Look and Feel

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. Dude Well-Known Member

    It's a tentacle butt ... with teeth!!!!!!!! :eek:
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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I think it's cute :rolleyes:
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    you won't get me on top of that starfish mount , I rather ride on a jumping spider they are cute.
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  4. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    itth a sthrrrrfirrrsh!


    ya'll can have this.... since I lost the ratonga toon riding a skeltal shissar mount that I was doodling with.
  5. Bludd Well-Known Member

    pretty hot dont you think?
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  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    I looked, but I certainly ain't feeling.
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  7. Prox Well-Known Member

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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and who is Keks , hmm Kekse now I m hungry, anybody else want Kekse I mean cookies ?
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  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Octopus rather than a starfish. Although there are starfish with beaks that eat coral.
  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Did it get Botox?
  11. ttobey Developer

  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Aw are you are little run run run away?
  13. ttobey Developer

    I already left. Weekend has begun.
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  14. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    So your ghost posted that ?

    Wait, never mind, this isn't Ghost in the Shell.
  15. ttobey Developer

    After sufficient caffeine has been loaded into my system it is now safe to venture into Look and Feel.
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  16. ttobey Developer

    Oh good, nothing going on, I can now safely exit Look and Feel.
  17. Prox Well-Known Member

    If it is quiet it means something is brewing ...other than coffee.
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  18. Geroblue Well-Known Member

  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    It is like having children, if they are quiet, you better be investigating.
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  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    brewing ? hmmm must be all that beer and ale for brew day .
    Somebody parked a big beer truck in front of ttobeys office o_O what :confused: up the stairs , how did it get there ?
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