Luperza, EverQuest 2's New Community Manager

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Squeecha Senior Guide

    And where's the cheese??
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  2. Haloek Member

    Well Welcome........... now about those new lower lvl zones for Channelers I've been wanting............. well anyway welcome
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  3. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player


    To pass my test, do you like Ducks?
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  4. Kurisutaru Active Member

    Welcome to the EQ2 community, Luperza! Love your enthusiasm! It is always nice to meet another fellow alt-a-holic.. ;) I myself have been part of this community since game released Nov 2004 and enjoy every aspect of this game be adventuring, crafting, decorating, or pvp! As of right now, it is mostly me active.. :oops:; but if you're ever around Butcherblock server and in need of a place to call your own and/or handy artisans to craft goodies for you.. The Calling guild's doors are always open so feel free to look me up!
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  5. kerry Member

    Nice to have a boxer in a leadership position. Perhaps you can explain to the community the difference between boxing and botting. Man I get tired of the complaints.

    ps WELCOME :)
  6. Schutz New Member

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  7. Soulflare Member

    Hmmm, new community manager, that's cool! You should consider giving a triple SC weekend sometime soon undefined
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  8. Gylfie Member

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  9. Buddie New Member

    Welcome Hope to meet you at SOE live this year should be a good one...don't post often but one thing I would like to suggest log in to severs on off hours, there are many players me ...who play non peek hours due to jobs or family, we are often neglected with holiday, gm and guide events and would like a chance to do them and talk with them.
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  10. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    just saying.
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  11. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Hey, Buddie, one great thing about communities that are linked by this Innerwebz thingy is that there are folk here from all over the planet, and we're all on different timezones (meanwhile, sadly, SoE seems addicted to PST...). So when you're on, don't assume there's nobuddie else around because that's not true :)

    @Luperza Hi! I have this crazy idea that it would be great to have events such as gliding races. I have a couple of courses in mind (thoroughly recommended for anyone looking for a, err, 'gliding challenge'):
    • from the dock in the Moors of Ykesha all the way down to the lower moors
    • through the Holgresh Pass in the Withered Lands, to the village of Alivan
    I do have to admit that I don't know how one could ensure that contestants stayed on their gliding mounts for the whole trip if these routes were to be organised as a race. The only ideas I have on that are things that could be logistical nightmares. Carefully chosen checkpoints manned by keen-eyed volunteers might work. Would a formal oath sworn by all contestants do the trick?

    Another problem is that it would need a minimum level restriction; when I mentioned the idea to Norika a while back she said this might be an issue. I would imagine that Norrathian guides need to figure out events that are inclusive. Understandable; you wouldn't want situations where new players with lower level characters were drawn to places that killed them!

    Here's wishing you every success! *raises glass of [Elven Wine]*
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  12. Coolit New Member

    Welcome :)
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  13. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the party, Luperza!
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  14. Faliz Member


    Congratulations on your new posting as the EQ2 Community Manager!

    Faliz of Oasis
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  15. Artemiz Active Member

    The forums are a great place to start but I have always believed a small fraction of the players are truly represented here. What the game has needed for a long time is more soe people in-game. I hope you are able to achieve that. I higher profile, accessible presence in the game would be refreshing indeed.

    Best of luck in your new role, hope to see you about on the Freeport server at some point.
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  16. Luperza Community Manager

    I agree! When you see the Devs playing in-game it means a lot to you as players.

    The EQ2 Dev Team has been very welcoming today as I went by and greeted them all and went over my Community Team Plans.

    The great thing about the EQ2 Dev Team is that they play the game and they are passionate about the game, and I want to make that a little bit more player facing. You'll be seeing some changes around these parts, our social networks and our video assets going forward. Hopefully, all for the good. ;)

    All my plans have been approved today, so now...Prepping and then we go FULL HARDCORE MODE! I'm hoping everything will be situated by next Monday and we'll be on a perfect roll (rolling D20's all day son). :)
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  17. beagley Well-Known Member

    Hi Luperza

    Welcome to the EQ2 Forums and farewell to RadarX.

    In terms of issues that we Europeans were still awaiting feedback from from RadarX was the clarification as to whether European players on SOE grandfathered accounts will get to also play EQN as the FAQ and the forums are (how can I put this politely?) - errm "contradictory".

    Could you please reassure us that this hasn't accidentally slipped through the cracks on handover and that you will still be pestering people for an answer for us please?

    More details in thread link below if you want the history.
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  18. Sasami New Member

    Welcome!!!! Your plans sound great, looking forward to seeing them in action.
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  19. Delightful New Member

    Welcome Luperza

    I guess I'm out of touch because I've never heard of you before this. However I googled-you-up and checked out all your sites, read about you and watched a live stream the other night. You seem like a really cool gamer and I'm glad we have you on the EQ2 team now! Like you, my dad used to work on ol' 386 computers too and I would watch him tinker with it and I'd learn just enough DOS stuff to get autoexec.bat and config.sys tweaked just right to play a game. I guess that sealed my fate to be an eternal PC gamer!

    I'm very glad that you're a multi-boxer! I've got 4 toons + 2 mercs and I just cleared Hive for first time. I'm about to get 2 extra copies of TOV (when $ allows) so I can do a full group and work on the other zones. I think it's cool that we have some representation for the boxing community. There still seems to be some stigma for boxers as "cheaters". And like some previous posts mentioned, I often see the term boxing and botting used interchangeably. Boxing != Cheating. I love EQ2 and have played since launch. I have a family and kids now so I just plain don't have time to group and raid in guilds. Boxing just enables me to enjoy the group content at my weird playing hours and schedule. And I don't have to fake a LD while grouping with others cause the wife needs me to help with a kid emergency all the sudden. Cheating and/or exploiting makes the game easier. If anything, boxing makes the game much more difficult than playing only 1 character. But it's that extra challenge that makes it both fun and rewarding. I loved the way you put it - "Call me anti-social, but I call it efficient!"

    Again, very glad to have you here! Welcome to the family!
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  20. Feldon Well-Known Member

    So many times this. And with shifting management styles, the forums I think represent even a tinier sliver of the game community than ever before. After reading the Producer's Letter about weekly updates and the kinds of things people were requesting, it tells me that the viewpoint and concerns of the "average player" barely rise above the noise anymore, at least on the forums.

    Please bring back Dev Q&A Chats and please make use of the in-game Polls to ask non-trivial questions about the future of the game. For EQNL, the Roundtable and other forms of communication have been tremendous, and the Roadmap and communication for Planetside 2 is probably half the reason for the game's lasting appeal. You feel that you have a direct no-nonsense connection to the game's developers.

    Something similar for EQ2 which reaches not just the tiny microcosm of the EQ2 forums, but the entire active playerbase through e-mails, in-game polls, and a roadmap or roundtable would be tremendous.
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