Looking for a Shadowknight DPS guide

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Ritchee, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Ritchee New Member

    Hiya all.

    I am looking for a DPS build/ guide for SK.
    I am also interested in any advice on rotation for Hate/ aggro and DPS.
    I am currently in my SK tank spec.

    I came back at the beginning of March so what you see if as far as I have gotten so far.
    Last expansion I played was TOT so its been a few years for me.

    This is a link to my character as of 04/05/2019
    Thanks in advance for any advice given.
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  2. Drona Well-Known Member

    Here are some tips off the top of my head and in random order :)

    1. Get all your class and ascension spells to expert. Class spells are easy and cheap to get expert. Ascension spells are "easy" to get expert but will cost more money but they are wroth it as most of your DPS will come from your ascension spells. By looking at your profile it seems you have not upgraded any of your ascension spells. Just pick one ascension class and stick with it. Most people I know are etherealist and it works nicely with SK but others are fine too.

    2. The important stats are Fervor, crit bonus, potency and double cast (both spell and ability). You are using mitigation belt and cloak, drop them and get the spell double cast versions instead. Spell double cast affect your class and ascension spells and ideally you want to be around 140+ on it at all times. Ability double cast is even better but hard to get so don't worry about it for now. There are also caps on Fervor and crit bonus but again, you can worry about it when you have better gear.

    3. Keep reuse, casting and recovery speed at 100 at all times. More than 100 casting speed will give you spell double cast so this is another way to increase your spell double cast. Reforage other stats like haste/dps/flurry to get those. No need to have more than 100 recover or reuse.

    4. Try to get your AOE attack to 100 as well. Ideally you want strikethrough at 100 as well but these are not important as the above.
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  3. Kitty Ninja Member

    Don't get spells off the broker. Spend an arm and two legs buying. Least expensive to level up an Alchemist.
    The cost of each expert spell drops to the price of the two rares used to craft it.

    Or find an Alchemist friend to do it for free.
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