Mage fixes?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by vexen, Jan 18, 2022.

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  1. vexen Member

    I havent seen any response about potential mage fixes. My suggestion increase base spell damage before modifiers by 100-150% and reduce recovery on spells from .5 to .25 If others have ideas post them.
  2. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Patch tomorrow is the rumour. Notes should be in in about what? 10 hours time?

    My concern is that a simple, fairly logical fix like you're suggesting hasn't already been done, as I'm sure they've been scratching their heads about this issue for the 7 weeks or so (plus more in beta) it's been a thing. That makes me think for balance reasons, it either won't work, or will just break too many other things, so they've been trying to come up with some other way of restoring balance. I'm genuinely concerned we're going to see heavy scout nerfs instead. And what will that mean? Will brawlers, crusaders and healers be dps again?
  3. Jamzez Active Member

    So we gained 5 new levels for nothing man I hope it's not heavy nerfs lol.
  4. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Gininja Said:

    " on Discort thier is something planed but he dont added some information what and how."

    My Opinion:

    Scout Nerve isnt an option in my Opinion a ajustment downsize thier DPS like 1/3 by Adjust the CAs Formula Damage calculation on the mobs, most thinkings are going int the direction that Scout and Tank CAs ignore the Mobs defenses so they hit on 100% without any malicus.

    Next thing is Fix the DPS loss on Caster Clases, healers and Mages which based on Spells.
    Some Caster Classes Like Conj and Warlock for example need a general adjustment, on Conj the Pet is broken das far less DPS as it should and on Warlock thier is massive Lack in DPS since CD expa + Some Nerfs in the past which should be rerolled on status before CD Expa.

    1) Give Deccimation its instand Cast if reach 180 Stacks to make it usefull agin atm its useless.
    2) Give Cataclysem its origin Effective Range back it was 10meter not 7.5 as it is atm.
    3) Give Rift its doubble impactback like it was before CD Expa
    4) Fix the non DPS issues on Netherlord Swarmpet.
    5) Increase whole base Damage on Warlock like 20 if not 30% DPS to make it T1 DPS again, atm it feels like T6 with common stats to any other DD class especialy Wizzard.

    Warlock should or has to be stongest DD Class in AOE beside Swashi and maybe Ranger.
    Wizzy should be strongest in single Mob fights and in AOE behind the Lock not in front that was the idea what SOE planed for these 2 Clases not an other way.
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  5. DENSER Well-Known Member

    and it's not SOE at the helm anymore.
    Me, I do not understand, it should be a priority to keep its players, to communicate a minimum. A satisfied player is a player who spends more.
    If even this speech is not respected, it is not promising
  6. Accendo Community Manager

    The next balance adjustments will be included in the bi-monthly scheduled update, the next being on January 25.
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  7. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Ok I get that is when something will happen - but specifically - are mages slated to get some help in that update or not ?
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Does that mean we won't find out what changes are planned until the release notes are published the night before?
  9. Kanv Member

    It means they haven't cracked the code yet
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  10. vexen Member

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  11. Kander Developer

    So in light of these concerns, we have installed logs in all the current content, raids and heroics, and we are monitoring those logs. These logs now allow us to see everyone’s stats throughout a fight, which allows us to see how much of the damage they do compared to their raid members is due to a stat difference, versus an ability difference. Yes, we will be making some adjustments on the 25th. Yes, there will be ongoing adjustments. Balance adjustments will happen with the scheduled bi-monthly updates. Tomorrow is a patch to fix, mainly the issue with app cache and particles causing some crashing and mobs that act in strange ways. We have been busy this week getting ready a Roadmap for the entire year so that everyone has an idea when stuff is coming. We do also have some class changes planned for the first GU this year. So, ideally, it should not be a year without adjustments being ongoing.
  12. enotirab Member

    This is the most terrifying thing that has been said thus far. Classes should have been balanced BEFORE LAUNCH. This expansion has been one of the best in terms of art, creativity, and fun zones to run. And that all means ZERO when the mechanics are broken.
  13. Menoric Member

    Couldn't this have been done during Beta?
  14. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    I just hope folks don't start trying to game the system to get fixes for their class and such.
  15. Anunnaki Active Member

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  16. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    LOL - yeah it has happened before beta.
  17. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback/update on the mage situation.
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  18. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    I very much appreciate the transparency. That said, when a whole archetype is underperforming at the level they are, for the length of time they are, waiting until a GU to make changes will not keep them in the game. I run two raid teams and I can tell you that my mages have no interest in playing when a single Beastlord or Ranger is doing more damage than 2-4 mages combined. Gninja has observed raid parses, Chrol has watched countless heroics...they can confirm.

    This absolutely affects raid progression. The teams clearing the T2 mobs first all have multiple T1 scouts while the teams that have mages are stuck on dps checks. I'm not upset at those raid teams, but I'm frustrated that the issue we reported the very first beta raid hasn't been addressed in a meaningful way two months into the expac.

    It affected heroic progression. Teams with scouts absolutely trivialized the content while similar setup groups with a mage as dps struggled to timely complete zones.

    The content in this expac is the best we've seen in years. It's top notch, engaging and challenging. The mechanics we have to interact with this content need to be brought in-line more with last year's and we'll be in a much better spot.

    Finally, there's an optics issue where we all know that scouts are significantly ahead of mages...but then we have a patch that increases that delta through autoattack updates. I'm sure it's a much easier thing to fix, but the prioritization appears off. It makes it look like there is an intent in the way balance is currently.
  19. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Adding my "this is what beta is for" feelings to this. And the fixes really need to happen quickly. The mages are seriously clinging on by their fingernails right now. Why even log in when you can't compete and frankly you're barely even needed? Any timescale to properly fixing mages beyond "the next patch" would be a disaster imo.
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  20. Thand Well-Known Member

    reposted her to keep all in1 thread
    Magic Mastery in the Conjuror Shadows tree end line
    Improves the base damage of alll magicbased professional spells by 10
    Increases the Critical damage of all magic based professional spells by

    Improved Sorrcery AA in the Dragon Tree
    Increases the base critcal and damage of certain professional spells based on class
    Improved the base and Critcal Damage of all Magic based professional spells by 15(level10)

    I verified(by tooltip) the Only 3 spells these seem to effect is Crystal blast, Arcane Bewilderment and the Theurgust Detonation AA
    All of our out Other spells are Elemental based.
    One small upgrade would to make these AAs effect either all our profession Spells Or change them to effect Elemental instead of magic. No clue why the for Conjs it effect just are quick cast spell and to super low dps AAs spells, It would make more since for these 2 AA;s to effect Elemental Based professional spells. Also Please make Soul Burn and Elemental Blast worth casting again as they are both now 20th plus on the parse
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