Mage fixes?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by vexen, Jan 18, 2022.

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  1. Beee Well-Known Member

    just to write it somewhere down

    Testing on a training dummy in guldhall

    Without combat mitigation the conjurer celestial aery hutner does 90x the damage of the weapon autoattack
    switching on the combat mitigation it's just 3 (yes three) !! times. So the proportion now is 20 times lower than without combat mitigation

    Combat mitigation does simply not work correct for mages or pets
  2. WizardsRBroken2021 New Member

    I have not enjoyed this xpack. Between trying to get in heroics, raids and when I get in my parse doesn't compare to scouts and I'm stuck doing arcane cures. This xpack is not for mages at all and has not been fun.

    Not telling us what you planned wasn't right and the fix going in now feels like the damage is already done. The game has left a bad taste in my mouth and I just don't feel like giving it another week after being promised for months that a fix was going in

    I still don't trust you guys will fix it.
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  3. enotirab Member

    Yeah.... so I'm also a software developer. I've walked a mile in those shoes and I can tell you that I would be fired for the level of incompetence and indifference we've seen here. Well-written code has tests. Everquest's game engine was written when unit and feature tests were not as widespread as they are now, so I imagine that the testing available to the dev team might be limited. But the bottom line is professional software has testing coverage to prevent this sort of thing. And if the issue here is that there is not adequate testing available, that is a shortcoming that the company needs to address. Customers of a service are not obligated to be sympathetic to the fact that "coding is hard." It is hard; that's why it pays well. And it is fair to expect software developers to be able to handle complex problems.

    When companies accidentally leak customer data, nobody ever says, "well, security is hard. I bet they're doing their best." This mage issue is affecting a vast portion of the population and threatens to throw off the balance and ecosystem of the entire game. This should be mission-critical, but all of our communication suggests that this will get fixed when they have free time.
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  4. Moss Well-Known Member

    What is really fun is that all players are currently gated in gear (due to progression) and top players should have the same theoric maximum stats and have accces to the same buffs.

    And yet we are already looking at parse were the top dps in some guild are doing 2-4x more dps than their countrpart in other top guilds (4T+ compare to 1-1.5T).

    Such dps difference could not be explained by only those players own skills, but by other factors (group setup, coordination, using specific abilities/items/game mechanics....

    But that in itself already confirme how the game is broken and how balance is impossible at the moment. And how players vision of class balance - based on in their own groups/raids experience- could not be seriously taken into account due to those factors.

    Progression was already doomed right from the T1 raid :)

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  5. vexen Member

    pics or it didnt happen
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  6. Kodamungus Active Member

    Let me say that I agree with most of your post, but unit and feature testing have been around as long as programming. Modern unit and feature testing hype is centered about web based technology (Selenium) which one could argue wasn't mature when EQ2 was released, but programmers have been writing tests for C++ code for decades and I say this as someone who took his first programming course in 1993.

    I remember SOE advertising for an internal tools developer back in the day just for the purpose of writing simulators and automation tests. What has likely happened is the same across many industries, companies downsized and outsourced a significant number of employees over the years with QA and Customer Service being the 2 most common chopping blocks. Customers are beta testers for just about everything now and having been conditioned to expect failures that need patching or a totally new revision of the product in question despite paying a premium. The consumer has been conned, but at the same time has enabled businesses to operate in this manner by throwing so much disposable income at unfinished products compared to the good old days.

    I've also noticed that every QA job posting I've seen from the company owning EQ2 the past decade has been a temporary position as compared to full-time job openings for anything else. That shows the priority put upon QA to where testers are desired for small bursts of productivity rather than long-term continuity and knowledge of the product.

    The priority is cranking out new content whether it works or not then spend a lot of time fixing spelling errors and making random stat tweaks while always working on the next expansion.
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  7. vexen Member

    So your T1 DPS mage is doing 1.4T then?
  8. Magdaddy Active Member

    Pay attention to the EQ2 discord. I'm not going to go back through those channels to prove to you something happened. Everybody that's in the know saw it, so quite frankly I don't care if you did or not.
  9. vexen Member

    lol in the know
  10. Magdaddy Active Member

    Ours? No. Others? Yes. Our mages are way behind our top scouts in potency. WAY behind. Again, for EVERY parse I've seen out of our top scout (who I'm confident is the best DPS in the game right now) I have seen a mage parse that's around 70% of what he's doing. The facts are out there, all you have to do is the tiniest bit of research. If you're doing 30% of your scouts, it's absolutely a you problem.
  11. Magdaddy Active Member

    If the shoe fits...

    Sorry your scouts are that much better at the game than you. /shrug

    Post your character name and I bet I can tell you plenty of reasons you're doing 30% of scout DPS.
  12. vexen Member

    Dont you worry little guy my dps is fine lol. I'm talking about T1 mages they are from what Ive observed on avg doing 1/3 to 1/2 of scouts and thats not ok. It sounds like you are basing your opinion off 'a mages' parse. Not mages. Just seems odd to be so sure of something you are not observing first hand instead choosing to base your opinion on the parses posted by single individual.
  13. vexen Member

    But your not basing it off one mages parse. So there are multiple mages doing 1 -1.5 T ?
  14. Magdaddy Active Member

  15. vexen Member

    ok then lets see some parse I"ve only seen one person on discord posting 1T and > parses
  16. Magdaddy Active Member

    Outside what's posted publicly, I am not sharing parses of other players/guilds that people shared with me because it's not my place to do so. I couldn't possibly care any less if you believe me, random guy that wants to argue behind a veil of anonymity.
  17. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Pop corn time
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  18. Magdaddy Active Member

    Here you go little buddy. Go read up on base damage and its effect on the final amount of damage being dealt, then get back to me. That sure was hard to find!
  19. vexen Member

    The suggestion of 100% increase is just that a 100% or < increase to final output before CM is taken into account. If CM werent a thing and abmod was capable it would be a simple 100% increase. As is though because abmod cant be capped it is slightly less than 100 flat increase
  20. vexen Member

    are you sure you understand the maths?
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