Male Vah Shir Chain Armor Major Visual Bugs - ALL Chain Armor

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LDEffectsMe, Dec 27, 2020.

  1. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    Every set of chain armor in the game currently has an art issue with the Male Vah Shir models. I haven't tested the female personally. Depending on the type of set, either...

    1.) The back of the armor comes up and two points of the neck clip out of the back.


    2.) The armor fits just fine, but the Vah Shir model itself cuts off/disappears, leaving a hole in the front and back of the neck. The one in the rear of the model allows you to see completely through, while the one in the front lets you see inside of the model.

    This bug isn't isolated to one or two sets of armor. This effects every piece of armor that has these styles of neck. So far I've only found the slightly higher collar plate armor doesn't have these issues... All craftable and cash shop chain armor has one of these two issues.
  2. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    I realized that I posted this during (probably) everyone's holiday break. Can someone confirm whether or not Covic is working on fixing these art issues please? :)
  3. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    He's not. He's on vacation.
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  4. Venser Active Member

    Asked before, but any news on fixing invisible arms and feet. I can't log in for obvious reasons, but this is a set from the marketplace. There are 3 pieces in the set, all of them make arms and feet completely invisible. TY

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  5. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I'll show it to Dave. What is that invisble set look like/ what's it called?
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  6. Venser Active Member

    When I can log in I can get an exact name, I've had this set for so long, but I think it's the Catalyst Bag set from marketplace. I know there are two versions of the bag set to buy, this one and a lighter color version. I think you can also buy them individually instead of the Catalyst Bag.
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  7. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    You can't read it--it's invisible, haha
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  8. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    OK we'll track it down. When it leaves the art guys it's probably called ArmorSet_11500034, so we'll need the name of what it is in the market place.
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  9. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    I didn't mean working on it in real time. I was more or less just asking if he's aware of it and it's on his "to do" list. o_O And welcome back from your vacation. lol.

    Appearance Items > Casual Clothes
    Catalytic Attire Bundle
    Gray Formal Attire
    Red Formal Attire
    ^ The three sets above all have the invisible effect on Vah Shir.
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  10. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I'm not sure he has a 2021 to do list yet but you go to the top.
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  11. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Gnobrin fixed the invisible stuff. Gnobrin to the Rescue!
  12. Gnobrin Developer

    Yup, fixed the missing feet/shoulders. I do not know when update will happen to actually fix it on live, but it's coming.
  13. Venser Active Member

    Maybe it was in the list of fixes, thank you by the way, but the Galvanic Effluxator Attire is also the same as the Catalyst set.. invisible. TY again
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  14. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I hope the Galvanic Effluxator Attire gets fixed soon too. So good of Gnobrin to fix the other one. May we see the whole visible set of the Catalyst Armor now that it is fixed? And the Effluxator when it is finished too?

    EDIT *** Well this is the Tan Galvanic Effluxator Attire apparently = Tan Galvanic Effluxator Attire | EverQuest 2 Wiki | Fandom

    EDIT *** I can't get Google Images pic specifically of Vah Shir Chain Mail Armor but I sure do like the looks of this armor Shoraka Lano is wearing = Shoraka Lano | EverQuest 2 Wiki | Fandom ... (probably plate armor)
  15. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    I wanted to add that the first issue with the two clipping spots on the Male Vah Shir neck also seems to be present in a lot of leather and plate armors as well. I think the easiest fix might be to make the neck of the Vah Shir Male a little thinner on the part where it meets the head. (See the first image above.) That should resolve all of the first issue.
  16. Covic Developer

    ok I fixed the clipping in the back of the neck. Looking into the spaces in the older plate set now.
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  17. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    Covic, you're my hero.
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  18. Covic Developer

    Oh no problem, I fixed the plate set now also. It was actually creating a gap on Kerra Male and Vahshir male. So those should both be fixed with next art push.
  19. LDEffectsMe Active Member

    Awesome. One other art concern about the Vah Shir though. I noticed when you're customizing the appearance there's a certain portion of their bodies (namely the face/chest/stomach that always stays yellowish no matter what color you set the fur to be. Is there a way you could make it so if you set the fur to be black, for example, the entire Vah Shir body also turns black?

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