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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Antowas, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Antowas New Member

    Hey there,

    I have started a wood elf troubadour named Shasathalas and am making my way through some of the lower level quests. What I am looking for is a part of the AB community that engages in RP on a day to day basis, including the minutia of everyday life. I am in Kelethin at the moment, so could anyone direct me to where the community lies?

    About me: I am voracious roleplayer and have been a DM for a variety of pen and paper systems for the past 22 years including D and D 2nd to 5th edition, Role Master, World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Palladium, and more. I have run successful home brewed modules with consistent and varying groups, some of which have run over 3 years. I have been deeply engaged in RP communities in other MMO's in the past.

    About Shasathalas: Born in Kelethin to a pair of wardens, they had great hopes that their son would rise to follow in their footsteps. He was taught the basic tenants of nature and about balance in all things. To their great disappointment, he seemed to excel only when history and music were brought into things. He seemed to be less focused on protecting nature in general, save when he was assigned to. Most of his free time was spent in the library of Kelethin, studying heroes that came before. Eventually, continually let down by Shasathalas' seemingly lackadaisical regard for protecting the Faydark, his parents issued an ultimatum wherein he would be required to become a warden. Distressed by this request, he departed from home that night with the basic knowledge to forage for food and water, find shelter in the wild, and avoid conflict when necessary. He would journey outside of his homeland and find heroes to write about, stories to tell, and patrons to entertain. He had begun his nomadic life of gathering knowledge, exploring new places, and telling the tales of his own adventures as well as the ones who had come before him.
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  2. Aranedhel Member

    Not sure how invested you are in playing on AB, but some friends and I have made an impromptu group on Oasis, if you wish to roll a toon over there and check in with us, look for a member of Frozen Hellfire and see what's up.

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  3. Antowas New Member

    I am certainly not married to AB, especially since my character is in his infancy as far as MMO's go. I just picked it because it was listed as the RP server.
  4. Antowas New Member

    With only one reply on this particular thread, I am going to assume that either Shasathalas (Shaz, to those he knows), as a concept, is not compatible with the current RP community on AB, that the RP community there is inactive, or it is not currently accepting new members (though I would be overjoyed to be proved incorrect).

    As such, I have recreated Shaz on Oasis and will be looking up Frozen Hellfire in the near future at your advice, Aranedhel. Shaz is a wood elf and is therefore good (in Halas at the moment since his exodus from the Faydark), so I am not sure if that will fit with the group you have gathered on Oasis, but I look forward to playing with all involved and helping grow the RP part of MMORPG in EQ II.

    I welcome in game tells or messages from anyone who can assist me in locating where I need to head while I brush up on my EQ II lore. I played EQ extensively, but have not played EQ II since retail launch.

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