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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I would do up to the spin to keep it a little simpler.
  2. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    just a casual wednesday.
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  3. Cassta Well-Known Member

    ROFL :D Great idea!
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  4. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Taking a break, looking at forums, notices an old school bus that crash landed on some distant planet, few skeletal remains left. Sudden rumble, a crash, the planet is torn asunder and the rusty old school bus is grabbed by ....du du duhhhhh. The KRAKEN!!!
  5. Komatus Well-Known Member

    Say...could you down size it a bit, put wings on it and make it into a mount? :eek::D
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  6. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    A Kraken Mount? This is the first I have heard of such a beast!
  7. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    He means a rusty schoolbus mount, Ttobey. We don't have one of those yet.
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Or a kraken mount, for that matter, but I think such a beast should be for swimming use, like others for running, leaping, or flying. On (or in, with the option to "dismount" when back on land ;->) a kraken, anyone should be able to breathe water and have Aquavision. :)

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  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Nice try ttobey ! Backups loaded.
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  10. Dude Well-Known Member

    You mean a magic school bus? Ms. Frizzle, is that you?!?!?!? :D
  11. Komatus Well-Known Member

    Nice try, but I meant the Kraken. ;) Love the thought of all those wiggling tentacles. Or maybe a giant cuttlefish type mount? :cool:
  12. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    And the rider can blow a sea shell trumpet as they charge a monster.
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Perfect!! :D

    Is it too late to get this in for Oceansfull? :)

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  14. Komatus Well-Known Member

    Toby is probably thinking...programming all those tentacles!? :eek: How about a Tully Monster with one tentacle?:rolleyes:
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! Perfect! :D

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  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Gero gets out his New Watch, with marginal bluetooth, and a 100 inch telescope attachment, and looks around for the Tully Monster with one tentacle monster mount.

    Well, it isn't on Pluto !

    The telescope attachment is really [tm] expensive... ah well. Better luck next time.
  17. Komatus Well-Known Member

    It existed a few hundred million years ago in the Chicago area. Tully was the guy who found it. Hence the name Tully monster as it looks a bit monstrous. The fossil hunting scientists are not sure how to classify it yet.
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, once they can find MORE of them, then they can DO more work on them... ;)

    who just finished hearing a song in praise of Tullamoore (often pronounced "tully-more") D.E.W.... :D
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  19. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Ah, D.E.W., Tully drank some dew, it didn't make him sneeze, and go achoo !
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    LOL! Actually, the song I'd heard was that Mr. Moore had been a master brewer, and he named "his lovely daughter Tully." Basically, the tune is a love song to the stuff, aka how "Cracklin' Rosie" by Neil Diamond is a love song to a bottle of cheap rose' wine. ;->

    who hates that this silly forum program refuses to accept foreign special characters... X-P
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