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    Bromir@Runnyeye wrote:
    Any crafter can mke these. You must buy the recipe from the tradeskill faction merchant but only can if you have 30k faction with them.
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    Actually, it was very fast. I bought several hidebound pelts for around 2 plat yesterday, and today they are closer to 3 plat (and Sundays are always high prices).
    And mannequins are down to 3 plat (Male - 4 plat for Female), but there are much fewer of them. Only 5 males and 1 female, when there were several pages of them before for 4+ plat.
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    Need to find someone making them for my tailor and the show room he has.. Have 8 of the pelts.

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    Noticed similar spikes on exchange server. Hidebound was selling for 1.2-2p now its selling 5-6p each but the mannequins (about 4-5 pages of each on the broker) are selling for under 4p and dropping as supply continues to rise).

    Another interesting thing I noticed is that people who have purchased them have stuck them back on the broker in some cases at a loss from what they paid for them initially. I havent talked to them to find out why yet though, was just interesting.
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    Another interesting thing I noticed is that people who have purchased them have stuck them back on the broker in some cases at a loss from what they paid for them initially. I havent talked to them to find out why yet though, was just interesting.

    Well, Maybe they did not find them to be as versatile then they thought they where? I don't think many people kept old armor around..I for sure did not even though a lot of it sure looked nice. Most people wear the good looking stuff in the appearance tap and so there is not much use for it to the average person.. I actually predict the market to be saturated fast. I can see them to be used by my tailor to show off items as combination ( I want to make a show room ) but as I have not tried it yet and as such don't know if one can put un-adorned items on there that idea might go out of the window if only adorned items can be put on it.

    That said, If the Manikins are usable that way then I am looking for someone on LDL to make me 8 of them :=)) I have the rare and all raws that would be needed can be furbished.

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    I have lucked out and managed to harvest a couple hidebound pelts so I've gotten mannequins already. And trust me, I stink at getting GOOD rares. I always get the "clunker" rares that nobody wants. ;) Fortunately I have a guildmate who has the recipe and now I have one of these, yay!

    But for those who think you cannot easily earn 1-2p within even just a day or two, trust me, even with a low-level character, it's easy, three things, as people have said above already:

    - shinies
    - treasured items
    - harvestables

    Rare T1-T2-T3 shinies are easily fetching anywhere from 20g-3p depending on the piece. No kidding.

    Treasured items: transmuters need these to raise their skill faction and most would rather pay somebody 2-7g/apiece for treasured+ quality attunables and Adept 1/Master I spells that they can use for skill-ups, versus going around mentoring and farming. Time vs. money. And if you get the basic transmuting skills down yourself, you can transmute the items as you loot them, and just sell the shards/powders, which also fetch a lot of money. (Since my transmuting is now 158, I sold off my supplies for greyed-out skill levels and made 2.5p in a single night.)

    - Harvestables: Most high-end tradeskill folks rather dish out 1-20sp on the the harvests than go do it themselves (too time consuming, as the above 'treasureds' are). Right now you could not ask for a better time to sell harvestables, as the T1 harvests are needed for Erollsi Day combines!

    * * *

    For those who have not looked elsewhere for info on how the mannequin works, here's what I've found:

    - You place the mannequin and then right-click it to open the equipment slot interface. (I think EQ2Traders has a nice write-up about this if I recall).

    - You do not put actual pieces of armor ON the mannequin. You drag a piece of armor TO the given slot, and it dresses the mannequin, but you can still be wearing the armor as your everyday gear. So, let's say you really like your armor look, you can make a mannequin wearing the same in your house. (Somebody above gave the analogy of the mannequin taking a snapshot of the armor, which is a pretty good description.)

    - Once you "equip" the mannequin with clothing/gear, you can pick it up into your inventory and place it elsewhere, and still retain the look. You do not have to "re-dress" your mannequin. Nice touch!!

    - It is possible to dress your mannequin with non-player wearable items. For example, I put the Blackwater Helm from the Loping Plains quest sequence, which, as it turns out, has an SK-style class helm graphic but with green horns. The best I have been able to figure out with what "works" and what doesn't is: if it shows up in the dressing room window, you can put it on the mannequin. This may not be 100% true, but that's what I've found out so far. Domino can feel free to correct me. :)

    - Like player inventory, you can select "hood" or "no hood" if you want to show off a hood or a helm in conjunction with a robe.

    - Cape slot is not customizable to guild cloak, at least that I could figure out. If somebody tells me that it *can* be, I would be very happy to learn how.

    - Like player inventory, cloak > all for back slot, so if you want to show off a particular piece of weaponry, do not put a cloak on your mannequin. (I equipped mine with the nifty 2H staff from Loping Plains, which gives a nice particle effect/light source).

    * * *

    Things I hope we can get with mannequins some time in the future:

    - Ability to adjust the mannequin size to 3-5 different sizes (ie. XS, S, M, L, XL)

    - Ability to give the mannequins a few limited poses (ie. arms raised like casting; a "ready-for-fight" pose; one arm raised in salute) would be fun :)

    I'm pretty satisfied with what I've seen so far on mannequins. If you're on Guk, you can see mine "in action", NFP, 1 Compassion Road, on my staircase. (Melime's stronghold).
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    I am going to blame myself for not being able to find this information on Naimi's excellent site (which I seem to visit every day :p), but what is the recipe to make the things?
    Hidebound pelts I gathered from the postings above, but what else?

    Thank you!
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    Arbreth wrote:
    Female Mannequin
    Male Mannequin
  9. ARCHIVED-Arbreth Guest

    Thank you, Kaisha!
    Two different fuels for male and female? hmm...
    And more ore... *sighs*
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    DominoDev wrote:
    Considering some of Domino's past posts, I'd say she has something up her sleeves in regard to this.......

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