM's recently just to see what its like. Feel free to copy my AA's. My toons not hidden. they might not be perfect either but they suit me and do alright in raid. I play differently to Version though.

    Good on someone for getting the ball rolling though. When was the last decent guide? RoK? SF?

    The detail of guides of old could be had if people actually added to the conversation and Rob updated his first post.
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  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    A warlock can do much more because of a feature in the mechanic of Apocalypse and Catalycm.
    No other player spell (including ascensions) scales this way
  8. Yaone New Member

    Good morning, everyone. Thanks already for this post, because being wizzard I always had trouble to play it without the help of people knowledgeable on the subject.
    And now with PoM I'm lost.
    So I'd like some help I'm Elementalist and I'd like to know what to cast before the fight which spell combination is effective, cast routine... knowing I'm not stiff either.
    I've been to see your character cards on EQ2U but here's placing points or something without knowing why doesn't help me much.
    Yes because I am French and I have great difficulty reading and understanding English (sorry I should have listened better to the teacher at school:p )
    Thank you for your answers and good day to you.
  9. MagePlay88 New Member

    You prove a point, in your own post. Version's guide was terrible and you got better info from other people and PM. That is exactly my point. I did too, I asked people who seemed to know more about the class then Version and they told me all the things that were wrong in that post, and it was a lot. So I used their ideas and they really helped me do much better. That is my point. It is not better to have something wrong then nothing at all. I would prefer not to have such wrong and terrible information. That is my point, from the people who I sent messages via pm on forums and their posts here, I really fixed what version guide had me do.
  10. Satarie Member

    If I may I would like to address all of this, from the view from a new person the the Wizard class. I play on the new TlE server I started a Wizard and I am liking it. But for the first point from a person new to the wizard class. You all are thinking way to high. I'm Lvl 70 and most of what your talking about isn't of help to me. I have looked at eq2wire at a lot of different Wizard specks and have changed my AA's a few times. from a new person to the Wizard I have a few questions.

    1. Does Haste on armor and stuff Help a Wizard. What about Dps. A lot of the stuff I'm getting from doing quests in KoS has those on them.

    2. for rotation on spells like I said your talking to high for a newbie to the class.

    I would like to be good at playing a Wizard as some of the top players. Don't just trash others peoples thoughts, give advice on your choices. I started on the TlE server because the live servers where way to advanced for me. I got lost in it all. I feel this is happening again.

    Give advice on what armor is good and weapons, AA's, Adornments, How to solo a Wiz, I do raid some but would like my dmg to be better I dont think I'm doing the dmg i should be. I guess the guild I'm in has started to turn less help full. I cant join a full raiding guild. I can raid at times. I would join a different guild but not sure which guilds on the server are the good ones.
  11. Alexstrasza Active Member

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  12. Wimble Active Member

    I'm thinking you have nothing of value to add to this discussion ;) Where's LSV :D

    Ah nvm he posted above me :D ;)
  13. Wimble Active Member

    Whats your toon dude, curious :)
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  14. slica Active Member

    My wiz > your topic now pls
  15. Alexstrasza Active Member

    I got quite a few pm's on discord and helped out who I could on becoming a Master Wizard, as I said my office is always open feel free to msg me in game or on Discord.
  16. Mizri Active Member

    Great guide-thank you.

    It would be great if a few courageous souls made one of these for each class. Would be good for the community and especially helpful to new players.
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  17. MagePlay88 New Member

    The reason one is graded by others is that you cannot grade yourself. You in discord said it was a success, negative!!! I give the wizard guide a D+ at best. I give Arkmarux, Jokirr, and Xellium much higher grades. Version your guide is not a success but a trainwreck, do not be fooled and think you did a good job, you did not.
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  18. Wimble Active Member

    And this is why people don't write guides.
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  19. Dannni Active Member

    ROFL.... loving the humility! I think you'll find any raiding wizard can claim to be one of the top parsing wizards in game these days as most have already betrayed :) you are one of the best by default, I wouldnt be singing it from the hill tops.
  20. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    This is the best thread to be posted in these forums for quite some time.

    I fully endorse it, and I say lets see some parses to back up some of these claims.

    Arkmaru, who would you say are the true Master Wizards these days?

    Also, tho I have seen spreadsheets annd formulas here, they are not enough. Another measure of A Master Wizard is his parse off the field as well. What Im talking about is picking up guildmembers. Can anyone outparse Dakkota?

    Who here is strong enough to A.C. Slater their toilet?
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