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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Happy Holidays Look and Feelers! Stay safe and I'll talk to you in 2021!
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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Same to you :) Just when I was getting some time off you're going to leave that is just wrong LOL Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.
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  3. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Help look and feel people! My main character now shows in game as a purple sort of lizard monster with black smoke coming from it. And I do a loping run on all fours. Happened when doing the new timeline for some reason. Anyone have ideas? I tried toggling 'show illusionary form' off and on and off again. Also in solo zones I disappear completely and I'm invisible on the char login screen
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  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Did you remove your appearance mount for some reason?
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  5. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    I hadn't intentionally, but good call! I looked and the mount I used to use had gotten put in the appearance slot when I changed mounts! Thanks! Dunno why it makes you look like a purple monster but oh well.
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  6. Raff Well-Known Member

    I'm running into odd things every now and then when logging on. Just this morning I tried to use a familiar potion and it tld me I had to have one equipped?? But I never unequipped it. Have no idea how long it has been off either, lol.

    Another thing..both my familiar & harvesting goblin were visible this morning? I keep all of those critters hidden.
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  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    it's Frostfell gremlins I am telling you they take your barding of all of it and than send it back to you one by one
    My toons end up of their mount often after the fix .
    I am telling you we have been invaded ( looks around afraid )
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  8. Exotwo Member

    Hello, I'm back to annoy you again!
    I use the sokokar mount from TOV expansion and it looks amazing.
    and because I'm too lazy to do frostfell, I'm not even checking if there are wings. sokokars are amazing. Especially the teal ones. did you animate them Ttobey?

    no evil eye mounts this year. :(
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  9. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I didn't animate the sokakar npcs or the server mount but I did do the full mount version.
  10. Exotwo Member

    what's the full mount version?
    Sokokars are awesome

    also, you can use the wyvern mount person animation to do the evil eye mount.
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  11. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    An evil eye mount? Is that like the wizard eye thingy but as a mount?
  12. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    I'm having a lot of fun in the new expansion, but it is quite confusing. You need to go thru a lot of zones to get to the one you want. I know there are potions etc. I do like that some of the monsters have similar names to mine :)
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I heard that some ratongas some day way in the past would log on one day to finds their toons to be all pink
    I's want to bee's a pink ratonga on a pink cube mount or a pink kraken mount .
    And welcome back home ttobey , how was your vacation ? Ready for much fun at work creating our dream mountses or other fun thingses ?
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  14. Exotwo Member

    Yep. those things are just awesome. If only we had more of them.
    A pink evil eye mount. yes! it would have the power to stare down your enemies and make them die inside. Yes!
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  15. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    2021. The year of the Red Panda.
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  16. Exotwo Member

    (Red Panda mount confirmed)
  17. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Maybe red panda men. That would be easy.
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  18. Raff Well-Known Member

  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    are you sure that's not red Ratonga man ?
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  20. Exotwo Member

    BTW: The Vah-shir or what ever look like robots.

    this is the year of the panda, not the year of the rat. although it would be nice to have a panda around.

    Text from: What Happened in The Dalles - Page 4 - Reckoners RPG - 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson Fansite

    It was sometime in the afternoon when the Panda Army invaded Dalles.

    For years, the Panda had worked on his goal. It had been about a decade since he was visited by the vision of the Radiant Panda, but the zeal that it had put in Panda still burned bright. For years, the Panda had amassed his army of pandas, delicately cloning and bestowing intelligence upon them. Behind the hill he was standing atop, thousands upon thousands of pandas stood in ordered ranks, cute and adorable faces set in grim determination. Before the horde of black and white fur lay the unsuspecting town of Dalles. Its denziens were still asleep, curled up in their soft beds.

    The Panda breathed in deeply through his panda nose. He had once been human too. But he had cast aside the frailty of Humanity, and become a True Panda.

    "Colonel Cuddles, you may begin the assault," murmured the Panda.

    A panda standing to his right, wearing a red sashimono - the small flags samurai traditionally wore on their backs - saluted the Panda, and roared a command to the amassed pandas behind him. Each panda was outfitted like a classic samurai, with lacquered armor and a kasa (a flat and large round hat made out of reeds or straw).The Panda could not, sadly, clone materials such as steel, so his warriors had to make do with their organic counterparts. Each panda was armed with multiple sharpened bamboo spears, and a rather out of place yew longbow, not dissimilar to the ones the British would use in Medieval times.

    As one, the pandas took out their bows, strung them up and nocked arrows wrapped in oiled paper to their bows. Pandas hurried down the line, lighting the arrows with a torch.

    When the last arrow was lit, Colonel Cuddles roared a second order. Thousands of flaming arrows were released, shooting into the sky, each trailing a tail of fire, before reaching the apex of their climb, and began cresting downwards towards the town.

    As the first arrows hit the town of Dalles, the Panda signaled a repositioning. The town was populated by Epics, and he doubted his pandas, as numerous as they were, could fare well against them. The pandas split up, running unnaturally fast towards defensive structures grown out of oak that had been set up around Dalles in Siege formation.

    The Panda remained alone on the hill. He wasn't terribly fond of violence, and was open for diplomacy. However, he doubted the power-hungry epics would talk diplomatically, and so the show of force was necessary to cow them.

    The Panda had come to Dalles to create a haven for pandas. Sadly, Dalles was already inhabited. Driving them out was an unfortunate necessity.

    Buildings began to catch fire across the town. The Siege of Dalles had begun in earnest.


    It had been an hour since the Siege began. The city was still responding, with firefighters putting out fires and Epics beginning to gather at the city's edges. The fires that had been started by the flaming arrows were starting to die down.

    The Panda stood by himself at the top of the hill. No-one had yet to approach him. A tar-black helicopter began to rise above the city, it's rotors cutting through the air at an increasing pace. The Panda frowned. It seemed like the second part of the Siege had to be ushered forward. That would also provide a perfect cover for the abduction for the Reader he planned. Under the layer of adorably-patterned fur and cuteness all pandas had to hide their emotions, The Panda was quite excited. One of the key things the founding of a safe haven of pandas required, according the Radiant Panda, was a man who could read one's past. Why a man of such powers was needed was a mystery, but the Radiant Panda worked in mysterious ways.

    The Panda took a deep breath, filling his lungs, and released an immense roar. Pandas, while quiet most of the time, could be exceptionally loud if they wanted to

    Pandas began rushing to positions in their siege forts, throwing open doors cut into their forts. Each fort was an organic structure, grown (at enhanced speeds during the night) out of oak. As a result, The Panda was exhausted by the morning, which was why he wasn't partaking in the siege. The forts appeared to be unnaturally immense trees - so wide that a 50 pandas linking their paws could barely encircle the tree, so tall that they rivaled the tallest buildings in The Dalles - except they were hollow on the inside, allowing its defenders to hide inside. It also allowed the Panda to hide a few surprises inside.

    The Panda still retained a sense of human humor. Maybe that was why, when he was choosing which animal to gift wings to (other than to some of his pandas), he chose a certain chubby little animal.

    The hewn in doors slid open slowly, progress slightly slowed by the tree sap. There was a great disturbance of air, and the most unlikely animal to ever take flight took flight. From every tree-fort emerged hordes of winged pigs, tubby pink bodies graced with an angelic white set of dove wings.

    It had taken quite a lot of trial and error for The Panda to create the flying pigs. He had to lower the density of the pig's bodies, change their skeletal structure, and find an appropriate length for the wings. At last, however, his joke could be revealed.

    Hundreds of flying pigs covered the sky above The Dalles, oinking and squealing in delight as they stretched their wings. At a mental command, however, they snapped into a tight formation, and began to fly towards the east side of The Dalles in a (piggily) menacing bombing formation. Under each pig was strapped a basket. Inside each basket were a dozen angry flying squirrels, with razor sharp claws. As the Flying pigs reached the east side of the town, the pigs began tipping the contents of their baskets out with their trotters, spilling out thousands of chittering and snarling squirrels. The squirrels, realizing that their ride had gone, immediately started to glide. Infuriated by their rather uncomfortable ride in the baskets, the squirrels wanted to take their revenge out on anything that so much as breathed and lived.

    As the pigs continued their bombing run along the city of The Dalles, a detachment of about 50 pigs quietly made their way towards a Bunker at the center of the city. Strung between the pigs was a basket, and inside the basket were an elite squad of spec ops Pandas. These were the much-feared Shadow Pandas. They were like the wind: Fast and out of nowhere. You never noticed them coming until they slit your throat. So devote were they to their task, they painted the white side of their fur black.

    When the pigs were directly above the bunker, the Shadow Pandas jumped off, plummeting towards the Bunker. Despite falling hundreds of feet, the pandas survived the fall without a scratch, thanks to their specially enhanced bodies. The guards of the Bunker, too awed and stunned by the sight of the flying pigs, barely had time to reach for their weapons or an alarm before they were brutally executed. As the last guard gurgled out his final breath, the Shadow Pandas began to infiltrate the Bunker proper. Using key cards stolen off corpses - or brute force when needed - the Shadow Pandas reached the room of the Reader very quickly.

    The Reader spat out his drink in surprise when the blood-stained Shadow Panda entered his room.

    "Wha...Wha" stammered Reader

    A panda stepped out of the Shadow Pandas. In gruff and low voice, the panda growled "You know why we are here, Reader. Our Informant has told us about you. I a Captain Alexpanda. You are either coming with us willingly, or in a sack".
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