Looking for PVE 250AA point build

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-diamondmaker10, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-diamondmaker10 Guest

    Hey guys i been testing out different AA builds and getting costly any suggestions on how to spend 250AA points.
  2. ARCHIVED-rabid.pooh Guest

    This is my raid spec (and pretty much what I run around with doing instances atm). I just betrayed from a guard a week or two ago so I'm revising as I go along.
    I'm the MT, so I try and focus on anything that gives me hate/defense/healing. I'm not 250 yet because as a guard everything over 227aa's was pretty useless and he was boring as all hell to play, so I have alts. The zerker aa's are quite good however and I should be at 250 in the week.
    So I went 10 in Executions Anger and 5 in Gladiator's revenge in the warrior tree. I figured I would rather have an extra 15% base to taunts (30% base total) then 1% worth of uncontested block (around 2.5% total), however you can go either way on this.
    In the Zerker tree with the last 5 points I'm going to add 1 to Insolent Cry, 2 to ward of rage, and then 2 to bath of blood.
  3. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    I really have never seen any benefit come out of going down the WIS line since KoS, but YMMV.
    May want to consider leaving Perseverance. Assuming you have 100% Crit Chance it is being nerfed by >65%, depending on your crit bonus. Sort of odd since of all the heals that one always amounts to the least. I've always opined it should be affected by reuse speed, but I guess they felt instead it should be kicked in the groin.
    Leaning toward this myself:
  4. ARCHIVED-rabid.pooh Guest

    So for Wis line it's more of a there's nothing better choice. Going endline in the stamina tree just doesn't really make much sense from a raid perspective. However an extra 505 mitigation is almost like having a new piece of armor (well half a piece), then kick in the no negative to stances which is nice. I'm the MT for my guild, taking the least amount of damage possible is the job and when you do take damage what do you do to mitgate it further. I sit at 17k physical mitigation raid buffed (will get more after I get the tank bp).
    I was spec'd gut roar instead of perseverance but found the abilities in the gut roar tree aren't really worth it, head crush and raging blow are only the real usefull things in that line. Soloing the library I find perseverance is quite usefull, and also after taking a 20k aoe in the face from the construct the 8 to 10k heal is nice for his follow up face punch :D.
    I like your spec for DPS/instance tanking/Soloing tho (still needs persaverance :D), I do float between 60 to 85 crit bonus depending on what set gear i wear.
  5. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Toesmash@Oasis wrote:
    I actually have both Perseverance and Gut Roar currently. As noted though, Perseverance isn't going to crit anymore because they hate us. So it will be a 2400-3600 heal depending, and every 60 seconds max instead of 30. I'd much rather avoid 1 hit every 50 seconds than have a pittance of a heal every 60 seconds IF I'm below 30%.
    The above isn't the build I use now, it was my speculative build for a post-GU57 world. Instead I think I'm opting for /ragequit.
    I wish they had allowed us some way to gauge the effectiveness of increased mitigation vs higher level mobs instead of keeping that mechanic entirely hidden. Self buffed I'm at 72.4% vs. level 90 opponents, which is close to the 75% cap. But that means exactly jack on raids and even in instances.
  6. ARCHIVED-rabid.pooh Guest

    Kurgan@Everfrost wrote:
    Raid wise the heal nerf will mean little, I think I'm around 200 to 300 hps, right now so it's not like thats a lot or anything. I would like to see vision of madness adjusted for the nerf tho, right now it's pretty hit and miss as it stands.
    Instance wise, bah w/e zerks are OP and we all know it, I'm soloing in library pulling entire floors pumping out 2.2k HPS in my dps gear (no stonewill/warding/mitigation items) with a 2 hander. I'm sorry but thats just not remotely balanced/right ... it is fun however . I have a feeling after the nerf i'll be doing the same thing except have a couple of stonewill items equiped.
    For instances and soloing, I've dropped Experienced insight, you just don't really need it, thats like 4aa you can put into something that comes back up faster.
    Mitigation from what I've read and seen you should aim for 17k to 18k (some mobs even more), 20k is a good safety.
  7. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Toesmash@Oasis wrote:
    lol. Speak for yourself. In T1 offensive or defensive raid gear I'm not OP. I can't solo any named mobs in Library, trash mobs that don't hit for jack squat don't really count. The nerf changes nothing except making PUG-ing less desirable -as if it needed that - and making OP toons (because of gear) have to use some heal proc gear to do the same thing they do the day before it hits. So yeah, between the fact that it's retracting changes they JUST MADE and it doesn't actually affect balance in any way, and they can't reveal the actual mitigation numbers, that's pretty much game over for me.

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