Making Black Friday plans?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Caela Well-Known Member

    There were a few items on sale this morning. Without actually counting - maybe 20 items - more than yesterday. I didn't look real close, but I think some were half off. Nothing that thrilled me though - but there seemed to be a variety - paintings, clothing, weapons, etc.
  2. Masa New Member

    +1 to this. You folks (trying to be kind) at SOE are completely missing the point. When a ship is sinking, that is the time for inspiration and people to step up. So far, you've only retrenched. For the heck of it, just once, try to be bold and actually good at what you do.
  3. Leonitas of Potato Situational Awareness

    yeah for saturday its half off all bags and backpacks i think. when it said keep an eye out for black friday sales in norrath, i thought i'd set aside some money in case the xpac goes half off. Now THAT would be a sale many people would love! Seeing as how we can't buy it with sc or krono or any method other then credit card, i woulda thought they'd want to boost sales there. Eh maybe something interesting sunday or monday, but so far seems like a huge letdown to anyone i've heard from. Not a bad thing though, just means more money left for rl for gifts for friends and family. :D
  4. Catgravy New Member

    I noticed that WoW put their latest expansion at 1/2 off on Friday. Normally $40... was only $20... but you had to buy it at certain retailers (no digital download). I bought 2 for myself & wife from Amazon for $15 each (free shipping).
  5. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Currently 50% rebate on all but the newest stuff on the marketplace. No idea how long for.
  6. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Probably safe to assume today only!
  7. Caela Well-Known Member

    I feel a new house and furniture...
  8. Tineren Active Member

    Nearly everything is on 50% rebate in the SC store today. Finally picked up Freeblood for my account.
  9. Melodhie New Member

    I heard in game that there was a rebate sale on today (lord knows I didn't see or hear about it anywhere else), and got excited. I have a couple of friends that have been wanting to return to Norrath and game, but since I moved off the nearly dead server Oasis to the not quite as dead server Antonia Bayle, they've had no motivation to play. They just don't feel that moving 6-8 characters each at 24.50 a pop is reasonable (and I agree with them). Sadly, when I checked in game, it seems that nearly everything is on rebate....except transfer tokens. So, I guess they will continue to not play :/

    So they'll continue to wait for either the one day server merges (that are long overdue for SOME servers, imho), or a rebate sale that includes transfer tokens, or for me to give up and join them in the other game they are playing. Sigh.

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