Mage fixes?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by vexen, Jan 18, 2022.

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  1. Bludd Well-Known Member

    dont understand why logging players with wildly different specs and power is the way forward? cant the devs make 1 of each (dps) mage class, 1 of each (dps) scout class. make everything else the same (pot, cb, fervor etc)

    then just parse at the same target?
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  2. DENSER Well-Known Member

    a good start to communication, a little late, but finally an answer.
  3. OnlyMe Member

    Firstly thankyou very much for the comms, it is appreciated and I'm aware its hard to do comms when all you have is bad news.

    I'm afraid that's what it sounds like though - bad news, if you are only now setting up logging to analyse the data. Hopefully something can actually be done next week to improve mage dps across the board. There is still a huge amount of individual things to do including all of the stuffHellfiren said about warlocks. But we need an across the board dps increase for mages/spells now, not in a months time or longer. As someone above said, waiting for GUs is not going to happen. I'm at the end of my patience already, and although it will be painful to leave the game, staying is not helping my blood pressure, so unless there is some real progress next week, I'm off. I should find a more healthy pastime anyway.
  4. Denebi Member

    for me the post of kander is cold and laconic. It will take time for him to regain my trust and this will be reflected in my expenses for the game. No more subscriptions for several months from now on it will be month by month and I could save money when the game breaks by the will of those who do not listen to the players
  5. Kanv Member

    What have the devs been doing until now? these things should have been tested and verified before release
    Mage dps issues were raised during beta... no response then
    Expansion released and the same issues came up again... still no response.
    Raid zones opening was pushed back 2 weeks to address these issues and allow time for class fixes. zones opened and nothing was done... still no real response.
    The only thing we have seen is mitigation adjustements on mobs whether in raid or heroic instances and some melee multiplier adjustments which really don't solve anything.
    All we are hearing is: we will do this and that next week and when time comes you say next week again.

    I think you forget that is a game people pay for to play and enjoy from release date and not to just sit and wait for a GU to see some fixes. It will be too late...
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  6. Hellfiren Well-Known Member


    And Thanx to Kanv, you hit a major point, i am a player here for like 10 years playing mostly Mage but i have alll classes except BL in my Account.
    Most classes actively played in Solos and Heroics most of the Time, but i never had a bigger issuse in game and toon balancing than now. As a preferd mage player i am forced to play other classes to get some stuff done and support my totaly broken main Mage ( Warlock) to have it on a base to continue if mages will ever be patched back into duty.

    And yes its a shame these issues were
    reported in Beta and now we are like 10 Weeks after and same problems apeard on the launch not even a goo OMEN.

    No company i know is so careless with thier products, thier is always some quality control and not any good will leave the Factory if it has major issues or malefunctions but EQ2 Expansions are
    realeased everytime with so many bugs and issues.

    If i compare this to a Car its like build a new car and forget the Wheels // Engine or at least the steering wheel.
    Or in german we have a word " Schildbürger " these fictionary community builded a House and forgott the Windows.

    Thats it
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  7. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    I Know SOE dont has an fingers in the game atm but they invenetd the Game and its generaly ideas of the toons and Archtype classes and based on this ideads i want to have the classes like thy are wriiten if you seek for class infos in forums.

    Category:Warlock | EverQuest 2 Wiki | Fandom
    Category:Wizard | EverQuest 2 Wiki | Fandom

    Origin thinking of SOE
  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Especially since it was reported very early in beta.
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  9. Moss Well-Known Member

    It is really good to finally see an official statement, even if it was not the one many players were expecting today. Communication and transparency are the basics for a good relationship. I hope this post today if the first of a long series were us, players, customers, will get back in touch with what is happening with the game design team on a recuring basis.

    It also please me to read that you have put in place those specific logs, it means that your team recognized the underlying itemization/stats growth issue that is, in my opinion, the root of the current mess. Hopefully that will help in the future to get back some kind of balance in stats between all players style play. Which is required to be able to provide a good gameplay experience and progression to all players.

    While those logs are a good thing I really don't see how, in such a short time, you will be able to get anything ready for next patch based only on those data. Considering some players in top guilds will probalby adapt their gameplay in the following days to influence your actions - like some do during heroic/raid beta testing to not get nerfed. By that i means stop using specific items, change their group setup, stop asking for specific buff, stop using some broken aas/abilities...

    I'm hoping we will see some real change next week and that you will take some risks in class balance, even if it means you have to come back on some of thoses changes. That you will continue to monitor and balance the different archetypes/class over the next weeks and that it'll not be limited to one patch.

    But I fear it comes too late, most players including myself have stop believing in the management team. This statement will probably give enough hope to some to wait one more week but for me I'll play other games this week and except a miracle next week I'll never trust you enough to put any more money in this game.
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  10. Vokan Well-Known Member

    1. When did you realize there was a problem with mages?
    2. If it was before yesterday, why was there no communication?
    3. If it was during beta why didnt you fix it before release?
    4. If it wasn’t until yesterday, then why have you ignored the player base for so long?

    There is really no excuse for any of the replies.
  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    Better almost too late than never, but we allready reported this problem in beta. It's really a pitty for a good mage doing 1/3 of the dps of a good scout
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  12. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Kander, thanks so much for the response. Having even a rough idea of what's happening is A Good Thing.
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  13. DENSER Well-Known Member

    me, the same, I'm positive, there was an answer, ok, we fought to get it but we got it. I now await the promised changes and look at our writings.
    Wait and see ( but not too long ;))
  14. Bardonio Active Member

    Are you kidding me with this? You’re thanking for a response after MONTHS of silence? And the response was nothing more than bloated words because there is zero content in his post. More like dancing around and dodging the real issues. Sometimes it’s better you just don’t say anything because your true ignorance bleeds through in your “know it all” responses.
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  15. echooo Member

    Fix communion, revert fiery blast, revert manaburn, fix winds of velious.
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  16. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I'd like to see Decimation have a reduced timer based on Increments as Apocalypse does. You know, like it used to be!
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  17. Morprulz New Member

    What really bothers me isn't the fact that a class is broken or that mages have poor dps atm. I've played the majority of my 15 yrs as a mage and half that time as a healer or scout dps. Ive seen just about every class have a rise and fall. What really bothers me is the whining and complaining of the fan base when something that is broken, or doesn't work the way its intended, have the huge outpouring of why isn't stuff getting fixed right now. For all of you complaining my answer is pick up a keyboard, learn to read code and maybe then you will finally have an understanding that a game going on 2 decades old has billions of lines of code. With that said, one simple code statement can ruin hundreds of thousands of lines of code, create unanticipated errors, and even generate unwanted effects. The simplest colon out of place in trillions of characters in a code can reek havoc. Ive spent weeks pouring over code that was only 20,000 lines of code to fix a decimal point out of place or a colon not added. Think how long its going to take even 100 people or however many or few dbg has, to look over billions of lines of code to fix. So with that thought in mind, that they are concerned enough to take the time to let the fanbase know they hear them and are working on it, take the time to say thank you and learn to be more gracious. You attract more bees with honey while s#@% just attracts more flies. Dev team, thank you for the update and the time to let us know you've heard us.
  18. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    What I get out of that wall of text is you think the playerbase is a bunch of whinny morons and the devs can do no wrong.
    See, one simple sentence to condense all that.
    I dont agree with you tho, but w/e
  19. DENSER Well-Known Member

    it's simple, we complains because we pay for a service that is not up to par, a communication that is not up to par. we, customers, are in no way responsible for the viability of their products.
    I am not a patron, my money is precious and I like it to be of concrete use.
    So your speech on the fact that coding is complicated and that we should get started to stop crying, not working here.
    The game would be free, why not. It is not. Money spent on an expected service is a game-changer.

    I think they begin to understand, And start to make efforts, so much the better.
    As said above, i'm now positive, but it was exhausting, to be listened to, finally
    Wait and see.

    And above all, our crying is only for the good of this game, nothing else, even if sometimes awkwardly turned it may seem like a request from a spoiled child.
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  20. Exilya Active Member

    I wouldnt hold my breath, a letter from Jchan (so long ago I forgot) promised better communication. Look where we are at now.
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