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    Yes, indeed, absolutely! Why was it taken away in the first place (we can still buy existing items on it [right??? Oh, we better be able to... EDIT: Okay, whew :)], but nothing new will be accepted)? Not profitable enough? Too much room being taken up on those servers, to the point where server rent (and SOE/DBG/etc. couldn't've just bought servers? dunno how all that works) wasn't being paid by the revenue for it? :(

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    After that tirade, I have a suggestion for items, and I for one hope that this particular one I have in mind won't just be on the Marketplace, but throughout the City Festivals and even possibly Carpenter recipes, but since we can only get Burnished Metal building blocks off the Marketplace (siiggghhhh...), it fits here. ;->

    Square columns. Like the plain, smooth, no-fancy-stuff-added Tall Columns and Short Columns, but instead of being a simple circle in cross-section, these would be a simple square in cross-section. Yep, in Burnished Metal. And all the other building block materials, through all the other access channels for those. ;->

    But more germane to the Marketplace building block suggestions, could we please also get Triangle Tiles (c'mon, devs, they're Triangle Blocks, just admit it; they're super thick, but at least they can be made to lie flat, so thanks for that! :D) in all the materials, all the Marbles, Metal, Ice, and Wood? And the various cut-outs in the various Dividers for windows, etc.? We'll still go to the City Festivals, we mean it; there are any number of other Local Specialties we really can't get anywhere else, but when you're running up a deadline and need some building blocks and time is money but you have way more of the latter, it would be splendid to be able to just hit the Marketplace and grab something needed. :)

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  3. Muffincookie Member

    Some questions you can ask yourself are:
    • Do you use the Marketplace? If so, how often?
    • I use it alot, I love looking at appreance items and mounts.
    • Is the user interface organized in a way where it's easy to find what you're looking for?
    • Yes, so far its ok.
    • Are there features you’d like to see added to the Marketplace?
    • I like fluff so, I would like to see more Heritage armor. And maybe buyable haristyles. Id love to get a big fluffy ponytale like the Highelf female has.
    • Is the Marketplace window easy to find?
    • Sure, np!
    More appreanceitems if the only thing Im looking for on the marketplace. Better looking robes. Maybe a way to "mark" favourite items that you plan to buy later?
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ah, like a "Wishlist" kind of thing? That would be cool; I use the Marketplace mostly for Housing stuff, but it would be great to be able to click on my Wishlist tab and head straight to what I'm needing right off the bat! :)

    Not sure how it could work without logging into something, though... :-/ I leave that to folks who know far more about such things than I.

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