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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    I would really, really like Ntemk Darktounge's ****/Crocodile_Dundee hat from the Brewday Rummage_for_Answers quest.

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  2. seneth Active Member

    There is a wand of effervasence,,, that has the bubbles floating around you. Its on Marketplace, under Appearance items, weapons,, one handed,, at the bottom of the page
    There is a candy cane, also that has the different effects for all the holidays, right now mine is set for bristlebane.
    Unfortunately I am not sure how i got it, but since it is a candy cane i lean toward a Frostfel quest of some kind. Or maybe was on marketplace for Frostfel.
  3. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    The Bauble of Holidays Past...love that thing, my ogre uses the Nights of the Dead option to have little skulls floating at my feet, and my steampunky froglok monk uses the Tinkerfest setting for little gears. :p

    You get it from the "Festive Spirit" achievement, by participating in a quest in each of the six holiday festivals (Erollisi Day, Brewday, Bristlebane Day, Tinkerfest, Nights of the Dead, and Frostfell). You can check your progress in the Achievements tab of your Journal, under "Live Events".
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  4. ttobey Developer

    What does it mean this Meatbeast on the roof, who's up there every night and up there every noon, Why does he pick so curious a place to play his little Meatbeast toon?
  5. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Man, your poems are still questionable...and fyi whoever put him up there is a meanie. There's not even any good grass up there.
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  6. ttobey Developer

    You have to sing it to the Fiddler on the Roof song and it all makes sense!
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  7. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    That's likely what I was doing wrong......
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  8. ttobey Developer

    Does anyone have any idea what this means?

    "Kao KEn animation and a Kamehameya?"
  9. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    It means "Ttobey the Animator promised Red Panda Mounts"

    Also we are 8 days away from the 2 year anniversary of the duck mount, and yet nobody has taken up the mantle of a new request thread.
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  10. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Its akin to the Street Fighters' (Ken, Ryu) special Hadouken move - but in the Dragonball Z arena... according to my google-fu.

    if you're bored.
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  11. ttobey Developer

    OK thanks!
  12. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    the Kiao Ken is the red aura around him that improves his power output exponentially but has a MASSIVE bodily strain, and the Kamehameyha is yeah, basically Ryu/Ken's fireball motion but a solid beam rather then a little fireball.
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  13. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Kiao ken as an animation would basically be putting one hand on your forehead (hand in a fist with index finger extended pointing up), a second of meditation and then an aura appearing around the character. Early Kiao ken was a white aura, but after the DBZ characters started using transformations that made them glow they would show Kiao ken as a different color aura.
  14. Kelvmor Active Member

    Kaioken doesn't require any gesture like that at all. I think you might be confusing that for the Shunkan Idou/Instant Transmission, where Goku has to place his index and middle fingers on his forehead to sense out someone's ki before teleporting.

    Nah, a "Kaioken" animation would just be a typical power-up thing. Horse stance--feet set, legs spread, that sort of thing. As for the "Kamehameha"...technically, that animation already exists in several places in the game, just without the beam effect. The Droag models use it a lot for their offensive casting spells, and most offensive spells when casted by a Gnoll/Drolvarg use the same animation--hands drawn back toward the hip, cupping over some magical energy, before thrusting it forward with both palms out.
  15. Billzbub Active Member

    My wife asked me to post here to request that the awesome horses that take you around Lavastorm between stables be turned into flying mounts that we can purchase. You know, in your spare time. =)
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  16. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    They are LoN ground mounts... I have one on my wizzy
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  17. ttobey Developer

    You mean a horse without wings? How would that work?
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  18. Billzbub Active Member

    Option 1: Add wings.

    Option 2: Take an existing Pegasus and make it look like the Lavastorm ground mount (colors and particle effects).

    Option 3 (my favorite): Give it glowing/flaming hoofprints in the air as if it is running on an invisible track of energy.
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  19. Billzbub Active Member

    And while I'm at it, there's an item I want, too. There's a head slot item I've seen that is a black Zorro hat with a black mask. I would love that in the magenta color that the burlap cloth armor comes in.
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  20. ttobey Developer

    Oh ok that we can do. I thought you wanted a wingless horse zipping around the skies.
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