Looking for a hardcore raiding guild.

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    Currently I am in a guild raiding 7-11 central Monday through Thursday. We have cleared everything in HE, ST, Altar, and 2 mobs in PoW. No avatars. The reason for me wanting to leaving this guild is because they are very unorganized. It takes forever to get anything done, and they also do not expect their members to min / max, through adorns or gear.

    I have a couple of toons, most are in Stewart Gear and some raid gear. Fully adorned and 95/320aa.

    Currently what I am looking for is a guild that raids about the same times I currently raid, who is set on pushing progression. I can bring 100% raid attendance, as well as being the type of player who constantly researches everything. I constantly browse forums for any of the classes I play always striving to make myself a better player on any one of my toons.

    I would like to raid on my 95 guardian, however I also have a 95 wizard, 95 troub, 95 illy, and a 90 ranger.

    Please send me a message or post on this thread informing me of your guilds name, positions you have open, as well as your guilds website in which I can apply to.
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