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Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by ttobey, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. ttobey Developer

    Please post any weirdness you see with characters here.
  2. Leed Member

    The teleportation platform near House Vahla feels off. When you are running up to it it flashes as clickable, but then when you get close enough to actually trigger it, it goes unclickable (stops flashing). If you then go into the middle of it, it becomes clickable again, and stays clickable for awhile after running back out of the center (but then goes unclickable again as you run around one side of it). Something just feels off about it. I know when the clickies in Arcanna'se weren't working they called it an art issue, so wondering if it might be the same here.
  3. Leed Member

    Seems they are performing a bit more like expected today - perhaps the server was just lagging from the influx of people coming on yesterday at the same time.
  4. Leed Member

    Does House Valha's quest line spawn any structures like AoM's initial area? If not - the platform is huge for just a dozen or so NPCs with only some tradeskill stuff off in one corner. Maybe make the Valha NPC's bigger (aka they're planar creatures that are bigger and stronger than us), or add some buildings. Something to use up all that empty space between the NPCs there.
  5. Sejreia Active Member

    Thought this may be the best spot to throw this at you, perhaps; well I hope so.
    Good day, ttobey!
    It's about the Clockwork Calamity Illusion we get for preorder with the excellent bufflettes.
    I used it on one of my lower level Characters who was readied for a horse, in particular, the Steed of the Faithful, and when she popped out of her house and hopped on it she was floating, standing up, a bit over a meter above it .
    I was enjoying the unique view and challenge to run around like this so I continued all around Qeynos doing routine tasks. After this, I continued on to another zone and experienced no change. I then began cycling through her various mounts to see what other fun stuff I may run into. I have no where near as many mounts as some may have, but I tried a few.
    Everything seemed on the up and up; flappers, leapers, etc., except for a slight effect on the Bridled Wind Komodo. As it's head shifts from side to side, now, it takes on a more robotic feel. Kind of like it's head is stuck in a circulatory jerk motion. Though this was entertaining for a bit, it got old fast, so I summoned the horse back! ...because floating above the creature was so much fun hehe ...akin... to ...say, standing on a broom, flying around, ...yea! that's it
    ...well, honestly, could be this look and feel to me is a seasonal influence... never know
  6. ttobey Developer

    Yeah the frame count on the horses isn't the same as the others so it's causing a pop in the animation. I will take a look.
    Komodo's will also probably be off/
  7. Leed Member

    Happens with flying mounts too (or at least Amenophas Livingspirit). It looks like your little clockwork guy is sitting in an invisible chair that happens to be sitting on your mount.

    Edit: Also, in third person view your camera jumps way up - almost like it's treating your character height as a lot higher than the clockwork actually is.
  8. wiouxev2 Active Member


    For me, this can be repeated with a 100% success rate if you A. Have mounts setting set to "never show". B. Go airborne with a mount with clockwork illusion on. C. Land back again on land. This bugs the camera out to think you are still on a mount, and shows it much higher than it should. To fix, go to Character window -> options -> "hide illusion form" then uncheck "hide illusion form" and it will reset/fix.
  9. Toxlas Member

    When Plumewit Ridgestalkers die they just stand there looking uncomfortable, unlike their shore dwelling brethren who have the decency to lie down when dead.
  10. ttobey Developer

    What monster do they look like?
  11. Ellimist Active Member

    Music is missing from the plane. Its really weird in there with no music.

    Also the zone feels kind of empty and dead. It needs more mobs or something to make it feel more alive.

    General artwork and the zone actually look really cool though. The divisions between areas and how they separate reminds me of Star Trek III when they are looking at the genesis planet.
  12. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    while I realize this observation does not specifically refer to player characters, I would be unsure where else to list this:

    at /loc -551.16 30.66 646.75 105.99 0.00 0.00 I would ask if the mushrooms are supposed to be two dimensional?

  13. Leed Member

    Maybe they could add some giant 'planar' things floating through the air? Like how Thalumbra had that sky monster flying off in the distance.
  14. Altho Active Member

    The terrain textures in PoM look nice from a distance, but up close are terrible. It felt like I was in EQ1 or some other 90's game.
  15. Toxlas Member

    Not entirely sure what you mean. They are the roc type chicken things in the hills. They freeze when they die, theie death animation isn't working. All other variants have the death animation.
  16. ttobey Developer

    That's what I needed. Thanks.
  17. Chillispike Active Member

    The "Pakiat enforcer" some times float in the air like 4m above the ground.
    - The one close to Izny Rut
    - The one close to The Scribe
  18. ttobey Developer

    What does it look like? The names don't help me. I don't know what designers name the monsters.
  19. Balcerak Member

    The big sphinx sort of things? or are they chimera or something. Flying lion type things :)
  20. ttobey Developer

    OK Thanks!

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