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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Linghine, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Linghine New Member

    Hi, I'm a returning player... Right now I would like to joing a guild it does'nt matter the level, I'm a 21lv Coercer who enjoy crafting and questing but not raid. On Antonia Bayle server. Just casual playstyle.
  2. LichKing New Member

    hi im in game as arrietie im on skyfire but would like to let you know any future skyfire based alts of yours are welcome in Leyfallen
  3. Aran Anar Active Member

    I have the perfect guild for you Linghine I am the guild leader of Aranara Anarana on Antonia bayle server I would invite you to join our nice guild if you like :)

    There is a post here with videos to watch shows the guild hall and some of the player homes we decorate . We help a lot of new players and try to get all members there epic wepons mostly we craft and do player house decorate :rolleyes:

    Post here or post on my guild recruit forums here or mail my char Aran in game oe or simply loig into the game on Antonia bayle server and type

    /who all aranara

    that will show a list of all my guild members that are logged into the game

    ask any of us for a invite :)

    the guild hall you can see from the docks by light house in antonica outside qeynos castle city it is a tier 4 qeynos guild hall

    hope to see you in game

    Aran Anar 110 ranger guild leader of <Aranara Anarana> on Antonica bayle server :D
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  4. Blazen Member

    Character name on AB?
  5. Linghine New Member

    My character name is Linnghine

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