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  1. Nucleaar Member

    Title. Have other wizards messed with this in the new expansion? With rising power pools I thought it would be worth a look-see..

    I played with it a little in heroics the other day, and lo and behold - it was hitting around 5b, few hits in the 3b range, and once for 7b (rough numbers, my ACT data is missing).

    Background, my power pool outside of group sits around 900k, in group around 1.1m dependent upon which buffs are rolling.

    I'm curious as to why such a large range in damage exists? I am fairly new to the wizard class but I'm finding it difficult to test it on my own, but it seems as if it's affected by other stats than just mana.

    Another question, given that it does hit for that much, would the long-ish cast time on it warrant a permanent spec for the spell? Power regen isn't hard to come by from a personal standpoint. Sanguine, Harvest Mana, and a Twark power pot give me all I'll ever need for the rest of my rotation.
  2. Alexstrasza Active Member

    Mine averages for 8-12bil, its not terrible.
  3. Exarthious Member

    Better then Lifeburn. Lifeburn does around 400mil dmg.

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