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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-hailskins2006, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-hailskins2006 Guest

    For those necros who raid - how do you maximize your DPS? I send in my mage pet (master), unleash the limited pets, the cycle through my DOTs, then joust with the mage pet when he is bad and starts meleeing. I'm almost always no. 1 when my guild raids, but I'm the only necro, so it's not fair - wizzys, rangers and assissin's just can't hold a candle to us. :) Just interested to find outwhat otehrs do. Thanks and happy hunting.
  2. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Proc gear, beneficial buffs from others, and timing all the swarms/dumb fires/undead tide to get the maximum duration from long as the frikin tank learns to keep the mobs turned and not move around. I also keep my resists/HP/mit/avoid up as best I can so that I can stay in to use the pbaoe's more.

    Grouped encounter I open with torrential pestilence (as tank is getting in his spot with the mob and assist call made)...send pet/ consumption...<switch target> dumbfire...<assist>swarm pet...coil...pbaoe...lifetap...(if droag, use master strike)...pestilence (first mob usually dead)...<switch target> send pet/coil...rot...lifetap...pbaoe...(cycle lifetap/coil/rot/pbaoe till mob dead)
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  3. ARCHIVED-hailskins2006 Guest

    Good points. Shoulda mentioned I maxed my crit damage in the STR line. I also wonder wether its better to max the dagger AA spell or to use grizzle's walking stick.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Grizzlefazzle's gives more dps bonus. Other semi easy to obtain (for raiders) dps boosts are the Mystical earing from the collections, relic bp or deaggro robe, Finger-bone Menacles from Hurler, Ring of Supremacy from Fitzpizle (sp?) and Bracelet of Thule from Vilucidae. Also try using Translucent Elixir of Second Sight for even more added crit percent chance.
  5. ARCHIVED-hailskins2006 Guest

    Thanks - appreciate the tips.
  6. ARCHIVED-Winsarc11 Guest

    Jansuo has a good rotation going but your forgetting Swarm of bats, its a lvl 35spell but an extra 100dmg dot is still a boost in dps..

    Basically what i do if its 2 or 1 mob i always open up with the swarm pets, then pestilence, coil, lifetap, rot, swarmbats, rot, pestilence etc.... if the first mob is dead before swarm pet timer comes back up, i pop coil, rot, swarmbats, rot, consumption, then same rotation. I never use consumption on the same mob as my swarm pets, bc the mob goes down faster making your swarm pets not last as long. Unless of course its a single target mob.
    Death rot is a good spell to throw in bw your long recast timers bc you can basically cast it every other spell.
    3 mobs is almost exactly the same thing as Jansuo said except a random swarm of bats thrown in evrey now and then.
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  7. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    yeah pretty much just keep casting. other than that just get as much proc gear as possible and keep your int at max.
  8. ARCHIVED-Allowen Guest

    For a necro to maximize dps in a raid besides the fact to be in a good grou pt oraise dps of pet and caster you need :
    1-lots of procing items such mystical earing etc and critical hit +4pct potions
    2-str aa line for sure , critical hit and parry skill up for more dps and if you get agro parry has a chance to keep you alive
    3-depending the mob/raid zone wis is the best combo to go with str line but some times the a pet aoe immune buff wil ldo mroe dps when your grou pdont provide enough HP size to you and your pet so poor scoutie pet keeps gettign one shoted or whgen you doig nreal hard aoe encoutners such Chel drak or Maltron.
    if you have that and cast fast in chain your dps will be enough to outdamage most sorcerors and scout ppl most of the time.
    just remember if you go +wis line . Uproar maxed makes scout pet to do a bit more dps then if it had 13.9critical hit chance or makes mage pet to do lie ksame dps as if it had 14.4pct haste on spells from int aa line.
    It is very hard decision if you ask me , on the high end game sta line is uber indead even when it seems that the necro is "lazy" but wis line will give you more trobble on castign many buffs on pet and got ot click on animist bond on the right time but you wil lget wel lrewarded.
    I guess 75pct of the raids str+wis would be best combo aa dps.

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  9. ARCHIVED-Sic Boy Guest

    I parse around 1.6-1.8k usually in raids, 2.2k if UT is up. Scout pet will get you more dps against small groups and Mage better against large groups or anything that AoE's enough to one shot your pet. You can get around the AoE's if you use a timer though.
    Biggest secret to a Necro getting high dps is Arch Lich... your spell rotation should look like this whatever spells you prefer: Rot, something, rot, something, rot, something, rot, something, rot, something, rot. As long as you have a rotation down that you can be casting a spell non-stop from the beginning of the fight to the end of it you should get top of the parse most of the time. Obviously doing that and having as many proc items as possible will help that much more.
    As far as personal preference for dpsing; Scout pet, Str/Agi AA with both crit skills maxed, and in my opinion until you cap Int, it is more important then proc effects when your choosing gear.
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  10. ARCHIVED-Scyros Guest

    Best I've done is 2165 without UT. Like the previous posters said, never stop casting period. Arch Lich is 60% of your dmg, the more you cast anything that procs that, the better. Proc gear is also good to. As for the order, depends but Rot should go up every time it's ready. I will even recast spells that don't need refresh just to get the Arch Lich proc if nothing else is up. Don't forget dooming darkness or what ever it is procs lich. Swarm of bats doesn't proc lich tho so it's a matter of prefference. I don't use it though. Hope that helps. Also master 1 mage pet alll the way. Max crits and int line and he's a freaking beast. Just have to watch AE's with him.
  11. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Archlich is 12% of your damage, not 60%.
  12. ARCHIVED-Named88 Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-Truffor Guest

    Who said some were spamming Abominable mark ? :)
  14. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Yes, because we all know thats how to "Maximize Necro DPS"

    Miss you too Riz, MIss you too =/.
  15. ARCHIVED-Named88 Guest

    I miss the flame pigs. :(
  16. ARCHIVED-badgerchow Guest

    maxed int line for mage pet cast times and power saving..stops it running into melee too.
    rest into str.
    as much proc gear as poss, after that, open with all swarms, 4sec tick dot, then 1 sec tick fot, then 3 sec tick dot, then nuke, then ae nuke if allowed then 1 sec dot, nuke, and then keep the dots up but dont spam them if theyre ticking. throw anyspell youve got when timers down and get into melee if there no aes. have a go with a t5 ancient flame proc weapon. 12% at 400 damage is nice.
  17. ARCHIVED-Scyros Guest

    Well, 60% isn't set in stone, but I have parse it out at that much in the past. If Arch Lich is only 12% of your DPS then something isn't right. I don't spam Mark either. But I do spam any spell I have up at any time. If it's up and I'm not casting it then it's wasted DPS IMO. On raids I am casting non-stop other than to joust pet.
  18. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i don't know mine is not even CLOSE to 60% ever. hell if i include the pets it normally doesn't break 10% of my damage normally, 8% is what i have seen a lot. abate life does the more damage than arch lich does.

    i honestly don't know how you are even getting anywhere near that amount of damage would love to see parse.
  19. ARCHIVED-Winsarc11 Guest

    Editted cause i was wrong about the percentages :) posted again below
    But till casting non-stop is the key, even if its just filling a empty spot in your rotation with dooming darkness or abominable mark.
    And i use scout pet pretty much 100% of the time, str/agi AAs maxed. Which is also great for soloing. Cabalist cover and 55% self avoidance really helps the tank pet stay alive.
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  20. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    even if you were to cycle through abate-death rot-two one second cast for arch lich procs-death rot-restart that is 5 procs a cycle so 288*5=1440.

    so lets say you have abate life for min (1296) + death rot min (119*4*2) + 0 damage for other two proc spells (just used to show how rediculous 40% damage is from lich)=2248

    1440 (lich damage) / 3688(total damage) = 39%

    so to do 40% of your damage you would need to cycle abate life, death rot, and two other spells that do 0 damage and proc the spell. and not only that but you would have to get every single one of those spells to hit for min.

    if you can show me a parse or tell me some way that you are getting this large of a percent of your damage from lich while still parsing high that i can't think of i might change my opinion but looking at the numbers i find it impossible (or at the very least [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] near impossible) to parse that well and have archlich be that much of a percent of your damage even when you don't account for pet damage.

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