[LTE] Illy Crowd Control

Discussion in 'Mages' started by meteor12, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. meteor12 New Member

    Are Illy's viable as CC at higher levels on Stormhold or do they become just a buffing class? I enjoy CCing a lot, but I know on the normal servers you basically never CC at the higher levels.
  2. Krov Active Member

    no , its basicly not used.
  3. Mysteri Member

    Illusionists are good DPS and have very valuable buffs for TLE server Stormhold. Mezzing is not as useful in raiding in this expansion, but it does come into play in later expansions. Illusionists and Coercers both have great interrupts and stuns. If you solo tho, you will use mez.
  4. Zephanor Active Member

    I've played an illy since launch and honestly there were only a few times when CC was useful and even then only on a few specific fights. 97.821% of the time you're a support class who can DPS okay when geared and spec'd well though not on the level of T1 DPS. Pretty much all heroic zones folks just tank and spank their way through as it's more expedient.

    However, if you're with a group that's not quite as strong or geared then you could CC your way through but by and large there is zero discipline of the general player base to do so. When soloing of course it's more of an option and I have used it but once mercs came along that's not typically been the case, just sick a tank on them and burn away.
  5. Xerikton Active Member

    the only raid content I remember mezing was one named's adds in vp. with the stat inflation you might not now even need to do that on tle.

    I have seen a more uses for the power regen abilities than anything else over the years.