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  1. Leyaa New Member

    Greetings fellow Norrathians!

    I am a new player, and just started playing Everquest 2 for the first time, and along the way several questions are popping up during my play sessions. So my first question is: Which place serves best to ask for help? As a new player (and thus a free player) I am not allowed to ask in global chat channels for help, so that is off the list. Is there a communication platform, for instance discord or something like that, where people can ask questions?

    For example, I was wondering if I can asign a hotbar vertically on the right side of the screen. I often use it in other games for non-combat skills, like mount, returning home stone, tracking skills and such.
    The EQ2 Wiki has helped me in some parts, but not all.
    I was also looking into some naming conventions for a lore appropriate character name, especially for the Fae and Kerra races. I haven't found anything so far. In Lord of the Rings Online for instance, there are guidelines for each race with certain prefixes and suffixes that are commonly used. Does something similar exist for Everquest 2?
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Unayan Member

    For character names if I need help I google for example "Fae name generator" & a bunch of sites pop up. For vertical hotbars open a new hotbar or use a already open hotbar & if I remember correctly click & hold one side of the hotbar & drag it to the opposite side I believe that will turn it vertical. Then just drag it where you want it & lock it in place.
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  3. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Two places F2P to ask questions: here and on discord. Discord invite (good for one day): https://discord.gg/yvXp7s Discord might get you quicker answers, but here will give you more detailed ones.

    For hotbars, you can open ten of them and move them however you wish and even resize them. Right click on the hotbar and select Hotbar Settings. Right click on hotbar to Unlock it and then you can move it and change configuration.

    For naming conventions, there are some if you pay attention to the NPC names in the cities. As for random name generators, like the prior poster said, just type it into google and several will pop up.
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  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I'd also recommend getting an invite to an active guild that welcomes new players if at all possible. There's such an incredible wealth of knowledge out there and many players are willing to share that knowledge.
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  5. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    For Names, may I suggest the following sites?
    This way one is GUARANTEED to have a unique, and in the case of Latin and Greek, a quite specific and appropriate name for your character; Who, for example, their Role-Play story is they Love GREEN--then these are what one could choose from for ideas for their name referring to Green :D

    acerbus, acerba -um, acerbior -or -us, acerbissimus -a -um ADJ [XXXAO]
    harsh, strident, bitter, sour; unripe, green, unfinished; grievous; gloomy;
    crudus, cruda -um, crudior -or -us, crudissimus -a -um ADJ [XXXAO] |
    youthful/hardy/vigorous; fresh/green/immature; undigested; w/undigested food;
    viridis, viridis, viride ADJ [XXXBX]
    fresh, green; blooming,youthful;
    pallidus, pallida, pallidum ADJ [XXXBX]
    pale, yellow-green;
    thalassinus, thalassina, thalassinum ADJ [XXXDC]
    prasinus, prasina, prasinum ADJ [XXXDC]

    Greek: (use Right text box)

    green =

    green sandpiper =


    some ideas to consider :)
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  6. Leyaa New Member

    Thank you all for your replies!

    That's exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated! I love details and complexity, but sometimes its useful to get a quick and short answer. So good, that we have both available ;-)

    First, I want to get to know the game better and see if I like it. Otherwise it's just frustrating for the guild if they invite me and two weeks later just I stop playing. But i'll definitely look into it, thanks! :)

    I also thought about digging a bit into latin to get some inspiration. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Seefar Well-Known Member

    There's a 'newbie' channel that I believe (I could be wrong) is open to ftp accounts.

    I think you'd be surprised. Some folk (me included) get the feel-good factor from helping others, and that's an immediate buzz, so even if you were to disappear nobody gets hurt.
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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You could also send a mail to the leader and explain the game is just not for you so you have decided not to play, thank them for their time and resign prior to stopping to play.
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  9. Leyaa New Member

    Ah, that's worth checking out. A newbie channel thats blocked for free accounts would make no sense to me.

    Haha, yeah I can relate to that "feel-good factor".

    True, that is a nice way of saying goodbye. Didn't think about that.
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  10. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Ftp can't send mail, sorry. Idk about the newbie channel though, never tried it
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