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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Nimbrithil, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Nemisiis Guest

    2 questions:
    1) I asked this one before but didn't get an answer. Do the mannequins work with Gi's?
    2) Do you have to be able to wear the item to put it on the mannequin? Example....I'm a leather wearer, can I have a mannequin with plate armor?
    Thanks :)
  2. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    Given mannequins are house items, I can't see how they would be limited by your characters personal armor restrictions. I'm wondering how GI's look on mannequins as well since I have plans for Gi'd mannequins. ;)
  3. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    *drools* I ground writs for 6 hours to get to 30k faction..and I got my first pelt...I am eagerly looking forward to these.
  4. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    Qandor wrote:
    Mah highest is lvl 50, what do you think?
    The mannequins were going to be a lvl 80 guild 'reward'? That blows, and totally elitist
  5. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    DrkVsr wrote:
    They didn't do it. Therefore it does not blow, and is not elitist....
  6. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    Notice ah used 'were', the past tense
    Ok, so they stopped it from being a lvl 80 guild reward, they just made it so you either need to be 68 to harvest the rare yourself or pay 2pp each (ah checked the broker the other day and there is not a single t8 pelt of any kind availble {or are the t8 not actually released yet?})
  7. ARCHIVED-NiamiDenMother Guest

    Arani@Crushbone wrote:
    1. They should, though I didn't have a gi to test with on Test at the time.

    2. You can have 'em wear any armor or weapons. It is very definitely not limited to stuff you, personally, can wear.

    With regards to the person who can't find any T8 pelts at all, either someone went on a buying spree, or you're inputting the name wrong into the search. "hidebound pelt" is the name, and they most definitely have existed since the release of RoK - which is why folks have a) been mentioning harvesting them, and b) mentioned the rough ballpark of prices on their server.

    The money-thing really shouldn't be a huge issue for folks if they truly have their heart set on one of these - I just started up another alt (no twinking) to test some things out, and she made over 2 plat by level 10, even with transmuting everything that could be transmuted, just by selling glowies, T1 roots, T1 leaded loam and other stray harvested stuff. There is almost always more need for low-tier resources and gear than there is a supply for them. Yes, it does take some effort, but, just like if you wanted a piece of furniture made from tynnonium or fire emerald (to mention other stuff needing more expensive T8 rares), if you want them badly enough, you find ways to work towards getting them.
  8. ARCHIVED-Meryddian Guest

    DrkVsr wrote:
    Your character doesn't have to be level 68 to forage in RoK. If your tradeskill level is high enough, you can also forage there. It's just a bit riskier. :)

    You can also bet that as soon as folks found out what pelts/etc would be needed for the mannequins, folks ran out and bought them up before other folks caught wind of it and jacked the price up. (Either that, or they're sitting on the pelts, waiting for the recipes to release, and going to sell them then at a profit.) Economics, is all.

    It's a good thing they made it that ANY tradeskiller who has 30,000 faction can make the recipe. It makes it a great reward for those who have spent the time grinding writs. It takes a lot of effort.

    Only approximately 172 more writs to go myself... LOL...
  9. ARCHIVED-illaria Guest

    Meryddian wrote:
    Good luck you can do it : D
  10. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    I wanted to touch on this a bit and give some feedback on how I think this should be handled. Now, I'm not going to lie, the reason I am making this suggestion is because I don't want to have to go out and harvest 16+ more pelts to replace mannequins with smaller/bigger ones when this feature goes in but I also think it is a VERY feasible way of dealing with the "how do we put these in" without causing too much upset because people (yes, like me) went and spent a lot of time or money getting these mannequins, only to have to do it all over again to get a different sized one.

    Instead of putting in recipes that use the exact same materials to give a different sized output for the mannequins, how about we just add imbued recipes to do it? So, our base recipe (medium-sized humanoid) is still valid, necessary and is the building block for the others; our starting point if you will. After the "medium" mannequin is created, it can then be "imbued" using the mannequin as the primary component + smoldering material + fuel to create a mannequin with the same body proportions of any given race outside those of elves and humans (since in my mind the medium one kinda covers them) depending on which recipe you use. Just like how imbued rings are made only the effect is to reshape the mannequins.

    Hope this helps.
  11. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    Something else I wanted to ask but kept forgetting about and I don't remember reading anything about it... Is there a way to clear out a piece of gear on a mannequin so that nothing is displayed in that slot at all? Like, if I imprint an item on the wrong mannequin and I actually didn't want anything displayed in that "slot" on that particular one, can I remove or clear the graphic off leaving it blank again?
  12. ARCHIVED-NiamiDenMother Guest

    Snowdonia@Runnyeye wrote:
    Yepyep, on top of the handy Clear All option if you totally hate the whole shebang, you can right click on the individual slots to get the option to remove that single piece. (link above takes you directly to a screenie showing the interface for dressing the mannequins)
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    For the cloak, does it show guild heraldry? Does the setting in your own details impact that?
  14. ARCHIVED-Kayteekai Guest

    NiamiDenMother wrote:
    Thank you for that info, was wondering the same thing. I love what I have seen of the mannequins so far except one thing. I hope they can add a function to alter the appearance of the base of the mannequin if possible, ie change color, raise it (more 3d looking), or make it invisible. That flat wooden base just bugs me for some reason hehe, can't quite figure out why tho.
  15. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    LOL One more thing I've been forgetting to ask about. Mannequins have to be placed in a house in order to be dressed? Or can they be dressed from your inventory before placing?
  16. ARCHIVED-ZerkerDwarf Guest

    What is the point of those mannequins dolls?
    You can have a preview of EVERY item in the dressing room, also of those your class can't actually wear.
  17. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    Yeah, but you can't display them in your house. Haven't you ever wanted a suit of armor in your house for decoration like those old castles have?
  18. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    Well I hope you're all happy now. Hidebound prices on AB have gone from 2 plat to 6 plat! Just like I said they would.
    Now any leather wearers wanting T8 MC gear are out of luck, cause no crafters are going to make them for these prices (they won't sell).
    And atm the mannequins are selling for less than 5 plat! Doesn't make sense :(
  19. ARCHIVED-Josgar Guest

    Mikkahl wrote:
    Yeah, but soon everyone who wants a mannequin will have one (soon projects out a few months). All the prices will then drop.

    In the mean time its a wonderful time to go out, harvest, get a rare, make plat and be able to fund things; however, I am thinking like an economist and not a consumer.
  20. ARCHIVED-Brorims Guest

    This is such a cool idea ..
    could someone please tell me wich crafter that will be able to make these ?

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