Maximizing Necro DPS

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    Zonewide for Deathtoll.


    *Shrugs* If your getting 60% your doing something wrong. =D
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    yeah looks very similar to the percentages i get. i don't know how someone would get 20% of their damage if you are parsing very high at all from just archlich much less 40 or 60.

    i only have the adept 3 of the archlich ([expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] guildie beat me when we rolled for only one i have ever seen drop :p) so mine is normally like 8-9% but yeah very close to that.
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    ya 40% is wrong. ive been looking through some old parses and the highest from the few parses i looked at, ive gotten arch lich percentage around 20% thats with master1.

    But thats also including total dmg from pet and swarm pets.

    That parse above shows undead tide which honestly should double your total dps if its up for a min, so without undead tide that percentage "could" be possibly 20% just from Arch lich.

    But if you look at your own dmg excluding pet/swarm pet, which i think is what he was originally trying to say, i could be wrong, then ya arch lich could easily be 40% of your personal dmg.

    Editted cause i noticed parse was zonewide, so hard to tell exactly what lich would be on a per fight basis, especially with a few undead tides in there. But still think you could get that up to 20% per fight.

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    Archlich may be a big part of your damage, considering spellcasting (without any pets). If someone has believed let's say 0.5 secs that archlich could be 60% of your overall DPS, please consider rerolling a Pally or a SK ^^.
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  5. ARCHIVED-Scyros Guest

    Ok to clarify, I was talking about my personal DPS. Not counting pet. So yes adding in pets the numders change, and adding in UT skews them even more. I wasn't really including pets since your pet DPS is for the most part static. There are group buffs that can boost your pet up but thats not something "you" as a necro do to increase your DPS. Reguardless of the numbers however I think we can all agree on a couple point that I was trying to illistrate. Procs might look small but over a long fight add up to a lot, and casting as much and as fast as agro will allow to maximize the effect of Lich Siphoning. I don't have nearly the amount of procing gear as Malignx so that would cause my siphon to account for a larger % of my total.

    Like I stated in my first post. My personal best without UT is 2165 DPS. So I'm no slacker but I'm not top dog compared to some necros out there. And that is how I do it. Which is what the OP asked. How to get more than 2k? I'd say more proc gear and grp config is your best bet.

    And I already have an SK :p
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    Things that help you improve your DPS (not including melee buffs for pet, because there are far too many ways to buff it).
    Wizard: Frigid Gift shows (Ice Lash) on parse.
    Illusionist: Dynamism shows (Synergism) on parse.
    Warlock: Group +skills buff, most say it doesn't help but parse accuracy tends to disagree (even though people say you can't go off that).

    Any proc gear.
    Personally, I'm wearing:
    Circlet of Living Fire
    Bone-Clasped Girdle
    Dagger of Arcane Rite
    Blood of the Brood Watcher
    Fitzpitzle's Misty Protector
    Mystical Orb of the Invoker
    Ring of Supremacy
    Ring of Supremacy
    Vzee'Rist Sash of Draining
    Bracelet of Thule

    That was a zone-wide parse so Undead Tide doesn't really change overall raid DPS and stuff there.

    Personal DPS, what would it be 40% ish? I'll bring up a specific parse later of just mine (not pet) DPS.

    And thats with Archlich Master 1.

    The highest I've gotten as far as #'s go with DPS is 5.8k but that fight is [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] (Lyceum 8mob heroic encounter).
    The highest DPS I've gotten on a "normal" fight would be 4k on MO.
    Second highest would be 3.9k on Pantrilla.
    Third highest would be Uncaged Alzid with 3.8ish k.

    All of which using Undead Tide, of course.
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  7. ARCHIVED-Scyros Guest

    Like the previous post, I didn't see that was a zone wide. But just at a glace your pet looks to account for 30% or more of that. In any case I'd say the proc gear is whats helping you the most at this point. With all masters but a few non dmg spells I've yet to break 2.5k without UT. With UT I think I can prob get that easy. I don't typically count UT in my parse since it's such a situational spell. I only have about 3 or 4 proc items now and my necro only gets played on raids when we have enough healers. Which is maybe once a week if i'm lucky.
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    Question from a nooby, what is proc?
  9. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Something that is a chance to give damage on a spell attack(nuke), or hostile spell(non damaging offensive spell).

    Here's an example of two different kinds of procs. Lich's Siphoning (Archlich M1) is a proc that I get from a spell/buff. Essensce Draining is a proc I get from my wrist slot item.


    Although procs help they dont add a 1k + in DPS so don't to go off believing something :p.

    Again the reason why I included UDT in the parse was because it was zone wide not a single encounter so it wouldn't have a giant impact on the end of the parse.
  10. ARCHIVED-Winsarc11 Guest

    I completely agree with Colossaltitan. Proc items are the best way to increase your dps once you have master spells.
    Also the right group setup helps a ton too.
    Adding to the list of beneficial group buffs above,
    Troubadour - proc buff and %crit chance and haste increase(for pet)
    Conjuror - single target melee proc buff(for pet)
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    Rizaz did you quit, where you been man?
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    He left for WoW. Hate on him.