Luclin unlock not working for alts on same account

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dreanna, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Dreanna New Member

    I have a character who accessed Luclin and leveled up to 120 there. My alt who is 110 cannot access Luclin through the ever portal.

    Is there a step I'm missing? It says "you did not meet the entrance requirements". I was under the impression that I only had to run the quest chain and unlock this once for all of my characters. They share the same account.
  2. Beee Well-Known Member

    You have to do the pre quest for every alt
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  3. Dreanna New Member

    Thank you! I will do that, I thought maybe my account was broken.
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  4. Dreanna New Member

    Update: The reason my character could not use the portal to the Blinding is because she was 100. Just tried it with a level 110 and she went right in, no pre-quest needed.
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  5. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    You do not need to do the pre-quest on every alt to access Luclin however if you want to run the signature questline the prequest is must be done.
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  6. Sajitari New Member

    I've been trying with my 110 character & alts. I have so many alts I forgot who's the main. What's the Pre-Quest?
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  7. Marae Well-Known Member

    I believe the "pre-quest" refers to the Light Amongst Shadows quest series, and the stage most of us get stuck on is Light Amongst Shadows: The Vault of Omens, the instance in Jarsath Wastes, which has been devilishly difficult. I only managed to get one of mine through it, with a lot of help. I ran another character in there with a friend and we had our behinds handed to us several times; we finally gave up. I haven't gotten back to it since, but with the recent fixes they've made it might be doable now. Will have to try again.
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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The Duality's Quests in Teren's Grasp are the prequels. There is an adventure and a tradeskill, you should receive a mail, if not, go to Mara and visit Jerol near the second wooden building on the side where you zone in, he stands at the end by the hitching posts and the carpenter table.
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  9. Almee Well-Known Member

    The access quest is supposed to be fixed now. I haven't been back through yet, but even "fixed" the quest is a bear. I couldn't get a single character through solo because I leveled ascension spells instead of regular spells so the mobs wiped the floor with my characters. But if you ask for help, it will usually be given fairly quickly. I only had two characters, out of 20 or so, that had to wait for awhile to get help. But that's on Maj'Dul. I have no idea what it is like on other servers. Players who are raid equipped breeze through the instance even when Fount of Power isn't working.
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