Lore about Tayil N'Velex?

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  1. aleyla New Member

    Hi all,
    I recently returned to the game after at least 13 years and started out in Freeport for the first time. Tayil N'Velex was such a fun character at the Outpost, but I haven't really found much info on her. I'm only lvl 67 and just found out that she's a prisoner in the Tribunal Prison?? It'll be a while until I manage to get into there :(

    I know she was involved in the live event where she took over Freeport (?), she knows where Lucan keeps his immortality thing, and that she's a necromancer, but that's pretty much it. I've tried googling her, I've tried searching info about her on ancient websites that I could only look at via wayback machine... next to nothing.

    Can anyone tell me, what happened/ happens to her? And do we know anything about her backstory? Is she from Neriak? How old is she? In general, catching up on 13 years of lore is kind of kicking me in the butt rn, but I feel like her story is especially hard to research. I'd be grateful for any answers :)
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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    I thought she was the main baddie in the Alter of Malice expansion. She was involved in a plot with the sisters of hate to overthrow Innoruuk the god of hate and almost became one of the gods herself. But she was defeated by Norathian raiders in the Kunark Ascending expansion and afterwards sent to Tribunal's prison. It is because of her that we ended up with Ascension classes. I am not exactly a lore expert but I think that is what happened.

  3. Kaitheel Developer

    Oh, you're confusing her with Lanys T'Vyl (Lady of Envy, Child of Hate, God of Malice). Although, you do get a chance to catch up with Tayil N'Velex during the Chaos Descending signature quest line, Elements of Destruction.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I don't remember how Tayil ended up being imprisoned in the Plane of Justice for all eternity. The live event story about Freeport falling into chaos when Lucan was kidnapped during the Sentinel's Fate storyline was so long ago that I don't recall anything about what she was doing in that time.

    I recently ran through the City of Freeport questline (which was added right after Destiny of Velious) and she barely has any mention.
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  5. Kaitheel Developer

    She was instrumental in it! During "Will of a Tyrant" a senior Lucanic Knight who was possessed by a Void creature was noticed by Tayil N'Velex who, rather than outing the infiltrator, negotiated an agreement with its master. Together they conspired to use the repaired Ulteran network to open a portal directly into Dethknell Citadel and attack Lucan at home. The fortress is quickly overran by void beasts and Lucan gets taken to Odus. Tayil had set her sights on obtaining Soulfire.

    She was willing to sell all of Norrath to the Void in order to get what she wanted. Thankfully, some brave and persistent adventurers got in the way of her plans. She escaped, but as we have later found out, she could not run away from Celestial judgment.

    ~ Kaitheel
  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Ahh, so she got divine judgement and karma for ultimately betraying essentially all of Norrath.
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  7. aleyla New Member

    Thank you! Truly deliciously evil :eek: I'm really pumped to make it to Elements of Destruction now!
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  8. Obzidian New Member

    Tayil N'Velex is an interesting character.

    From Tayil's lips herself in the Plane of Justice.

    As Kaitheel said and from Game Update 62 notes:
    She's the dark elf in the original EQ2 opening video.

    She was Opal Darkbriar's greatest apprentice and second only to the Foci herself.

    She's an associate of Bellengere the Three, ex-Archmage of the Concordium of Qeynos.

    She's rumored to be Lucan's lover.

    She's also rumored to have connections to Prince Talvus Thex, leader of the Thexians.
    You meet her at the Outpost of the Overlord. You see her again in the Overrealm. You encounter her in the Citadel during the TSO prequel. You find her in the Plane of Justice. But what some people don't realize is that she tried to seize control and power of Freeport in disguise as the human Lucanic knight, Sir Tallen Yevix...an anagram of Tayil N'Velex. Encountered in the Will of the Tyrant update.

    The title I find the most fascinating is "Shadow Speaker". Just what is a shadow speaker? Especially since we find void magic also called shadow magic but Tayil tells us that she doesn't cast void magic, just uses the arcanum. (She could, of course, be lying in order to get us to go deliver a message to Bellengere.)

    I don't think we're done with Tayil. It was only in PoP that we carried her message to Bellengere and to my knowledge, we don't have any resolution about what came of that. This is also why I think that we're not done with the void and chaos. That's where the evil bunny of doom/Kerafyrm conversation came from in discord, Cusa!

    Also, I don't think the Tribunal was being very relatively just...betrayal is the lifeblood of the Teir'dal...each other, our gods, our leaders. Really shouldn't hold her in that much contempt....she was just being teir'dal. =D
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  9. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    it seems shadow speaker might be related to the fact she made a pact with the shadowed man and their masters?
    as for her ultimate fate in the plane of justice.....the gods dont seem to mind betrayal regardless of race....except when it affects them in huge ways.....like tayil schemes literally returned roehn theer and the gods hate him because he's basically prevents them from increasing their influence and she assisted the return of anashti sul to norrath as well and the gods also dont like her for the whole ''undeath'' project of hers.....

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