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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. ttobey Developer

    Wait there's my idea for this year! Playable Duck race!
  2. ttobey Developer

    I'm on it!
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  3. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    You're my inspiration in life <3
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  4. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    The Anatidal
    • Racial Homeland: Isle of Mara, Eastern Mystic Lake
    • Mythical Creator: Unknown
    • Traditional Roles: Fighter (monk), Scout, Priest (shaman, druid)
    The Anatidal are a large mythical sentient creature quite similar to a common waterfowl, covered in colorful plumage indicating their heritage. With their webbed feet and waterproof feathers, the Anatidal are a sturdy capable species in either land, sea or air. In their tight knit shamanistic communes, the Anatidal eschew conformity and exist between the fabric of reality and the hidden inner worlds of consciousness.
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  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I do not care what you have riding the BROOM MOUNT as long as there is a BROOM MOUNT in the game that I can get and ride as well!!

    I will set up shrines in honour of your genius. I will gather minions and worshipers for you. You will have my eternal gratitude. And most importantly, for you at least, I will leave you alone and not harp on you any longer about the BROOM MOUNT!!!
  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    *Continues leading the second Parade. A Gnome Army has joined this parade and is carrying small, effigies of Ttobey in little bags slung across their bellies like old timey newspaper boys carried. The tiny Army tosses the little Ttobey effigies into the crowds where they explode leaving lots of streamers and confetti behind, a few explode leaving BROOM MOUNT CAMPAIGN fliers in their wake. Leads the Parade through the Daybreak Games Offices and fills Ttobey office for a considerable amount of time with the Halfling Band and the little Gnome Army, the Good Humor men parked their carts decorated to look like parade floats outside of Gnobrin's office. Thinks of how long Ttobey should be treated to the parade in his office before it moves on across Norrath. Parade three has begun preparations and will be ready to march soon.*
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  7. ttobey Developer

    As if I have an office anymore.
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  8. Feara Well-Known Member

    Do you need us to come up there? I have a very big hammer. We will get this straightened out for you. You'll have an office when we're done :).
  9. Wilowsong Active Member

    Any updates on the new expansion? Do you know what they think about the farming idea yet?
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  10. ttobey Developer

    Expansion- I'm working on new stuff for it.
    Farming- I don't have a clue what goes on in designer's heads, especially guhninja's.
  11. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    poor Gninja, getting name-grief from "tu-tu obey".. *runs n' hides*
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  12. ttobey Developer

    Geez I read that and now Su Su Sudio is running through my head now!
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  13. Arclite Well-Known Member

    TTobey -- my yearly plead-a-thon -- any work happening to get that super awesome firey chariot mount?:D
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  14. ttobey Developer

    haha and my yearly no that's not happening!
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  15. Azrael's Tear Member

    But what if the chariots were being pulled by a mix of ducks, cows and brooms? :p
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  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I ran monthly campaigns for a BROOM MOUNT for almost a year and a half, then I went to daily. Now I am having parades with Ttobey effigies and everything. This isn't working, I do not think a yearly plead-a-thon will work.

    But I am stubborn and determined, so the campaigns and parades for the BROOM MOUNT will continue.

    *runs back to run the parade, ducking as the cannons blasted spreading confetti, streamers, and campaign fliers all over the place.*
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  17. Pijotre Well-Known Member

  18. Arclite Well-Known Member


    Until next time then :p.
  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Exactly!!! I even wrote an entire quest series for NoTD that could be used, not coded of course since that is not my thing, but still, a whole entire storyline with the final reward a BROOM MOUNT, a basic version, which could be upgraded in a future NoTD like they are upgrading mounts in the last couple of expansions.

    Thank you so much Pijotre for your support. TTobey doesn't believe anybody is interested or would want one, even though I saw him logged in within the Great Library and 8 of us showed up to interr … err ask him about this.
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  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Join the BROOM MOUNT campaign, I have thrown my support to others, Lera for her cube mount, Errorr for his goose mount and some others, just not before my BROOM MOUNT.
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