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Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-Cucuy, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cucuy Guest

    I've been away for a while and started a new swashbuckler that I am grouping with my wifes new warden. It seems that a lot has changed since I last looked at swashbuckler AA's and I haven't seen anything posted in this forum since July. I've started with a AGI 10-4-8-2 and just starting STA line. Is this alright or should I be looking at STR or WIS after AGI?
    If anyone has some updated AA spec's for leveling, could you please post them?

  2. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    It's been awhile since starting AA from the beginning. Looking at them I'd lean toward going wisdom down to 10 points in multi-attack before going down strength on the assumption that multi-attack will be better than crit chance at lower level.
    There isn't a lot of damage increases or must haves for solo/duo play in the Swashbuckler tree. But they snuck the nugget that is Reach in as one of the choices you can take as soon as you spend 20 points in the tree. When starting I'd go with the Lucky Gambit in first line, then seeing you're solo/duo Enhance Flash of Steel. Skip the second line and take Enhance Perfect Finesse and Dashing Swathe from the third to open up Reach.
    You now need to be level 50 to spend points in the Shadows tree but the first line has no minimum AA spent prerequisite. After that the prerequisites are listed and choices are pretty straight-forward.
    Welcome back and good luck
  3. ARCHIVED-Cucuy Guest

    So with 50 points to spend in the tree, take AGI and WIS and then spread the rest along with boot dagger? I will be tanking a lot in my duo and thought that the extra HP's and dps from the STA would help with survivablility. If WIS is the way to go, then I will start looking at respec'ing.
  4. ARCHIVED-Vieray Guest

    Cucuy wrote:
    I'm still leveling myself so I've recently had to explore all these lines. I wouldn't take AGI at all if you are tanking or soloing, it's defensive line won't help you much at its offensive ability won't add anything to your dps as you won't be behind the mob for any great length of time. I'd say STA + STR, STA + WIS, or STR + WIS are your best bets at 50 points. Not sure what comes out as the best atm but I personally run STA, STR, WIS in my solo build (I can put 100 points into the the tree now) and the survivabilty difference between that and my AGI, STR, WIS group build is VERY noticable and I am positive that I can solo nasiter heroics with it then I can with my group build. For instance a couple of levels ago I took out the Megladon in JW at even con with my sta build but got eaten by him in the agi build. You may eventually reach a point with gear/skills/overall dps where STA no longer makes a difference but I haven't really reached it as of yet.

    just edit to add you can put a point in walk the plank and boot dagger to gain those if you want as they are both useful
  5. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    You're running with a Warden, you don't need the HP bonuses from the strength line. Healer needs to cast a heal spell now and then to keep their own skills up and so they remember what exactly they are you know.
    I box a Swash/Warden combo on a seperate server from the rest of my toons, so they don't have high level sugar daddys twinking them out. The only Heroic thing I could not take down was the final fight in the pocket zone in CT to finish the Screaming mace quest, and that's probably more attributable to my boxing limitations than anything else. This pair is in a mix of Mastercrafted/Frostfell token/quested armor, currently 52 with 110ish AA each with mostly Mastered abilities because I spent time harvesting rares to get Experts made and researching any single Master before 50 takes about 2 days or so
    I like the agility line over sta for a couple of reasons.
    First is Walk the Plank. Forces the mob to turn it's back to you which lets you get your rear attacks off. If you did drop a point in Boot Dagger, WtP>Boot Dagger>Stealth Stun attack> rear positionals.. You can also get your rear attacks off while doing a Heroic Opportunity, HO starter>Cheap Shot>Jump to other side of mob> Rear attacks.
    Second is the endline Sailwind, which grants you 25% reuse, so all your abilities can be used that much quicker.
    I'm at work and admittedly am not a fan of the stamina line, (Though I do have 10 in max health on my Hardmode raid spec for survivability) so I'm not remembering what DPS boost that line gives that's better while leveling than either Multi-Attack or Crit Chance.
  6. ARCHIVED-Cucuy Guest

    I've always been a fan of the AGI line and don't really plan on giving it up. But it sounds like my choice to go STA is a poor one. I thought it looked more viable now that there is no shield requirement. So now it looks like I should go STR or WIS instead. I think I might lean more towards WIS now that the empty off hand requirement is gone.
  7. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Well, to be fair I did look at it again and see the third ability offers 2.5 DPS, so I assume at rank 10 it will be +25 DPS which would be a nice boost to auto-attack damage at lower levels and while being stuck tanking for your Warden partner. It's definately more viable than before, especially solo but with a partner I still like Wis and Str personally
  8. ARCHIVED-Vieray Guest

    Cisteros@Crushbone wrote:
    You are wrong about Sailwind, it doesn't effect reuse speed so you don't get to use abilities more often because of it. It effects casting speed and recovery. Avaste Ye does nothing to help your dps unless you are behind the mob and you can put points into walk the plank without going all the way down the line. Sta is superior to agi solo or in a tanking situation, I'm not sure if it is better than str as the crit chance will affect your CA's as well as your auto attack but 25% to auto attack is nice. The real question is probably STA + WIS vs STR + WIS...The more I think about it the more I like STA + WIS because I think the multi attack from wis and dps from sta should synergize nicely and being able to throw a shield on and hit coule should help your duo tackle some really tough mobs.
  9. ARCHIVED-Cucuy Guest

    I see what you're saying about the AGI line. And if I'm not spending a lot of time behind the mob, it makes sense not to go down AGI. I'm not real sure how big crit chance is at low levels, so I think I'll go with STA + WIS. My current build looks like this:
    STR - 1
    AGI - 10
    STA - 4-4-10
    WIS - 4-4-10
    INT - 1
  10. ARCHIVED-Vieray Guest

    Cucuy wrote:
    Doesn't look bad, the point in str is probably wasted as the ability just isn't that good and niether is the damage. I'd consider dropping some of the points in walk the plank as well and get either formation or coule as both are nice.

    STA 4-8-10-1 or WIS 4-8-10-1 or both even

    I think I had
    STA 4-8-10-1
    WIS 4-8-10-1
    AGI 1
    when I could put 50 points in.

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