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    Yes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy over the holidays.
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    The Vah Shir race has a standing stance with the right leg slightly in front of the left and I am not sure that causes is but every back item (cloak/Shield) looks shifted 25 degrees to the left. Is this something that can be easily be fixed? Looks very ungainly.
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    Allow us to set the heading on teleporters. Currently I think it's orientation based. So If I look north, and i port to a hallway that leads south. I face a wall.

    plss :D
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    You are in the cheese room. There are exits to the N and W
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    too much laser lettuce made me post this in the wrong forum. this wasn't the homeshow subforum :O

    dunno what I was doing.
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  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Is there any chance we might could get a good screenshot of Bloodmaiden Syvanti from Castle Vacrul: Suite of Screams?

    I can get a good look at her gear before she becomes active, but since she's sitting on the dog's paws, I can't see the back of her outfit or cloak,and once I'm fighting here I really can't look, LOL. And the art looks really cool from what i can see!
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    Small toads okay. Giant Earth Moving Toads, probably a bad idea !
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    Dissect maybe, poke no reason. Could get warts. I know you all missed me
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    We did miss you :)
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    Just got back from Cannon Beach Oregon. Rain, sun, rain, sun, CUTE LITTLE BLACK BUNNIES!
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    Yea I live up in the area now. The sun likes to tease up here!
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    You're up in Oregon and working for a company based in San Diego? Lucky rat! :D

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    Across the river in WA!
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    Darkpaw has more than one studio across the country I found out only a view days ago, said so on the post
    Darkpaw games are hiring.

    And toads don't give you wards, that's a myth.
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    I'm full remote working from home. Daybreak has been amazing during the pandemic. They have treated us all above and beyond what most game companies are doing. Twenty years ago this month I animated my first EQ1 character! Quite a milestone but still no watch!
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    Ah, the Great North Wet. I knew someone up there years ago, rains often, cloudy alot.
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