MA Items at level 90 - what are they, where do you get them?

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    Multiattack is a pretty important stat for melee dps and rangers especially. As a non-raiding ranger, I am struggling to up my MA and thought this post could be helpful to others like me for identifying where to get items with reasonable MA at level 90.
    It seems that raid drops have MA in abundance on scout gear, but everywhere else, from my experience, is in quite short supply in DoV. I think I had more MA (but less of other stats) from group SF gear than I have currently from DoV. I see very good raid rangers with 500+ MA, whereas I am struggling to get above 200 MA.
    So please, post the items and where they drop. Feel free to include raid drops also for reference, although they are pretty self explanatory.
    I'll start with basic velious armour: In terms of MA, only the PQ Ring War chestpiece has MA on it - 12%. You'll probably get all the other stuff before you get a BP but hey, that's EQ. I managed to get 3 BP's over the course of a week or so of PQing before I stopped doing them.
    Thurgadin Armour
    this is not as good Ry'Gorr but a good stepping stone until you get the gems for Ry'Gorr. Can be crafted using normal harvestables or with the correct faction, bought. Each item has 6% MA except the legs that have 9.7% MA
    Ry'Gorr Armour
    best set I know for non-raid in terms of MA. All pieces have 7.2% MA except the legs that have 12.6%. You either buy with faction off the Ry'Gorr orcs or get a crafter to make them. You need a different scintillating gem for each piece (there is no BP), and these raw gems drop in Kael and are Heirloom. The Heirloom gem can then be "polished" by a crafter to make a Scintillating Gem, which are tradeable on the broker and used to receive the armour. The crafter will need this gem or the NPC if you go that route.
    So, here are the items I know of and where they drop. I will add to the table as people post the items. I have included the Prodigious stuff from a year ago because they're good and the sword is at least tradeable. I'm sure these zones will come back at some point.
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    ItemSlotMAZone / DropsTradable
    Relic of Living RockCharm4.90%Ascent InstanceNo
    Vile Fanged ChokerNeck10.60%Ascent InstanceNo
    Prodigious Short Sword of the YkeshaPrimary20%Portal to the Past - Guk (EQ Anniversary)Yes
    Hauberk of SubversionChest12%Ring War PQ RareNo
    Obsidian Anchored LoopEar5.50%Ascent InstanceNo
    Bracelet of the Frost DragonWrist6.60%The Fotress SpireNo
    Prodigious Flowing Black Silk SashWaist20%Portal to the Past - Guk (EQ Anniversary)No
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    Non-raiders (with AoD) should also look for items with high +DPS mod but no MA, the reforged versions are really nice.
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    New Items
    Bracelet of the Storm Guard, Wrist, Tradable from Kael - 10.7% MA
    Feinting Dagger of the Gambit, Primary, Secondary, Tradable from Kael - 49% MA!!
    Labourers Soiled Hankerchief, Charm, Kael, Tradable - 10.9% MA
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    Well, now GU63 is out I have reached 550 MA and I still have more easy upgrades to get through faction grinding names in Skyshrine. Easy to get over 400 with the WL questline, so no need for this info anymore.