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    Marr is a casual raiding guild with a mission to clear all available content at a pace that is comfortable for people with families, jobs, and other hobbies. We ironically take our laidback, fun culture seriously. You'll often find us goofing around on non-raid nights but then laser focused on new content when we need to be. We welcome full time raiders, part time raiders, and non-raiders if you just want to hang out with us.

    Our raid times are intentionally scheduled earlier in the day for those who can’t stay up late. This also allows our night-owl EU friends a chance to join in the fun as well. Our core raids are scheduled for Tues and Thurs 6pm-9pm EST with optional raids on Sundays at the same time.

    Currently Recruiting (3/27/23):
    High DPS

    Please contact us in-game (Vaille, Revvix, Ashton) or via Discord: Vaille#7704, Revvix#4988, AshtonDawu#5286
  2. Draggit New Member

    Returning player , interested in joining when this server goes live.
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    Feel free to reach out to us via Discord for more info.
  4. Revvix Active Member

    Updated needed classes. Reach out anytime if you're interested in having a chat.
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    Updated needed classes. Our primary roster is mostly full now except for a single Dirge slot. We'd like to have about 6 additional raider slots filled with backups so if our times look good, please reach out for more info. We're more than happy to have part-time raiders as well, if your schedule is unpredictable.
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    Hello there :)
    As a night owl Euro player, those raiding times seem great to me, and i would gladly join your guild when Varsoon gets released ! Count me in as a Dirge since this is what you are looking for and i have been wanting to give the Dirge a go for a long time !

    See you all soon.

  7. Revvix Active Member

    bump. We're still happy to recruit backup raiders and casual players who want to hang out and raid during early evening EST times. I think our raid times work out to about midnight-3am for any night-owl EU folks.
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    One day to go :)
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    We are now looking for a main roster Dirge and Templar to replace a couple folks who had some more important real life things come up.
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    Need a Troub and Warlock now :)
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    Bump! Marr needs a new templar to come hang out and have fun with us.
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    Updated info.
  14. Revvix Active Member

    Updated. Currently looking for a new Fury and Illy!
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    Looking for a pair of enchanters and experienced DPS players for the raid force!
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    Looking for a few new reliable raiders as we approach closer to Desert of Flames! If you're a solid Warden, Wizard, or Coercer please reach out!
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