Mage auto attack to do or not to do

Discussion in 'General Mage Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    ok so im a mage i got this wand from thraelgorr that allows me ot ranged auto attack BUT its stats arent the greatest, now my question is this:
    is it worth it to do autoattack on casters or are we better off just getting a higher end ranged item and saying forget it to the autoattack?
  2. ARCHIVED-Ruut Li Guest

    The em x4 wand is better than the em x4 symbol. 2 wands drop from first named, that named on the bridge in that statue zone.
    edit: ok i looked it up...first named in temple of rallos zek: foundations of stone
  3. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    but my question is is it worth focusing on getting an auto attack item? is auto attack that big of a dps increase to make it worthwhile?
  4. ARCHIVED-Ruut Li Guest

    I havent noticed a significant increase in dps. I mostly took it for better stats. But it may be different for heroic content and I dont do heroic content on that toon so I my answer is I dont know lol.
  5. ARCHIVED-Valena Guest

    I have a HM Wand but casting AA does 1/3 to 1/4 of melee AA for me on a training dummy and much less in raid.
    I carry it for the few fights where I have to range only, but still prefer to melee if possible.
  6. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

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