Looking for RP Guild on Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Jesaine, Jun 16, 2022.

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    OK this will probably be a little long for this kind of message but I want to provide enough info to help ensure that it's a good fit for all involved. :)

    So, I'm a returning player after 7 years absence. I've spent enough time playing the last two weeks to get the basic mechanics back down however (it's amazing how much you can forget in that time). Because I've missed so much, I'd probably RP any character as having amnesia (cliche but it works, lol). I'd essentially be starting from scratch on the server also, since my characters are all on HOF server.

    That's my situation. What I'm looking for is a guild that's ideally largely casual RP with a little bit of structured group RP events. That SEEMS to be how most RP in MMOs works now anyway. :) Mature, low drama players who don't mind a little adult humor also. If the guild also keeps it's harvesting "bot" NPCs busy enough that you don't mind leveling crafting in exchange for earning writ status for the guild, that's a plus also.

    Needless to say, running a little bit of content to help each other advance would also be nice. :)

    I'm well past my alt-itus stage also, so I'd like to be able to focus on one evil side and one good side character with crafting alts to handle supplying them. The mains would probably be a High Elf Templar or Paladin and a Freeblood Channeler, but I'm still working through character concepts.

    ME: Low drama, experienced RPer who learned from folks who had been RPing since before MMOs or the real internet (BBS sites, etc..). Ergo, I understand not dictating other characters' actions, etc.. I also don't need to take center stage. I just want to be involved in things and have a feel that my character is contributing in some way.

    Since I'm not sure I've got a character I'm sticking with on Antonia Bayle yet, PM'ing me here is the best way to reach me. Thanks. :)
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    Hey there, I was wondering if you found anything yet? I'm in a similar boat, a returning player looking for some casual RP and a guild. The last time I played was around 2013, and my last few years playing were on AB. I've been RP'ing since the pen and paper days, way back when. I started thinking about all the stories and lore from EQ and EQ2, and got a bit nostalgic, so here I am. I also like to keep at least one good and one evil character as well.
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    You sound alot like me. RPing online was new to me until I ran into a bunch of truly OLD schoolers that had beeen doing it since the internet was only BBS sites and 56K modems weren't even invented yet. :D

    Nostalgia aside, I just got contacted (finally, lol) by a couple of people via PM here. Seems there's a discord server set up for EQ2 RP. They didn't post it here, so I assume they're concerned about trolls. I'll PM you the link. ;)
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    Thanks, much appreciated!
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