Luxury on the high seas

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    More than a year ago I posted to the forums a picture of my "break-in" for the captains quarters. Finally I've come here to publish my work!! I'm sort of glad I didn't publish earlier as the bugs came and ate away much of my furnishings while I was moonlighting in other decorating ventures.
    If you want to decorate a galleon - whatever you do - don't sink anything into the floors - they might look fine for a while but sooner or later they will up and disappear. I've reset everything I could find so that nothing would phase out and disappear but since I hit publish two more things have gone - right now - they don't upset me too much that I need to unpublish. If you go visiting - see if you can find the items. Hopefully you wont find anything more than the ones I know about. Even one corner of a bed can have itself embedded into the flooring and you will need to raise things so that every portion is above the decking. While fixing everything, one of the things I also discovered was that I could reach into a room and using the editor could place items into the packing crate ready for resetting. If I walked into the room though - they would phase right out of sight until I stepped out again. Weird!

    Anyway on to the pictures that will hopefully tempt you to come visit the Galleon owned by my carpenter Decim on Unrest Server. It is published as "Luxury on the high seas" - Medium homes.

    The main deck (if you happen to be on board when Decim is present, you will find cannons blazing - much to the enjoyment of the passengers:

    Reception and Function room:

    Art Gallery corridors:

    Guest Quarters:

    Bridge controls in the Captains Quarters ( published here before):

    My favorite view - here Decim has climbed to the Crows nest and walked out along the spar to capture this view for your pleasure. Check it out yourself if you come to visit.

    If you do come to visit you will be able to see the crews quarters, galley and ballroom. You may even find some couples on the dance floor that you recognize!!
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  2. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Love the rich colors
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  3. Ainaree Well-Known Member

    I love this. You've really turned the place around.
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  4. Afista Well-Known Member

    Very nice work, I love how you did the guest quarters :)
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  5. Bregdania Active Member

    Thank you for your kind comments. The inspiration from so many people in the Homeshow is contagious. :)
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    Very cool. I like the Reception and Function room. Cool how you customized the lighting in this room. Good work. Adding to my list to see.
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  7. Bregdania Active Member

    Thank you Ocarinah, I'm glad you noticed the lighting. When I started out a friend said I should make sure the lighting didn't burn down the ship in high seas so out came all the safety lighting :)
    I should also point out that I love (and paint) murals in real life and often use paintings in game to depict that. I know some folk have an aversion to over-sized paintings in decorating, but to me they are a real plus for certain areas.
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    Plus, we can generally re-size them and have been able to for quite some time, so "too big" shouldn't be an issue any more. :)

    who also likes mural-sized art! :)
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