Maj Dul Decoraid Saturday June 9th 3pm PST 5pm central

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by MaryJanePeach, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. MaryJanePeach New Member

    Hey everyone! sorry about the week delay for the decoraid this is my Anniversary week 14 years!! YAY! So I moved it to the 9th I hope yall don't mind. Looking forward to seeing everyone and hangin out! So don't forget to send an in-game Email to Maryjanepeach on MD with your house address, leaderboard placement, and owner name so I can put ya in the tour!!
    <3, MJP
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  2. Llieam Active Member

    Will be there on the 9th!! Thanks for keeping the Deco-raid going on Maj'Dul Maryjanepeach, it is appreciated!!!

    I will pass the word around its coming soon!!

  3. MaryJanePeach New Member

    Thank you so much Ware! I really appreciate all your help with these!
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  4. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I'll be showing anything but I intend to show up to this, MJ. Thank you! :)
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  5. Zhari New Member

    I learned so much from everyone. Thanks for letting me be a part of such a great event! I definitely look forward to the next one!
  6. MaryJanePeach New Member

    Here's the list of homes I promised!!

    1 - Eryn - Hall of fame- Newly published- #18 the sweet spot
    2 - Dryea - Massive - Newly Published #3 Alice's Wonderland
    3 - Zhari - Massive - Newly Published #6 Songwood Crafter Village
    4. Zerus - Hall of fame - Creativity Recent - #3 Gypsy's Wharf by Zerus
    5. MJP - Massive - Creativity Recent - #1 Agar and Quilla's Wedding - Penniville by Penny and Grem
    6. Kianne - Hall of fame - creativity recent # 15 Hocus Pocus
    7. Warehouse - Hall of fame - Creativity Overall - #98 Vale Delight by Warehouse
    8. Ceyerrecks - Dev Picks - Creativity Recent - #1 Nibootas Spooky birthday ride by DVC
    9. Lunarosa - Medium Homes - Creativity Recent - #1 First Home (by twilight)
    10. Warehouse - Hall of fame - Creativity overall - #91 Personal Dojo by Warehouse (in the video this was between his vale and nibootas ride)
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  7. Eryn Well-Known Member

    I went and voted all homes, they were all very lovely.
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  8. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    MJP are you still running this? If so, when do you normally run the events?
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