Looking for a casual raid guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Paejen, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Paejen New Member

    I'm looking for a guild that does some raiding and doesnt use voice chat. Oasis is my server. I'm more into questing and crafting but would like to do some of the raiding.
  2. knine Well-Known Member

    what class are you and what is your ingame name? What times you looking for?
  3. Jolemai Active Member

    What timezone are you?

    Also most Guilds use a form of voice communication software to convey instructions. If you don't like or can't use/run the EQ2Voice are you able to use Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3 or Mumble?
  4. Thalador Active Member

    Not using voice chat will make it difficult. I know all the guilds I am in require it, if just to listen
  5. Mezid New Member

    Send me an in game mail when you get a chance we raid very casually and we do use vc but if a member does not have the ability to use vc we will type in instructions as well