Lookin into chain dps gear comming?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by eq2vet, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. eq2vet New Member

    So it looks like the server is getting a lot better well at least my tank playing bud's have some choices now .
    But how about dps chain gear is it just me or has anyone else notice that most 72-80 have magic skills and quite a few casing speed on it ? What about dps and MA i play sin/brig troub and can tell you my troub is the only one so far who is in all chain where the other 2 have 2 to 4 pc of leather gear and with good stats but taking a hit on mit I find my self in defense stance a lot to avoid AE deaths
    Will they take a look at this now?
  2. Seth Active Member

    Not sure what content your facing, but majority of the AOE's that hit are joustable & block able so it may be a group / raid composition difference that might need fine tuning, but yeah when it does hit I mean, if it's one of those nasty ones and ya dont have a blocker available for it , well a defence stance Probably wont be the saving grace.

    , Personally, I dont see an issue with it as such, my assassin finds it hard to ware one specific armour type and is always floating just because of the wide range of stats available on other pieces, I kinda like that. But I have not really seen it " Hinder me " as such.

    Maybe if your not already, spec into getaway & Max HP if your finding it a bit tough, you can also purchase AOE signets ( ethereal form )

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