May 2016 Producer’s Letter

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  1. Nathdar Member

    I completely agree on the polling however I think you missed some vital info: Advanced solo's, heroics.

    It will be Nizara Heroic and Advanced solo + 3 raids. You don't raid Error?

  2. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    I remember the old days, when people piled around the broker, looking for new and interesting ways to build out their characters, test new ideas, etc.

    Now days, the only reason to visit the broker is to buy shinies.

    I have no problems with prestige tags, lore items, or no-trade tags on vendor items. But, I would love to see the heirloom/no trade tags eliminated on all chest drops.

    I mean, i suppose some people have time to stare at the auction channel all day and all night, but, I don't :)
  3. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    Yeah, this decision to add two new servers is a bit baffling.

    First, we just did server merges and many of the populations are healthy once again.

    Secondly, hardly anyone cares in the slightest about these two server concepts. It's almost like they had already decided to do this, then engineered a poll to simply validate (in a pretty non-credible way) the decision they had already made.

    Thirdly, these servers are, I assume, going to consume resources. And even if it's a minimal amount, I think a large portion of us would rather see those resources applied to fixing broken elements of the game and creating new content.

    Every time I feel DBG is starting to listen to its customers, they unwind all my confidence by doing stuff like this that shows they are absolutely 100% not listening to the experience we want to pay for.
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  4. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    I'd love to know who is actually making these decisions such as servers.

    I'd like to hope it's not the Dev team, but being forced upon them from higher ups.
  5. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    The original idea of "no trade" was that devs, quite reasonably, want players to actually do the content, rather than broker-buying their way to power & glory.

    The original idea of "heirloom" was to mitigate the fact of endless grinding: even if you get an item you can't use during your grinding, you may well have an alternate character to whom you can give the item, so it doesn't feel "wasted."

    Both of these are & remain valid concepts, except that both of them have been largely countermanded by the ability of players to sell loot rights. But I think that the presence of SLR means one or both of the following is true -- either the devs simply don't care about it (which seems counterintuitive & unlikely, given the original ideas) or they very much care about it but have not yet found any viable way to prevent it. The fact that it does, albeit more rarely, happen on Stormhold TLE implies the latter. & yes, I tried a character on Stormhold TLE, & in less than 20 minutes of playing saw SLR on genchat :rolleyes:

    Gillymann wrote:
    Someone give this man a cookie, he wins.
  6. Lucus Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't be the dev team, it's likely that the TLE servers brought in a ton of temporary cash and they made more money from that influx then it cost to make in the first place. i predict the no-heirloom server merging with with event server when people get burned out or the new shine of the event server wears off.

    I'll admit i'm more pissed off at the rubber stamp poll then the actual servers themselves, sure i oppose the event server because i think it will crash, burn and siphon players form other servers for a time(or permanently), as for heirloom server, it's new so it will develop from the start, fresh so you really can't say stuff on the server from broker SLR is 'expensive' since you chose to go there and start up a toon on a fresh sever knowing the rules.

    It would be a bad idea to remove no-trade and heirloon on existing servers. i wouldn't mind house items getting no-trade and heirloom removed if the owner desired it. or a house item vendor that sells quest reward hosue items to you if you've completed the quest it comes from.

    Oh i imagine they could do something about it if they were willing to annoy players over it, no-trade and heirloom even now are useful, you can't just ninja loot something that is no-trade and give to an alt or need on something your class can use but doesn't need and then sell it on the broker. this gives the devs some control over powerful items by maknig them no-trade that they want players that were there to loot it or agree as a group to sell it or give it to someone's alt.

    SLR can be good and bad, it's bad in that a toon with a lot of plat and is incompetent with their class can buy stuff and make PUGs difficult, it's good when you got a player that is competent and they jsut need oen or two pieces to get to the next tier of difficulty content though.

    ether way it's good for the people selling.
  7. Silkmyst Active Member

    I'm always excited about new content. The game is still my main form of escapism, when too tired to do athletics.
    Mostly I solo/molo too, as I have figured for years now I'm behind the curve to group, although I do well in advanced
    solo zones with that gear. I play a templar, and always have felt worthless on the parse. It's like a continual pop quiz when you really just trying to enjoy yourself.

    I do hear/understand that raiders are unhappy, and as they do drive a decent proportion of the game, I'm wondering
    why. Seems not enough raiders show up, and the gear isn't good enough? Maybe DB should make more raids
    for smaller teams, like more 2 group with great rewards?

    Lots of folks just don't have time to sit for 3 or 4 hours 3 nights a week anymore, is the deal. I'd be surprised to hear if
    other games are fairing better with a better population when it comes to raiding?

    The new race server seems a fun option.

    Feel free to correct me. :)
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  8. Xevran Well-Known Member

    A long time ago they "accidentally" patched in a fix to prevent SLR, then after a bunch of people complained they "fixed" it. If I remember correctly it made it so that if you weren't in the group when the chest dropped, you couldn't loot from it. (Edit: I don't remember exactly though, it was like 7 years ago or something) I've personally always been strongly against SLR, but if it's what the community wants then I guess that's that. I don't play end-game, I only mess around in the older expansions so I don't much care anymore honestly. If people are gonna do SLR anyway they may as well just make the loot tradable.
  9. Kriminal New Member

    I am very disappointed at the announcement of not just 1, but 2 new servers to further dilute the population. They need to come up with events within the current servers if they want to stimulate low level content. Don't kill the current population for gimmicks like these. The poll was bias from the start because there wasn't a "None of the above" option.
  10. Billyrayy Active Member

    They are just quick money grab servers 2.0. Buy vitality pots, but xp pots, buy mounts, buy bags, buy krono, etc. But wait, there's more, NEW guild halls for purchase.
  11. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    They should name the no-heirloom server "The Bazaar"....oh wait...
  12. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Or we could devote some time and effort, not into new servers, but into rebuilding AA trees.
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  13. d1anaw Well-Known Member

    Apparently, that is precisely what they are saying. Just as the current High Keep GH, small guilds have virtually no chance of obtaining one.
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  14. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    @ Billyrayy - the thing with the guild halls for purchase should not come as a surprise. I have lost count how many people in chat off-handedly say things like "I'd give real money to purchase <insert item here>". Special/designer/private guild halls being one that many times have been mentioned. Private homes being made into gh's being another, again "I'd willingly pay all my money" "take my money" etc. for this. Folks ask for these things quite a lot, now it's here.

    Eventually things come back to bite you on the backside :p

    EDIT - extra words lol
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  15. Arithi New Member

    Al though I voted I am gravely disappointed. firstly this game has way to many glitches as it is that should be taking the time of the DBG such as the Guild name reversion something that is bought form marketplace should work properly with no problems. secondly I agree with most here we don't need more servers. to delude the small population even more. instead work on the ones already up choos a server to do the event on. the population will continue to dwindle of paying players because of stupid moves such as this. it is sad. Lastly, if your going to make a server heirloom it should be all the way heirloom.
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  16. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    If they put in a good, robust DF they could make a lot more money off that and as long as they keep adding heroic dungeons.

    You put in a special daily for the DF that gives you a loot chest of class relevant loot from the zones loot table. Then you make it so that daily can be 'reset' with DBC. Say a reset costs 50 DBC. Give subscribers $15 worth of resets every month plus they can buy more with the 500 DBC they get.

    You could even allow free players to use the DF since they would be motivated to buy resets (or possibly subscribe) and they would provide warm bodies for queuing up. Something to exploit the 'warm bodies' of free players is what EQ2's F2P system was sorely lacking, btw. Free players work in PvP games because they provide a more target rich environment, for a PvE focused game to take advantage of them they need a system like a dungeon finder.

    Resolve already provides a 'gear score' system and class consideration beyond tank/dps/heals/utility isn't really needed since heroics have steadily become much less complicated. Best of all this would be new features and content for ALL LIVE SERVERS.
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  17. Pink Poodle Maid of the Evening Storm

    Adding new servers though? Let's split the already niche fanbase further! That's all I can think of happening. The new server types may also overburden the devs, when there's enough things that need to be fixed as is, and the expansion to be developed.
  18. Tekka Well-Known Member

    They actually did start the heirloom tag removal process on live servers (and changed some no-trade items to heirloom) a few years ago and just stopped in the middle of it. I'm going guess by this announcement that they have ZERO intentions of ever finishing that process on the live servers.

    I'm also going to guess that the decision to release both servers had already been made and that the poll was just for show. Since they don't appear to take feedback from their forums or the in game chat, nor did they offer an option that was anything other than what they wanted to hear.

    I love EQ2 and often I'll let things slide, but because I love the game, when I feel very strongly I'll speak up. This is one of those times. Both servers, but especially the No-Heirloom server, are not good for the server communities you just had to merge due to low server population.

    What aspect of this idea even makes sense?
  19. Ratza Well-Known Member

    More ethereals....that only a select few will ever get and the rest of us with rotten dice and bad luck on NBG rolls will be SoL. /sigh Been playing this game since the day it launched and have yet to win an ethereal on a NBG roll. I wouldn't mind things like this if I was not at the mercy of rotten luck with my toon(s) whole account has rotten luck.

    As for 2 new servers....add me to the list of why?....we already have merged servers to fix the dead server issue and now you bring in 2 more servers.
  20. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    If these new servers are purely for bringing in the $$$, Id rather you upped subscription costs by $5 a month and spent time on the current servers instead.

    Instead of spreading resources over 4 different versions of the game, why not keep it to 2 and actually make things good again.
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