Marketplace: New Mercenary Crates and Ultra Rare Mercenary

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Laylaih, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. Laylaih Communications Coordinator

    New Mercenary Crates are now available in the Marketplace starting today, April 28th, 2016!

    The new Stormcaller series features mercenaries who are fashioned after the ever-popular Perrin Wanderhoof, and they use Fury class abilities! There are 10 new appearances for this popular mercenary, including some very unique and sought-after versions like this fierce warrior:


    Also, with the new Mercenary Crate, we’re introducing a new Ultra Rare Unique mercenary: Calyptor Atha, Sentinel of Dawn, the Aviak Guardian! This mercenary uses guardian abilities and has had his aggro-holding abilities souped up under the hood! This will be an epic mercenary, able to venture out and help you smite the enemies of your choosing. Stand firm, friend, and stay by Atha’s side to get you through the challenges ahead!


    These new Mercenary Crates are available in the Marketplace in the usual 1, 3, and 7 packs at the usual prices. Be sure to grab them now, as these mercenaries will only be available for a limited time!
  2. Inobe New Member

  3. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Wish y'all would get off this simply idiotic and ******** RNG kick.

    Put the dang rare one up for 10k DBC and Id buy it, but i'm not gonna buy crate after crate after crate with almost zero chance of getting it. Or getting it (Like the pally) on a fighter class and it be worthless.

    Other than that. They look awesome.
  4. Aelfan Active Member

    I hope you have some short races mercs. I have a lot of short race toons and the hulking mercs are problematic. Of course what would be a *really* elite merc, one that I would pay real money for, would be a fully-tailored merc, with race, gender, name, appearance, and skill set of my choosing.
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  5. Crastinal Active Member

    So, let me get this straight: you purchase a crate of Fury/Wiz mercenaries with Perrin abilities, and by pure chance get a super guardian with no heals and "souped up aggro-holding" that's no-trade... And that's a good idea because...?
    If I want a tank why would I get a healer merc? If I need a healer and get a tank that I cannot trade, what good is it for?
  6. Aivet Well-Known Member

    I've never found Perrin Wanderhoof so I can't speak to how useful he is, but I personally don't like the look of any of the new mercenaries.

    Regarding the ultra-rare merc, as others have said: if I buy a healer merc, I want a healer merc. The martial crates don't contain an ultra-rare inquisitor merc, so why does the healer crate contain a tank merc? I'd be buying one of these for my berserker, and a guardian merc would be utterly useless for me. I don't care about the status I can get from selling it; that toon already has enough status to keep my guild running for 38 years.
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  7. Crinic_001 New Member

    I agree with most of what everyone is saying here.....WHY? STUPID!

    I work for a living. I pay a lot for monthly membership considering the best pay I can get is, well, in the poor-person range. WHY would I attempt to get a rare and spend an entire paycheck going through crates when my chances of winning are about as good as winning the Megabucks lottery?
    Along with that- why would I risk getting a Paladin with ubber agro when I've got a character in desperate need of a healer?

    Get your acts together Daybreak and quit trying to fleece everyone- you already do. Cut people some slack and find a few things that are within people's budgets.
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  8. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    I don't like lotteries and I'm not going to buy it, but I don't have problems with it. It is just a small feature that can make my character a little bit stronger. No need to overreact and talk about it as if it is a most crucial key to the winning race. Besides this is a temporary proposal and it will be either closed or modified if I understand it correctly.
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  9. Sapryze Member

    Another example of DBG's lack of regard for player base (i.e, another cash grab designed to prey on people with addictive personalities)
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  10. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    If the Mercs were heirloom, I'd think about buying one or two.
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  11. Lithinor Member

    oh, i can throw real money at an ultra rare chance merc... or i can box exactly what i want... hmmmmm
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  12. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

  13. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Question about the new Fury mercs...will they Cure Curse?

    My own fury character can cure curse, but it has such a long cooldown and is only a single target cure, and the times we've needed someone who can cure curse in group, she is simply useless as the named mobs cast the curse on multiple party members and so quickly the curse begins to stack. We need a group wide cure curse that doesn't take so long to cast or cool down.

    If the mercs will not cure curse, not worth my money and I also DO NOT LIKE the rng component of these crates, nor that the mercs are No Trade. I refuse to spend real money on mercs for this reason. Give me the option to purchase the merc of my choice, and I'll reconsider, but only if the price is right...and DON'T charge me additional money to unlock being able to hire this merc anywhere. That should be included in the cost of the original purchase price of the merc. charge us real money just to unlock the ability to be able to use mercs...then you charge us real money to hire these mercs and make it a very random chance at which merc we will receive, leaving us stuck with mercs we cannot nor will ever use and can't even pass on to our alts...then you charge us to be able to hire the merc anywhere...seems the cost of hiring mercs is much higher than what these mercs are worth. :/
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  14. Crastinal Active Member

    What prevents me from ever purchasing any of those crates is that Daybreak seems to want to have it both ways:

    The mercs are appearance items. Some of the mercenaries are beautiful and I would love to have the Kromzek Inquisitor healing my Dwarf Paladin for roleplaying reasons, for example. But nope! I don't have a say on what is coming out of the box. Is that a Djinn? Is That a Othmir? Who knows?!
    But wait! Maybe I can deal with the randomness... I don't want this particular mercenary on this toon, but maybe I want it on another toon? Or I even roll a new toon just to swag around Norrath with a Droag following me? But nope! Some supergenius thinks if they're NO-TRADE I'm gonna conjure mo'monies out of thin air to play mercenary Pokemon! Gotta catch them all!! What to do with the repeats then? Status Points! That stuff that's only useful to run a guild. Or purchase yet other appearance items, like mounts and non-prestige houses. And some items in Thalumbra. Maybe. Ummm... what else? Yeah, precious Status Points, whatever, buy a bunch.
    Oh, and to rub salt to the wound, the tokens are "limited edition" as in if you don't get the one you want now you can't get them ever again. Got the last crate on the broker that spawned a mercenary you didn't want? Tough luck.

    Thanks, but no, thanks.
    Either make the tokens AT LEAST Heirloom or keep them no-trade, but let me choose what appearance mercenary I want, like a boutique shop. The current way is the worst of both worlds and I can bet I'm not the only one turned off by it. And that's a shame, because some of those mercs are beautiful.
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  15. Jaenis Member

    Amazing. For a company that is now owned by an investment firm, where you are required to produce as much profit as possible, that Daybreak turns its back on money. Bet your investment firm would be pissed if they knew.

    IF you made these tokens HEIRLOOM, so we can trade them to other account characters to actually, you know, be useful and IF you actually ALLOWED US TO BUY what we actually WANT instead of a RNG, you would actually make more money that you currently do. We can't even give you our money because your company is ignorant. Absolutely amazing.
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  16. Mark John Member


    To Daybreak,

    Perhaps your marketing analysis indicates catering to the gambling/addictive personality is the strategy you would like to employ. Please add my (strong) vote to reversing this trend.

    I don't mind working for something of value; I object to spending a copious amount of time and still basically having to get 'lucky' I feel this way even though I was lucky enough to get the Ethereal Ravaging bow. I still don't like the mechanism. Perhaps 'don't like' is not strong enough: really really really don't like the mechanism.

    I would prefer a (difficult)/time consuming epic-like quest.

    Thanks for considering my feedback.
  17. Squirrelex New Member

    Not going to waste a cent on a merc I cannot choose, no matter how much I pay.
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  18. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that when I buy a Healer mercenary pack on my guardian, there's a chance I won't get a healer, but another guardian? Didn't this happen previously with Katastra Whatserface in the archon packs?

    I don't even. /boggle
  19. Aivet Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's exactly what we're saying. If I buy a martial mercenary crate, I'm guaranteed a fighter mercenary. If I buy any other crate (songspinner, archon, mindbender, stormcaller), I'm not guaranteed to get a merc that matches the type of the crate.
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  20. Nabu New Member

    Well thought I would give it a go and bought a 3 crate... Can;t consume them (yes, petitioned) but now under the 'illusion' that some might be better than others.. One of them is worth 3m status if sold to merchant, whereas the others are only worth 1m status. True/False/Dream On???? Someone help me out. Well I might find out when the petition gets answered.
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