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Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-JadeNova, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hey folks looks like not many come here anymore but gonna see if I get an answer. Used to raid and have just come back I have a swashy but am kinda lost right now. I want to get my aa's maxed and get in a raid guild again but I am having a hard time looking up current aa builds on any forum.
    I read the guide above and that looks fine but it seems there is way to much being put into staying alive and not enough for dps. Maybe that is what is needed now I don't know. I guess I am looking for some of you uber swashies to spill the beans on DOV and give me a great spec to try out.
    I am used to being on top of the parse or near it. The guide spec isn't gonna get me there, no offense it's a good guide but was looking to squeak a bit more out of my swashy in dps.
    Maybe things have changed and we just don't top the parse very often anymore, if thats the case fine, just wanna be sure I am doing all I can to aid the raid in getting things dead. :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Well, you can't DPS while dead. Not sure how long a break you've had but you do need to spec for survival, especially when getting started with DoV raiding.
    That said, are you aware of the new mechanics changes with the latest expansion? 100 crit chance and crit mit are not enough. The crit mit you get from SF raid gear will be enough to let you survive the easier fights in Easy-Mode raids, which will get you enough crit mit upgrade to do the harder EM fights. Once in full EM you can survive the opening Hard-Mode and so on. If you did not have SF raid gear, you can also get enough crit mit to get started EM raiding with the armor looted from the Public Quests.
    Mobs now have critical avoidence. This is a check against your crit chance, which is why you need to have more than 100% crit chance. Player crit bonus and potency have both been uncapped so there is benefit to going over 100 on those. Double Attack has become Multi-attack and is uncapped. Having over 100 multi attack means you'll always swing twice and have increased chance at another swing the more over 100 you are. 200+ means you'll swing at least 3 times, 300+ means 4 times and so on.
    Get geared up to survive raids, then you can always respec to more DPS as your survivability increases. But you will not make a positive impression if you're on a perma dirtnap your first raid
  3. ARCHIVED-DevilWerks Guest

    Here's my current raid AA spec, hope it helps you out.
    My Raid AA Spec
    With this Spec I almost always top the parse. Like the previous poster noted, Crit Chance and Multi Attack are very important. Also mind your weapon skills, you'll want them over 700 for slashing and piercing.
  4. ARCHIVED-leetpyrehybrid Guest

    Kross@Nagafen wrote:
    first off i wouldnt say youre a good swash, youre in a crummy guild and your aa spec is far from good, storm of steel? seriously horrible.
    my aa spec
  5. ARCHIVED-DevilWerks Guest

    Blindsite@Nagafen wrote:
    Firts off, apparently you can't read, maybe you should try hooked on phonics. Nowhere did I say I was a good swash. Although the OP did request an AA spec from uber swashies, the only reply he had recieved at the time of my posting had no AA spec to follow. I suppose since I can only hit 90k dps on the parse, that does make me a pretty crappy swash... but at least the OP has an AA model to start with.
    Second, I'm in a great guild, we have some of the best players in the game. I'm sorry (not really) if you guys in onyx are upset with us because you don't always get your way when you go crying to the devs. Wipe your nose, have someone change your diaper... and move on...
    Third, trying to make yourself look good by putting other people down never impresses anyone. It only makes you look like the insecure jerk that you are. Would it have been so hard to say "Hey, here's another AA spec you can try"?
    Good luck Jade, I hope some of the information you have recieved here is helpful for you.

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