Lore and Legend design issues

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  1. Deadmanposting New Member

    Lore and Legend server is dead. 100% dead. And it wasn't even that old.

    Lets look at what the thoughts for what the idea of the server was:

    All Content to be usable due to scaling.
    This is a nice idea. It works in games such as ESO scaling players to all content. There is one major difference though. This idea only works if there is a player base to sustain it. If there isn't, you can make all the content in the world and nobody is going to actually play it. Its essentially a worse version of Traditional Servers. In a TLE or Traditional server you at least have a chance to access the content through over leveling or a playerbase to support it. Here this doesn't exist.

    The solution? Make Lore and Legend a 100% solo server numerically. Granted certain mechanics might require multiple people etc, and re-scripting everything is out of the question but it would be a far more enjoyable time. There are multiple ways to do this:

    Nerf all mobs across the board similar to agnostic dungeons. - This is a lot of work, but would probably feel alright.

    Allow Lore and Legend server custom Mercenaries - Ability to summon mercs to fill out a group or raid allowing players to fully access the scaled content that exists in the game. Remove the fee to summon the mercs and let players loose.

    What should Lore and Legends be?
    The way I see this server is a fill gap. Want to play test a class or just mess around in content? Want to hop into EQ2 with some buddies and play for a couple months w/o worry of leveling up and experience everything you can on a regular server. Lore and Legend is there.

    Lore and Legend will never with any changes gain more population than TLE's or traditional. Its too removed from the progression system that EQ2 was built on and is why most people play.

    If left alone with no changes Daybreak might as well make it a F2P access server for people to test the game before rerolling on a server with actual people on it.
  2. DENSER Well-Known Member

    or simply leave it as it is , it's a huge flop, if something was planned they would have at least suggested it. apart from a sentence from a dev saying that they are still there, nothing will happen .
    To throw ideas without knowing the opinion of the players and quite simply by knowing the game on which they work,, here is the result.
    There is no bigger slap in the face for a dev than that. An idea literally shunned by the community