May 2016 Producer’s Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Zepher_vVv New Member

    It's depressing how little raid content there is... there needs to be more and soon before there's no one left who will want to raid... If the plan is to only support casual players then the direction things are moving are very sad indeed.

    just read there are 3 new raid zones... cool - but in July... still a long way off :/
  2. Steelviper Active Member

    I might be wrong, since I'm out of EQ2 for many months now (because of everything that is wrong with this game ever since AoM expac, and even before that), but more new raid zones is not the problem here. Say, you get 7 new raid zones instead, who's gonna raid them if there's the struggle to find people to play even the existing raid zones?

    Raiding is endgame, and endgame is the goal for a small percentage of people actually playing - but there is not even enough people to play solo content in EQ2.
    I'm talking from the perspective of ESO here, which has only 4 trials (12-man zones, like raids here) + one solo trial-like arena - and out of those 4 trials 3 are out of date gear-wise currently, though that's being fixed in the coming DLC. Do you think those trials are full packed with people doing them? Not at all, most couldn't even care less, but there are group dungeons which can be compared to the Heroic dungeons here, and people love them. There's lots to do solo, and more than 50% of the game population does things solo. It works, too.
    It's just my observations, but people are not interested much anymore in that "oldschool" raiding in MMORPGs. Some might not have enough time to invest due to real-life, some couldn't be bothered to do the real hard work which raiding is, some simply are relaxed and can't be good enough with the gear and playing, maybe lacking the "endgame-elite-mythingislongerthanyours" mentality.

    Now, speaking of Everquest II, I've read myself through this thread - getting nostalgic sometimes so I look up what's happening in the world of Norrath. From what I've noticed, it's obvious that this game in general has burned out. The players are burned out with the game's the-same-stuff-again, crappy (non-existant?) support, and not being listened to. And the devs are burned out as well. EQ2 can't be "fixed" simply because there can't be any new ideas to re-vitalize it.
    What this game quite obviously by now is - it's a cashcow which is squeezed as long as it still breathes. It's sad and as a former EQ2 player who loved the game, pains me to say, but not less true nevertheless. Player's opinions, smart and innovative as many of them might be, are not heard simply because it doesn't matter anymore. The one solution to some of the problems would be a new team to work on the game, and there simply won't be any, because the current one wouldn't want to lose their place of employment, and does whatever is necessary to keep their respective CEOs or whoever out of this game and appeased with "new ideas". However ridiculous those ideas might be. Besides, they're the only ones who know the work on the game.

    You just have to consider - how long can you stand this situation - if you want, and whether you want to be part of it. Because, let's me honest here, it's not as much about gaming with Everquest II anymore, as it is about points and opinions. Some of you might still have lots of fun, but even if you choose to close your eyes to every obvious sign of what's going on, you're still being just used for your money. Voluntarily or not. There won't be any Everquest II innovation, that train is long, long gone.

    Sorry for the long text.
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  3. Febrith Well-Known Member

    I don't wish to appear rude but you don't even play EQ2 anymore so I'm filing your wall of text under "I" for irrelevant.
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  4. Kindread Active Member

    Any update on this would be really amazing to have this morning ... we're getting really close to the weekend and I, like others, will not be able to request time off from work for an event weekend if you wait any longer on an announcement!

    Thanks Holly!
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  5. Sennetta Active Member

    As a guild co-rgent I like the idea of the guild halls but what is with wasting time on new servers and why have people vote on something they cant use on all servers? we hardly have the current servers filled why make more
  6. Zarkan New Member

    Only one advanced solo zone? Fabled EoF last summer gave us three such zones. Very disappointing.
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  7. Gigv Member

    There will be limited account bonuses and claims.

    This amazes me in other words we want you to have to buy all your veteran bonuses even though you already pay a monthly subscription. I have been threating for the past year to just stop playing because I see this trend. It means nothing to you guys that people have been playing since day one and paying you money monthly for years, This is so lame!
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  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    The entire game voted on this. But the ever vocal 2% in forums hates usual.
  9. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    Yeah and not only that... players who left the game a long time ago come back to the forums just in time to comment. :confused:
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  10. Ishuna Well-Known Member

    The entire game didn't vote on this because there wasn't a poll to accurately tell what all players wanted. Judging from this thread as well as the other about the poll in general, many just deleted it because there was no third " I'm not interested in this" option. The poll was skewed, I'm not even sure why they bothered with it.

    People post because they care about what's happening to a game we love.
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  11. Alenna Well-Known Member

    If your budget allows for the 1 year re curring sub some of us don't have that type of budget so 1 month is 14.99 or in my case 25 dollars because Daybreak decided that those of us who used game cards seem to need that extra 1000 dbc instead of letting me choose between 1 month game time or 1500dbc now I have to pay for 1000 dbc whether I want it or not if I want the one month game time.
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  12. rutro Active Member

    To summarize my opinion since ROK- Guild Halls, Mercs, Solo instances that GREAT Grandma could auto attack through, lack of overland content, SAME old events (Chrono ports) with little or no updates to them. Now, a vendor that all but forces you to grind solo INSTANCED zones. I sort of understand that the gaming community is growing up and changing. However, I would rather farm a rare raid item from a under conned rat off Antonica Docks than grind more easy mode instances for raid gear. It makes me feel (even as a casual player) that I am grown man @ Chucky Cheese in the with the bouncy balls. How about making events that reward uber gear? Or for heavens sake- put random drops in overland mobs. Even if I killed something easy to kill in the overland and received a uber drop- it would make me feel- 1) lucky 2) like getting out in the world 3) like I am adventuring There was a time in EQ2 when raiders would have passed out if you could just buy raid loot off a vendor. I understand that the game community is getting older. However, at least put useful drops in the events- rather than have people grind super easy/boring/repetitive zones. I honestly could see this game going south when all the SLR started to become viral. I think the new TOT rare item vendor is a better idea than allowing the game to turn into a SLR/auction site for botters and old raiders. If the company is going to keep making the game easier and easier. Why not make it adventurous? Put old bosses in the wild - (let them roam) so people cannot camp them as easy. Allow uber gear to drop from them. And or put an event or 2 in the game that actually drops USEFUL gear-like the old chrono portals that no one does anymore because the loot tables are from 1999.
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  13. Gigv Member

    I know one thing I am not going to be on these new servers buying vet rewards that I should already have. You should be fixing raid content and items so they actually make sense instead of creating new servers. New fabled items drop base stats but increase extra stats and they have no effects to speak of. Fabled should be an over all improvement. It is hard to even decide if using them is worth it. Most of the items are broken because they don't even do what they say they should. I have sent you bug reports that have never been fixed. The population is down on major servers like AB that I have been on for years. So your solution is to make more servers after you just merged them all. That is only so you can resell claim items that should be free to veterans for their years of loyalty to playing your game. I have been playing this game since day one and a lot of people that have been here as long as I have are talking of quitting because of just these things I have mentioned. Spend your time on the content please!
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  14. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    Hey now... leave the Mercs out of this :p. I love them.

    You hit the nail on the head right here. I love to Solo/Molo, I need this game to fit to my schedule, my life.
    My LFG days are long over, love the Agnostics. I am not the same player I was 12 years ago.

    :eek: It's scary but... I love this idea.
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  15. Darwiin Member

    OK if you really want a poll about a new type of Server you need to put an option of "I Don'T Give a Cr*p & This is dumb!" on there. I have asked 20-30 people from 2 different guilds and not a single person was interested it either of these servers. Here would be the percentages.

    95% -Don't Give a Crap!
    5% - One of the choices you gave in the questioner.

    Results - Another big waste of Developer and DBG resources for another Failed Project and more of the player base leaving because the Crap you do off is broken or screwed up like crazy Crit Mit 2.0 (Resolve)

    STOP wasting valuable Resources and Crap Idea (and fire all those with those crap ideas) before you loose even more of your player base. I have been with you since beta of EQ1 & Beta EQ2. I have seriously thought recently about leaving the game as it has because almost dumb with the Idea that keep coming out of DBG Developers. (do you not remember the cheers heard around the world when you said you were getting rid of Crit Mit?)

    Darwiin King of Gnomes on Skyfire!
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  16. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    Speak for yourself now.

    Newsflash, dude! have you seen what the younger generation is doing for downtime?

    FYI ~ I have three generations in my Family playing this game.

    Edit ~ make that two generations now. My son has fallen in love and the game is now thrown to the wayside.
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  17. Abasinolanam Active Member

    Actually, many of us are here because we love the game and we're trying to give the devs relevant feedback. As stated many times already the poll did not have an option for people to actually voice their opinion. It was simply a "do you want to be punched on the nose or the stomach?" and many of us went "Ugh... the stomach I guess" because there was no "I don't want to get punched at all" option.

    The fact of the matter is we care greatly about the game and many of us are here voicing real concerns (population thinning for example) and not just complaining for the sake of it.
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  18. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Not starting over on a new server. Removing HEIRLOOM on regular servers, especially since SLR exploits around it anyway, is what should have been done, or allow free transfers TO the HEIRLOOM free server.

    All my accounts are F2P now. I will hobble around when I'm bored. Nothing in this Producer letter for me.

    It's been a decent 12 years, I guess. Enjoy your expac those who want to keep feeding the mill. I'm tired of paying for content that can't be done in the gear you can get as a casual player.
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  19. Terp New Member

    Bring back pvp, disarm, and looting worn armor and Norrath will again rejoice!
  20. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I know right? XD People post to tell us they don't play any more... but they come back to the forum or facebook to complain about the game they don't play any more... It boggles the mind.
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