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  1. NyteRose Member

    How often do you use the Marketplace?
    I usually only buy from the Marketplace with the DBC I have from All-Access monthly reward, but I intend to purchase some DBC very soon. I have no issues with the interface/organization.
    But I would like to suggest a 50-60% sale available to ALL players, and permanent discounts (20% to free to play players and 35% to subscribers.)
    I'd also like to request non-seasonal Jackrabbit (I think the Easter mounts were various jackrabbits/hares) mounts (with or without stats) and matching pets/plushies be added to the Marketplace.
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  2. Husvik Member

    I'd love a level boost, and as i said literally lol :) "A LEVEL" as in one, for crafting and adventuring.

    Scenario's, i just cracked 29 crafting, ran out of mats, almost time to log, i just want to hit 30 and get ready for the next tier, be nice to pop a level, like a "one up potion". Adventure i had a bunch of 72 gear ready to go, just cracked 71, ran out of stuff at that zone, would just like to hit 72 without regrouping my entire play session, pop a "one up potion", get on to the next zone with my new gear.

    I mean level boosting to near cap isn't a great idea, (for most players anyway) Awesome you're almost capped you now own a powerful toon you have no idea how to play, level up potions along the way can expedite this progression with out skipping the entire learning process. Help take a bit of the lull out of the journey.

    I searched and searched, I was surprised this wasn't already in the market tbh?

    I'd have to priced reasonably that it would come up slightly more than a 120 boost which I think is what 3500, so say 30 DBC, 35 maybe, anymore then that i dunno? and they don't work on character's over say level 120/110. which i took 3500 and divided by 125 to come up with the 30. Also could put a cooler on them as well, say once every 24 or 12 hours, or less, or maybe a limit per day.
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  3. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    For adventure levels, there are Experience Vials that can be purchased from the Marketplace that can be filled by players who then can sell them on the Broker. I found myself wishing for something similar to collect tradeskill xp if only in order to give my alts a chance to stock up on Reactants to keep my many alts well equipped.

    Given the fact the adventure XP Vials cost as much as 500 dbc for 3 vials that only collect 200,000 points, I am quiet certain that Daybreak would earn far more from those than from max boosting baubles currently available.
  4. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    Yes please! this x 1000's!
    Really don't like the idea of paying to "complete" quests. That's just... wrong.
    Nice idea
    I would kill for this...
    and this...
    and this... Group, solo, harvesting, crafting....except what about things that are good for more than one purpose? And why should this have to be purchased? Ages ago they added appearance slots, and it was a great advance. Its past time for the obvious extension, just as part of the UI...
    Opegaz Hordebane!! Certain old CE mercs!! Some of the houses........ etc etc etc No-one can understand why a company that wants to make money won't make these available...

    Some awesome ideas here (and not so good ones, IMO, but that doesn't matter ;) ) -- but does anyone think they (the ppl who could actually make any of this happen) are actually paying attention to any of this?
  5. Husvik Member

    Yep i know about them, thanks for the heads up all the same, appreciated.

    Problem with them, they are several million plat, at early levels they boost you many, many levels, and later level you get a bit of a bar increase.

    I bought one when i was on free trade and all of a sudden my toon blasted like 20 levels ahead, which was VERY unpleasant surprise. Ruined the toon for me. Then much later levels guildy was handing them out and i got maybe half a bar? And now they cost millions of plat.

    What i want is a level, that's it, that's all. One level.

    Thought about this more and what i'm aiming for overall is to boost, but, not go from 1 to 120, then left clued out completely on how to play the class, all because the entire learning process was skipped.

    Expect this on the Market soon.
    I think it's an amazing idea, and surprised af no one ever thought about a way to solve the boost problem.

    Instead of only offering a player a complete skip, offer them a half skip. Complete is 3500, half skip make it 2000'ish.

    What you get is 60 instant levels, put on a cooler of say one hour, one day?

    This way you still play, but you LEARN how to play along the way, you also get to the end game much quicker which prevents players from burning out and quit before they even get there.

    So early levels you'll probably not use many, it's fast leveling and your enamored as you're learning all the new, mid way use a few more, i mean when you're much more comfortable with your class and itching to hit end game, pop em like candy, they are useless after 110/120.

    I love the idea as it's so much better than a complete skip.
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  6. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind a tradeskill boost to 91 so I can get the pony quest from Qho. If I want to go further, I'll work on it. But I mostly don't need to be boosted to 120 crafting level.
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  7. Husvik Member

    That's it, closer to current content. I can get there the rest of the way by working for it.

    I'm not so lazy that i need to skip it all, i'm only trying to get to end game a little quicker, and to be specific, not end game as in raiding, i mean into the latest expansion's content and closer to raiding if that player wants.

    Overall feel much more caught up, but i refuse to use a 120 boost, i used a boost once and the toon was ruined, no history, no attachment, no clue how to play it, utter waste, we have trade skill and level boosters to 120 why not half skip for both as well.

    I can only imagine the amount of players they lose along the way to cap.

    Brand new person needs to plow through two decades of content, where things slow and then go glacier starting around late 70's, or if they boost then they feel overwhelmed and quit because they have no idea how to play or what is what, or they quit because they feel like they will never get to current content or some handle on the game in general, they loved leveling up until then at least, i guess now that they are playing something else.

    I mean half skip all the way, the solution of solutions, you still get to play and learn along the way, have fun without feeling like a never ending grind, an impossible task to get to the latest content, fun factor shoots through the roof, no more noobs in capped classes with no idea.

    I mean EQ2 better implement this asap and be the first, once wow and the rest of the clones read this, it won't be long until it's the new norm and most popular way when it comes to boosting, as single shot boosts fall to the wayside in popularity.

    Why not let players have some fun along the way, and most of all build some history, knowledge, learn, create memories, let them build some attachment to their avatar.
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  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    I would like to get much cheaper item unattuner . Thery are much too expensive to shift used items to alts.

    449 DBC (after discount) is too much.

    Daybreak would make much more money selling them chaeper :)
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I agree, I wont spend that, but I would spend less and buy several. I have yet to buy any at the current price.
  10. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I have a suggestion for the Marketplace...

    I noticed today, when crafting, it took a number of steps to get to the depot where I store items, then get back to the location I needed the items.

    In Butcherblock, had to go to a prestige house in Qeynos, then back to Butcherblock.

    My opinion is that it would be great if I could select one prestige house, with depots, etc. for all my mat needs. Then with one click to get there, I could go and get the mats I ran out of. Then get back, the regular path or the same method as getting to the prestige house, to continue the crafting.

    Today, I had Fast Travel. So I had to FT to Antonica, into Qeynos, enter the other character's prestige house, run out to the depot on the island, get the mats, FT back to Butcherblock, then run through Monster Territory, and continue crafting the battleaxes.

    It would be great if I could just go to the prestige house, then FT back to Butcherblock, etc.

    Cut back on time needed, and I could finish the crafting. So only cutting out part of the travel.

    Thanks !
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  11. Jrox Well-Known Member

    There was a collection in Thulumbra that allowed you to get a call to Bartender anywhere out in the world. Very cool. What would be cool is a way to upgrade that to a guild hall bartender. I raid with a rather large guild. That guild hall due to it's high traffic causes lots of crashes. I also share an Alt guild hall with the Misses. It would be nice if I could use the Bartender Call to call to the Bartender in my Alt Guild as a second Call.

    I also noted someone posted about getting a second call to your home or something that allowed you set a bind point in any non adventure zone, i.e. houses and other guild halls rather than just cities. This would be awesome. and I would gladly give you a grand or more in DBC for it.
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  12. Taled Well-Known Member

    'Adventurer's Recall' - XXXX DBC for a paired Recall + Bind spell that allows you to bind in any Player Home/Guild Hall.

    Not everyone would bother paying it since homes can be published/etc, but I feel like you could find a sweet spot with the price that more than enough folks would pay it - and it wouldn't be remotely difficult to implement since the code is already in place, you just have to put a new line in for it.
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  13. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    I would definitely go for this, though I wouldn't pay that much for it unless it was account-wide(*). But think of all the zoning it would save! That would surely take a load of some server somewhere, right?

    (*actually, publishing a house would accomplish much the same end, wouldn't it? NVM, just saw Taled's post above)
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  14. Rattophaxe Well-Known Member

    Well, horses for courses I guess. But its so easy to level to TS95 -- I can't imagine actually wanting or paying to boost there o_O
  15. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    How is that done then ?
  16. Toven New Member

    I love this idea, it would be great to have these for both adventure and tradeskill, that level 95-100 grind is real and takes forever. I just want a little bit of a boost, I like most of the content and enjoy the content for that level range but the xp gain is extremely low. It takes more time to level from 95-100 than it does to level from 100 to 125
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  17. Toven New Member

    1. I use the marketplace mostly for crafting progress potions, mounts, and housing items.
    2. The interface is fine and the search function is really useful
    3. I would like to see more new items and older items being rotated so it isn't the same thing all of the time. It would also be great to see worthwhile sales on items like merc and familiar crates as they are over-priced imho.
    4. The marketplace window is extremely easy to find.
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  18. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Yes indeed it would be realy nice if things wich are outdated in game for example the Bartender Call for the Final ToT Collection would be buyable for DBC or maybe achiefed buy a quest during the Brew Days Event.

    2nd thing as EQ2 is still an RPG it would be nice if for example some mount form the overall preexpansions like the Black Dragon from Sentinels Fate Expa or the Mount from Sleepers Tomb or Drinal would be listed in the shop, Thier is still nice looking stuff form old Contend to make Toons nice looking or looking different at least.

    Also it would be a realy nice idea if thier is a possiblity to create a vender were you can buy Old Achiefment or Quest stuff if you never did it like the Epic 1 or Epic 2 Weapons classbound and only for Style, but for toons who never did this Timeline.
    The buffs are available but the Weapons arnt yet.

    I use it often to add DBC buy crafter potions or other use stuff and or Styleitems like weapons or mounts.

    It would be always a nice and realy game satisfieing thing if we get the Level 10 Instand Mount Token Back to buy it somewere. For an anonymous altaholic as me its realy desperating if cant level up my mount fast on my mains and army of alts and i realy play them all if no one belive.
    Atm 2 ready fully Geard T4 Raid toons and 4 others who can do T3 Raid with resolve to by T12 Boxes and beyond 640k pot other stats always in state of the art.

    in the pre last pack we got at the end of BoL Expansion it was included and no one knows or can undersatnd why its taken off rom the new Package you gave us in the end of RoS expa.
    This token was a major point to buy this pack the one you made now contains tow items of realy use the Dino Mount for style and the Crafter table.

    If this token will come back to DBC Shop would be realy nice maybe for like 1000 DBC or something i predict it would be a bestseller.

    P.S. you want my cash serve me usefull items :)
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  19. Stammel Desperado Active Member

    I actually happen to agree with this one. I, as well, have thousands of those dungeon tokens, and am tired of looking at them in the currency window. They could at least convert them over to city tokens for us to use on something else, or create a universal Norathian currency to be used at universal merchants for fun items that can be used for whatever.

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  20. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    At low levels, doing the adorning, tinkering and transmuting dailies offered by Londiar Inygad in all the major cities can often boost you up a level. All you need to buy is the relevant fuel, and the first row of crafting is all you need to complete each item.
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