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Discussion in 'Signatures' started by ARCHIVED-Bremethor Uthorzant, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bremethor Uthorzant Guest

    I've recently noticed that my activity on the forums has been ever increasing and decided it was high time i got a new signature made. The one i currently have displayed was made way back when i was still just a new player to the game and my outfit and personal look of the toon himself has long since changed. I did like the style and design of the effect below but i want something that is more befitting of my character's look and i would like it to reflect that not only am i a kerra monk but mostly nowadays he is my main decorator/carpenter of all my toons and that's mainly what i have used him for. Perhaps if someone gets this message than can give me a sample of what is possible for a new signature because i cannot say i want to run around with the older one still attached to me. After all I don't even LOOK the same way, i changed his fur color long ago. lol. Any help would be appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you for your time!
  2. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    The stickied thread is all you need. :D
    All the artists are listed, and the active ones are flagged as such. Just find someone whose work you like, who's actively taking requests, and whose terms you can meet, and you're all set. :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Bremethor Uthorzant Guest

    Thanks for the info but are those people still active? The last edit says June of 2011 which was about 8 or so months ago now. Well i had a chance to look through the list and all i seen were folks who were inactive and of those who are still active that i liked they are closed due to doing catch up on other sigs. Seems my best option is to actually learn to make them myself or just simply forget i asked.
  4. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    I update the thread as often as folks give me updated info. ;) It is about time, though, that I do another sweep of all the artists and update those who have fallen inactive since the last sweep. (It takes a while to go through the list, so it only gets done a couple times a year.)
    I know it seems frustrating at first, but the sig-making community developed the process outlined in the stickied thread above as a way to cut down on duplicate requests (which waste the artists' time) and to prevent those who are looking for sigs from pinning their hopes on an artist no one's heard a peep from in ages.
    If you find an active artist that you like, you can always contact them anyway, even if the list says they're not currently taking requests because they're working on other things...someone might be able to work you in, but you won't know unless you ask. ;) Not all artists check the forum regularly (especially since things have quieted down here so much the last few years), so contacting them directly is usually the best way to get their attention and see what's what.
    Then again, if you do want to try your hand at making your own sig, we're always here to answer questions about graphics programs and techniques or to give constructive criticism. Everybody had to start somewhere, and we're happy to help where we can. :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremethor Uthorzant Guest

    Alrighty well you told me to contact them directly even if they are busy and hey whenever you have time do you think its possible for you to make a sig for me? I did look but it has been closed so long i wasn't sure if you ever had freetime and i liked your work more than the rest. I don't mind waiting a while. The way i figure it, i have waited over a year or two possibly longer with this same old sig that i don't mind waiting a few months for another one. Would just be nice to have an updated picture and caption at some point since this old one has been sitting around gathering dust forever. Like i said i am in no hurry so i don't mind waiting after the long long list of guild members you must be doing sigs for at the time. Just thought i'd send out a request. Again, i am in no hurry so don't even worry about me just put me on a list at the very bottom and i'll wait :) thank you for your time!
  6. ARCHIVED-Warpig Guest

    I started working with a newly returned artist last June, 30 days later no sig and they haven't been back since.

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