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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. ttobey Developer

    I was hoping for a Happy Days zone. You get a leather jacket when you make it over the shark pit.
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  2. ttobey Developer

    Hey I just hit post #5742! I win again!
  3. parissa Well-Known Member

    with the fonzi thumbs up emote :p
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  4. ttobey Developer

  5. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Yea I was gonna say you should take me off ignore so that you can see the stuff I'm posting.
  6. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Fixed it for you :)
  7. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    That would be a good game for one of the 'holidays'. Jump the shark! Could reuse the pirate zone with the big shark in the water.
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  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    And those who miss the jump...

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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Dude that bike needs a basket , so " IT " can go home .
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  10. parissa Well-Known Member

    I really think that would be a hilarious illusion to have... a bunch of peeps running all over qeynos and freeport looking like that :p
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  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    But IT lives down there and they all float down there!!!
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  12. Raff Well-Known Member

    Formally asking for it.....the shark mount. It can be done.

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  13. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yep that looks like canon
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    oops misspelled again I wanted to say the bike needs a basket so " ET " can go home

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  15. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Ohhh a shark mount where you can fire a crossbow at enemies whilest mounted!!!!


    A bicycle mount with a basket on it so you can carry another player with you!!!!

    Both genius ideas and added to the OFFICIAL LIST!!!!
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  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member



    2. Lera's Cube Mount
    3. Pixi's Snail Mount
    4. Prox's Jackrabbit Mount with Flamethrower
    5. Zedd's Tentacled Thing Mount
    6. Breanna's Flying Black Panther
    7. Schmet's Kangaroo Mount with a pouch where Ratonga, Gnomes, or smaller races could ride (multi-player mount)
    8. Rhodris' Flying Kangaroo Mount with a Boxing and Kicking attack
    9. Reserved for Pijotre
    10.Reserved for Rosyposy
    11.Reserved for Xianthia or Momo
    12.Prox's Flying Monkey Mount (Similar to Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey which fits perfectly with BROOM MOUNT)
    13.Cyrrena's Pirate Ship or a Boat, which we can fish from and fish up messages in a bottle which give monsters, treasure
    …..hunts or SoS's where you have to find a person and save them
    14.Azrael's Tears' Chariot Mount pulled by Gnomes
    15.Bludd's Kraken Mount
    16.Rhodris' Flying Carpet Mount that actually Flies - COMPLETED
    17.Blue Flying Monkey wearing a Red Fez and carrying a Spear Mount for Cyrrena
    18.Scarecrow Mount for Geroblue
    19.Eagle Mount for Prox
    20.Caterpillar Smoking a Pipe Mount for Schmet
    21.Camel Mount for Xavion
    22.Manta Ray/Dolphin/Shark Mount for Xavion
    23.Great Pumpkin Mount that rises out of a pumpkin patch and gives gifts to all the Lookers and Feelers!!!
    24. Mouse Mount that flies for Bludd
    25. Old Timey Bike Mount for Dude
    26. Shark Mount that flies where you can fire a ranged weapon at mobs whilest mounted and flying for Raff
    27. Bicycle with handlebar basket to carry another player or pet for Schmetterling

    Then sitting at like 1000 or something (this is what happens when you are mean) is Errrorrr's Goose Mount. Then also on Errorrr's list from above:

    1001. Mountain Goats (Leapers)
    1002. Alpacas (Leapers)
    1003. Red Pandas (Ground)
    1004. Giraffes (Ground)
    1005. Eagles (Flyers)
    1006. Flying Fish (Water/Glider)
    1007. Orca (Water)
  17. ttobey Developer

    Look and Feel: "I like the Wizard of Oz!"
    Me: Leave me alone. I'm thinking.
  18. ttobey Developer

    So you get it? Look and Feel is the weird kid in line in A Christmas Story and I am Ralphie the only sane person here.
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  19. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    "You'll shoot your eye out"
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  20. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't the shark mount have lasers?
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